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Plane Crash VFX


RememberAlbin Merle's Car Crash breakdown and tutorials? He's back with a fantastic plane crash simulation, all done in Blender!

albin writes:

Hi everyone,

I finally finished the comp of my crash plane scene. The purpose of this test was to learn and improve my knowledge of the awesome Blender fracture modifier build.

So here the result of several bake for each part of the scene to get this result. There is still some stuff which can be refined but i hd to stop there. If not i would refine and re simulate find till the end of times.
This scene was rendered renderer in cycles. I renderer each layer separately by moving animated vegetation, environment, the plane and FX sim on different layer. Thanks to the render layer system my render times were pretty decent in 1920*1080. Took something like a night to render each render layer but some of them were quicker.

I hope you'll like it, if you have any questions feel free to ask, i'll do my best to answer them.
If this scene interest you, you can find several WIP of this shot on my youtube channel.




  1. Love everything about this except for the fracture at the nose of the plane which is rubbing me the wrong way for some reason. I feel like the metal would be shearing off, not crumbling.

  2. Wowza! This is REALLY impressive. I'm new to Blender and this definitely is motivation... Question: was this entirely done in Blender? Or did you use a different software for compositing ?

  3. Good job! One question: What function Blender 3d view is from 00:29 to 00:38 of this video?
    Objects seem already rendered ... Is the preview of the materials?

  4. Coool !
    You've got very impressive smoke simulations in the tests video too , I would like to know a bit more about how you done these, baking times, how complicated to setup ect ... the results of the fire simulation looks really convincing too me.

    The only thing that bugs me a bit in this shot is the animation of the plane. I'm not a specialist but the way it land seems illogical to me in various points. I would have imagined it landing much more parallel to the ground and with less bounce to make it feel more heavy. Did you animated by hand ? Is that something that would have been easy to tweak ?

    Anyway the rendering and compositing looks very good to me ! I'm curious how did you use Nuke in all this !

    Congrats ! and I'm looking forward more breakdowns and video of yours , it's quite inspiring !

    • Hi ! Thanks a lot for your support. Actually i discovered that blender smoke sim is i bit more powerfull that i initially thought. I recorded a quick tutorial about high rez smoke sim those past couple of days, but still need editing a recording English audio above it. ( this is not my native language )

      The key behind High rez is turbulence field. if you set a low value in Size and a decent high value in power you can create these " bubble" flow we'r all looking for in blender. And then increase your resolution domain until you get something that's suits you. If the global animation is good for but you still get a blurry smoke, contrast it gently and add an high res division and bake again but you don't always need High res division on every smoke sim and this is a common mistake for blender user who always kinda try to add division before getting the animation right.
      I hope what i said make sense and it will help you.

      If you need more, just ask mate or add me on Facebook it probably be much easier to talk ( search : albin Bkb )

      Have nice day

  5. Awesome Albin, Thanks a lot for these tips, that's very clear ! I'll give it a try and see how it goes.
    With the tutorial and being able to see each important steps that will be perfect !

    You made doing FX in blender look fun and manageable. I was always scared of baking times and the fact that it's hard to tweak. My approach would be more with some cheats (billboards , stock shots ect...) and a lot of compo . But it looks likes the modern way can be an option in blender...

    I haven't got Facebook but I've seen your french , I'm from paris and you ?

  6. Beautiful work ! i'm impressed by all the debris , smoke and all. very cool.
    Yeah , the thing that bugs me too is how the fuselage bounce. A plane fuselage is a bit like an egg if it meets the ground too fast. It crushes, and the kinetic energy usually makes big fire ball but doesn't translate into bounces.
    Also would be curious to know how the plane got into that position, he's quite fast and low, yet no flaps down, but the gears are down. The way the nose tilt to the left and up would indicate the right engines are at full power and still pushing while the left ones are gone (burning), so it looks like a catastrophic stalling with the nose going left.
    Yet he looks like still going quite fast.
    These are just my 2 € cents . I just like planes very much, I like checking details like that :)
    It's very spectacular anyway.

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