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Script: Blender Mesh Attribute Editor v1.1


space_50.jpgWe've posted about BMAE before, Ron Walker's script that allows you to set the size and location of objects in Standard and/or Metric values. But with Ron's latest code changes, updates and added eye candy, it's worth mentioning again.

This time around you have two scripts to choose from, a standard or SE edition. From the BA thread announcing it:

The script now comes with three language - English, Spanish and Italian. *If you notice any language errors (grammar or spelling) let me know (PM me) and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

New Features:

Save your load settings. Currently there are two to choose from - Language and Units

For BMAE v1.1 SE:

Same as above, PLUS:

Optional Themes

Four themes to choose from for this version - ComicBook, Horror, Space and Tech. I had actually finished these back when the first version came out but at the last minute decided not to include them. I put them away and forgot about them. It wasn't until recently when I stumbled upon them that I decided to include them (and a small update to ComicBook). These themes are the reason I'm calling this version SE (Special Edition). I think this is a one time deal for this version only. I don't plan on supporting themes (at least not this elaborate) in the future if I continue updating BMAE. Please note that themes support English only.

If you don't install the supporting folders (with settings/images files) BMAE will complain but it should still function. You just won't be able to use settings/themes. More details in the PDF under installation.

Firstly, this script is fantastic since it gives you the ability to use standard (English) and metric units for your mesh creation. Secondly, the addition of themes is something you don't see very often, and I think it's a nice visual when you've been working with the same interface colors for a long time.

You can find the script and the images of the themes here. Or get the scripts from the following direct links: BMAE 1.1 or BMAE 1.1 SE (with the bug reported by dazzler fixed - or if you don't want to download the whole thing again, here is just the script that had the issue fixed). Ron has let me host the script on my personal site (which is where the link leads you, so if you want to chat with Ron about the script, you should use the BA thread linked to above.

About the Author


Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. The segments and rings button options don't appear when using themes for shapes like UV sphere.

    Other than that, the added background is great and I think this really sets a new standard for blender scripts!

  2. This is great script! I was wondering if there is something like this allready made and now I have it!
    Thanks allot! I can really use this!

  3. Hello

    I just "installed" this script, and just won't run.
    My console says that "File , line 74, in ? Import Error: No module named __future__"

    interesting, and nobody has the same problem.
    Maybe I'm missing something?

  4. is this script avaliable for 249b? and below?
    even tho measurement has been included in the newer versions, i still want this script for 249b

    i still use 249b, because it's simply the most TRULY powerful version avaliable.

    ...especially since inconsiderate geekyfanboys DESTROYED blender's powerful 249b gui with that embarrassingly candy colored facist 2.5 graphical user IN-YOUR-FACE that can only be used on FRIKKIN IMAX SIZED MONITORS because it devours laptop screen real estate with IDIOTIC COPYCAT APE-ING of steve job's otherwise elegant APPLE "i" interface that DOESNT WORK FOR BLENDER, because it was an entirely NEW KIND OF COMPUTING EXPERIENCE, previously unknown except perhaps on OKUDA's fictional LCARS concept.
     of  all that unnecessary scrolling DUMBS DOWN whatever creativity blender previously offered.

    seems like they turned blender into more of a spoiled child's lazy
    playtoy than the power tool it WAS, and could have even more become.

    what's with all that space between buttons that USELESSLY DEVOURS
    blender's formerly powerful use of valued portable laptop screen real
    i couldnt care LESS about all the one button eye candy they're cramming into the new versions, you have to scroll too much to get to it anyway, so who cares?  it's cool stuff, but i'd rather BUILD my artwork than have it prefabricated FOR me. where's the art in that?

    Using blender's eye candied interface is EMBARRASSING in a work setting surrounded by NON artists.
    at least the FORMER interface LOOKED like the inside of a frikkin space shuttle cockpit with all its thousands of interchangeable tightly packed powerfully function-morphing buttons... made clients want to PAY to watch me work such a seemingly unfathomable interface.  very impressive.  this new eye candy B.S. is just embarassing to use around clients.

    am i the only one who noticed?
    am i the only one who noticed that blender's vast legacy importing and exporting capabilities seem to have virtually vanished with few exceptions?

    (without limiting itself to google's tiny sketchup grab window as a pathetic work around)

    despite all ive said,

    blender 249b still rocks.

    even if the apple-wannabee-fanboy imposed IN YOUR FACE destroyed Blender's formerly powerful graphical user interface.

    Please forgive me for the preceeding TOTALLY PISSED OFF & off topic blender
    gui rant, im PISSED that blender's potential was destroyed by
    immature developers who DONT truly understand it's potential.

    i know TON would never betray us like that.

    the alien fanboy geeks must have abducted him.

    ...and by the way,
     i THANK YOU for allowing me to vent somewhere where i did NOT have to get raped by YET ANOTHER FRIKKIN GOTT-BLAMMED DEMOGRAPHIC
    just to respond. i hope that dreadful internet trend changes to follow your example here. 
    THANKS again, it's MUCH appreciated.

    i wont bother to edit this rant into anything more coherent right now.

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