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Boom - endi's BGE Masterpiece


Everyone knows endi-- he's one of those guys who can't seem to touch the computer without making something fabulous.  So when endi decided to try out the Blender Game Engine,  it was inevitable that something amazing would result.

Boom (short for BlenderDoom) is endi's Blender Game Engine graphics test/demo.  Every object in the test uses a large number of GLSL maps:  color,  normal,  specularity,  detail,   and fresnel maps.  The result is incredible realism,  the likes of which the BGE has never seen before.  The demo also makes use of mpan3's new Depth-of-Field plugin.  It's not a game,  per se,  but it's a breathtaking exhibit piece for the BGE's new power.

The forum thread includes more screenshots,  samples of the texture maps,  and some comments by endi himself.


  1. MeneerDePeer on

    >> Everyone knows endi– he's one of those guys who can't seem to touch
    >> the computer without making something fabulous.

    ..and above all, he's also very well known for his love-hate relationship with 3ds Max ;)

    Great stuff, endi!

  2. After years of dealing with artist who are simply just BETTER, I still have to get up, prance around my living room shouting "goddamn it"...........

    ok my rant is over, sick work endi ;)

  3. this is just awesome!! in the right artist hands... Blender is a powerfull tool.
    I would be glad to see more of this work of urs :3

    @ rexprime

    You bloody 3d max lover!!! DIE!!!DIE!!!DIE!!!DIE!!!

    3DS max does NOT desirve it... besides... BGE is still in its early development... I bet there will be coming ALOT more of it... MORE!!! u hear me?! MOAR!!!!!


  4. Souler, if you want the Blender community to mature as a whole. And at the same time bring Blender on the industry level standard, you must not insult other software like others might have done toward Blender. That is immaturity at its worst. And such behavior is the only thing proving that Blender's user are a bunch of immature and impolite hobbyist. It is not by words that we will show what blender is capable of, it's by what we create. Like Endi did. Like Peach did. So do not insult or complain, just work! :)

    Endi, you definitly kick ass.

  5. Jean-Sébastien Guillemette,

    Enough of the lecturing. Blender will grow because of the tool set not because of a few comments from some users.

    I agree it should not be said but I am growing tired of the other side coming in to straighten things out.

    Nice realtime texures! :)

  6. First thing i noticed when i looked at the image was the depth of field effect. Very nice.

    I'm not very sure about the last 2 texture maps (/me goes to investigate).

  7. rpgsimmaster on

    @Tynach: no, he should have done it in emacs (with C-x M-c M-butterfly...) :P

    endi - whoah, that is some serious stuff! I'm not surprised it only runs at 5fps.

  8. Jeez rexprime, they really jumped on that! Haha, I got it, here's an LOL for you.

    Brilliant work Endi(duh!). Everytime I look through the thread I pop open blender and try to replicate it. I fail miserably, but its the only thing that's gotten me really blender inspired in months :]

  9. innocent deviant on

    wheres the exe?Iwant to see more demos,working on one myself but it'l be awhile yet.happy blending

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