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Blender 2.48 Update


From Ton Roosendaal, Blender Foundation:

At last Sunday's meeting we reviewed the svn status, and since we soon need a build for the YoFrankie dvd anyway, we just called it time for another release! Not a bugfix release, but all of the goodies from the current svn trunk.

Changes since 2.47


  1. Wow... some great things coming up with 2.48! GLSL, colored shadows, atmosphere rendering (using sun lamps,) and Grease Pencil!!!

    Cool, thnx, looking forward to trying the new features out...

  2. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    cool guys making it official but I've had mine for days now thanks to Graphicall, it's the Zebulon build xD

    exactly part of the reason why blender rOXEE!!

  3. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    wait, minus a couple of things there, whoa, so, erm bullet 2.7 will be in this one... YEESSSs

    I'm such a HUGE FAN of Bullet 2.70

    oh yes capes and water waves and all that!!

  4. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    I have a question will there be some sort of real time implementation of the atmosphere rendering

    everything is just so wonderful thanks a lot everyone I'm probably going to write you all a love letter before too long xd

  5. What that fast?!?
    I cant keep up with them there fast! lol
    may be interview with MR (((Ton Roosendaal)))! can say more about this news
    and how they come to this update.

  6. Grease Pencil sounds incredibly useful, as it means no more loading up Photoshop to do a quick sketch then fiddling around in Blender to get it to work.

    Now what’s this Bullet 2.70 I’m hearing about? Waves and capes?? As in, fully interactive waves that can crash into boats without crashing my computer? Sounds amazing if true.

    Also, does anyone know where that high resolution smoke wavelet project is up to? That’s what I’m really holding out for :-)

  7. Oh almost forgot:

    Will the Windows release come loaded with the memory fix? (LARGEADDRESSAWARE support)

    I'm guessing it will, but just thought I'd ask.

  8. I've just updated from Blender v2.47 to v2.47 with LAA... and v2.48 is at the horizon ! Wow ! The Blender Team write code faster than I install Blender !o)

    Very good news and many Jewels in this new release.

    Thank a lot !

  9. Wow I thought that'd be a simple bugfix release.
    But Grease Pencil and Colored Shadows ?!!

    You are giving us more than I expected !

    Developpers, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work !

  10. Can't keep up with them so fast?

    I hope they aren't adding too many advanced bits forsaking the basics here. I sent bug reports about Beveling ages ago (the script is terrible, frankly... can't use Blender inhouse because of the triangles etc bevel introduces) and no sign of anything even being looked at. :-(

  11. Hope that GLSL can be improve to be use as a real time rendered .instead of waiting for days of rendering a scene strip.
    and a recording viewing screen of the animation with full render editing features. Come on ! people it can be done were there's a will it can will happen.

  12. BlenderLovingSquirrel what I'm trying to say that use or improve the GLSL system as a real time render and recorded while in animation mode..example have you ever heard of live video recording.If only particle hair,smoke,and etc. can be emitted in GLSL mode. it can be done if developer work around it,now that graphic cards are more advance than in imagining effects and higher image quality.


  13. @RNS

    As of now this is not possible. Of course graphics cards are quite advanced these days, but they are not good at raytracing. Wait for probably an year or two, we might have a graphics card which can render using raytracing in real time.

  14. @ankit pruthi

    right ankit, we should expect this kind of stuff from intel larbee which is betting heavily on realtime raytracing.

  15. This is awesome!

    btw, any updates on the muscle system? I haven't seen anything about it on the mailing list, so I'm wondering if there's any updates on it since that's the one feature I'm most looking forward to right now.

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