Blender AdNet: Advertise on BlenderNation and Blender Artists

BlenderNation and Blender Artists are the two largest Blender websites, and promoting your product on them will help you reach a substantial part of the Blender community.

We offer promotion options for all budgets - including for free!

First, some numbers

Monthly page views Twitter followers Facebook Followers
BlenderNation 3M 30.4k 24.5k
Blender Artists ~6M 22.4k 27.4k

Commercial posts

Commercial articles about Blender products or services are shared free of charge, you can submit them here. However, posts by Commercial Supporters on our Patreon will be prioritised.Commercial posts are labeled with '[$]'

Promoted Post Example

BlenderNation is a fast moving website, and news will quickly disappear from the top of the news list. A Promoted Post will be placed at the top of the news list for 24 hours, and is labeled with '[free, promoted]' or '[$, promoted]'. On average, this will generate 7,500 additional impressions per day.

  • Price: EUR 25/day

Banners: Blender AdNet

Display your product on all pages of BlenderNation and Blender Artists. Free promotion is available for affiliate links (such as Blender Market or Gumroad). The number of impressions are based on availability, and depend on the affiliate percentage: a 20% affiliate fee will get you twice the number of impressions as 10%, etc. After you have set up your affiliate links, submit your free banner requests here. Max. 4 free banners per user.

Additional impressions can be purchased at the following rates:

Total Impressions Affiliate links Non-affiliate links
25,000 EUR 25 EUR 50
60,000 EUR 50 EUR 100
150,000 EUR 100 EUR 200
400,000 EUR 200 EUR 400

Higher discounts are available for larger volumes. Minimum order size is EUR 25.

Banner sizes are:

  • 600x300px
  • Filesize < 100kb

Example: You run a campaign for a Blender Market product (affiliate link) with 3 different banners, and boost them with 10,000 additional daily impressions for 15 days. Your total campaign budget is 150,000 impressions, or EUR 100.

AdNet advertisers can log in to monitor and optimise campaign performance, and can run as multiple banners from the same campaign budget.

BlenderNation Header Example

Header Advertising

Display your message on the large header graphic on BlenderNation and Blender Artists. Headers on BlenderNation articles will stay on the articles that were published that day.

Header dimensions:

  • BlenderNation: 1078x310, or 2156x620 (high DPI)
  • Blender Artists: 1078x200 or 2156x400 (high DPI)
  • Max file size: 600kb, no animations.


  • EUR 100/day per website
  • Bundle: EUR 150/day for both websites

Contact and ordering

For further information or for getting a quote for your campaign, please use our order form.