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CryEngine 3

Export your Blender models to the CryEngine 3 game engine. writes:

In today's news post we will be covering a very useful release by community member angjminer, the CryBlend modification for Blender. This handy tool lets you export projects created in Blender for use with CryEngine 3. Best of all, both Blender and the exporter are free! For those of you that don't know, Blender is an open source equivalent to Max and/or Maya and the CryBlend application could be seen as the equivalent to the Max CryExporter.



  • James___UK

    Yeah baby!

  • Drxms


  • Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego

    awesome, i got a job in a game for 4 months as of february, i already got them convinced to work in blender.

  • T.E. Mencer

    hah fantastic! I don't use the CryEngine at all - it's either Unity of UDK ... but it's great to see more industry 'standard' people recognizing Blender as an equivalent to the big wigs. There is a way to go before they really get that status, but they're getting there by leaps and bounds!

  • Aristocrata

    Can it runs crysis?

    • Axel Roijers

      duh crisis is made with this game engine

  • trsh

    Doe's it export bones/animation etc. If not, it's not near equivalent to Max CryExpoter (it has tons of features -> and there is lot to do. But yeah, its very good news!

  • Richard Burns

    everyone should go and help the cryblend coder out be it money or coding

    • trsh

      i see no option for donations !

  • amhphp

    Can this be used on Linux too, or is it just for Windows?

  • Jason DefCon Ebeling

    kind of a lot of fucking about for a static mesh... UDK/unity works fine with blender just need skeletal meshes with rigs working in UDK and i'll be happy, cryengine is pretty poor in terms of workflow anyway.

    I appreciate what he's doing though.

  • Zslevi

    It would be nice to have support for Panda3D as well. People still use blender 2.49 because of that.

    • Zslevi

      Or at least a way to save  bone-based animation in the format of 2.49.

  • Geordi Dosher
  • led2012


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