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One more timelapse modeling series from Montage Studio


The guys from Montage Studio Just did it again. They have started another great timelapse modeling series, and this time they will model a Steampunk airship.

By now, only the first part of the series of available. If you want do check out their announcement of the new modeling series, and watch the first tutorial, visit this link.


  1. Cool thing. I found it to be a little too fast, though - made my head hurt ;)
    Impressive modelling, none the less.

    It was a little fast to be cartain but did he create overlapping geometry that was smoothed out in subsurf mode?
    Ist that possible?

  2. Cool.
    Yes it fast video, really fast like Blur say: - made my head hurt ;)
    seen the video great work like the model as for the links to the final model this ones:
    give me ............Error 404 - Not Found

  3. Impressive from them as ever!

    I just find it hard to actually learn from speed sculpt videos,
    but this is going to be really interesting to watch all the same.

    And the finished result looks amazing.

  4. Pretty cool! Very long piece of the ship... ;) Thanks Jean-Sébastien Guillemette!

    I have a question: what was going on when the objects turned blue, and how do you do it? And the bezier curve you used, how did you apply the half-pipe shape and then turn it into a cylindrical shape?

    Thanks! Interesting music, too... don't know that I've ever heard that style in some of those songs... with the monotone speaking in French over the music...


  5. Rh2: just read my answer in the next paragraph.

    Banor: I believe that when the object turn blue it's simply because no faces are selected in object mode. But maybe I'm wrong, do you have a timecode of the video when that happens? As for the curve. Just add a curve, select it then go to Editing menu(F9) unclick 'back and front' (and click 3d if you want to move the handles on 3 axis), and then simply raise the BevelDepth and BevelResolution until you're satisfied!

    Sam, care to devellop? lol.. if it's about the speed. Yeah, this one is about 800% the original speed I think...for the next part I slowed it to around 500% should be better on the eyes!

    For anyone interested, I will post the next part tomorrow night or friday morning.

  6. I like the way you developed the decorative features at the same time as the basic mesh. Great work as always. Lots of beautiful ideas!

  7. Hmm... well I'm not sure about calling the model on it's own steampunk. Mainly because of lack of steam! :P Mind you, if it's modelled fast enough, that's probably not a problem! ;]

    Seriously though. I like steampunk stuff, and this model has real potential for a steamy animation. I never could figure out why Riven from the Myst series of games wasn't thought of as steampunk. For me, that was and still is the best computer game ever made. Just a shame it won't run on linux! :/ (which I now use solely)

    Anyway, will check out the video some other time because flash player on firefox messes with my sound system. :/

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