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Itsy Bitsy Spider?


Russian Animator Shiva3D posted this awesome animation. This is the kind of stuff that I imagine the Blender Institute's next project will have: SciFi, Robots, explosions, smoke, pointless impressive stuff. Love it.

Update: I thought this was made in Blender, but that was not the case. Bummer. Anyway, we can do better than that, right? ;-)


About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Quote: "SciFi, Robots, explosions, smoke, pointless impressive stuff."

    Please NOT! We had Elephant's Dream, that was more of enough.

  2. Wow! this is great, now small time movie makers can get Hollywood FX results using opensource software.
    I think Ton should see this.

  3. :D Yay, Sovietpunk* !

    Really impressive piece of art...

    * For those who wonder, it's between cyberpunk and steampunk...

  4. This posting is deceptive. I visited the site and discovered that this artist
    does not appear use blender. Where he does list his software tools its
    3ds max.

    The animation itself is about four years old (November 2004).

    Don't get me wrong I think the animation is great, fantastic concept, nice execution...

    But alas, I don't think it was done using Blender.

  5. I don't get why jens doesn't want all that stuff. Thats what I've been waiting on. A serious CG movie that dosen't suck. I'm sure the blender institute could do it right.

  6. somthing wrong on

    But Shiva3d on wrote that this model was maked in 3ds max!!!???

    p.s. sry for my bad english=)

  7. Yes, I heard from the creator of the original animation, and apparently it was not made with blender, someone else just posted his video on youtube. I will let bart know... Too bad, but still a nice anim.

  8. Wow, impressive model, texture, animation and composition 8)

    But i too can't find any 'proof' that this (or even part of it) is done in Blender - that doesn't mean it wasn't of course, would be nice to get some more info on that :)

    Btw: another nice render is in the portfolie of


  9. I guess the next project for the Blender Institute shouldn't merely be just another sci-fi animation, but rather an animation that composits live-action and CGI. That's an area still very useful to effects shops that hasn't been done with Elephant's Dream or Big Buck Bunny.

  10. will be nice to next project be a sci fi short movie with real actors interacting with cgi elements... in every project we see theres technical needs to add in blender, that with the suport of the comunity.. maybe a tracking in composition node, for matte backgrounds... posibility to make fx.

    About the video, pretty amazing :D
    (sorry my inglish)

  11. Anything that'll push the "Motion tracker" project [1] forward is a good thing. I think (one of the) next open movie projects can and should do this.
    Never mind the "explosion" stuff, tracking is far more useful in comparison (although more FX is still a good thing [tm] :))


    PS: Didn't see the comment by macouno - bugger :(


  12. Hi,
    re: my first post: I do like good movies that are done to promote Blender. I don't think that anything with explosions, scifi and robots will do well. Big Buck Bunny has a different theme and the potential to be a hit (like i.e. "Kiwi!"). We have seen a try with a technobabble theme with "Elephants Dream" and while it was a technical very well done movie it didn't appeal to much people that aren't technical oriented - and what Blender needs most, IMHO, are people that show it full *creative* potential (say, i.e. Ania or Robert).
    That's what I wanted to express in my first post.

  13. I don't know why everyone has been putting down Elephants Dream lately. Even if you don't completely get it, it's such a joy to watch, especially in high-def. And I'm not just referring to the visuals, but the story. The characters and the world they're in are interesting.

    Also, the movie being so intricately detailed in every aspect shows just how immensely powerful OS software really is. Watching it really defines the meaning of the term, "visual feast."

    If they do another realistic project, I wouldn't mind it being a live action/sci fi, as long as it was done with a less flamboyant style. That stuff's great for pure CG, but when giant robots in live action have every gear and wire exposed, it just looks stupid.

  14. "Especially in high-def", "intricately detailed", "visual feast"... yes, exactly. It was technically impressive. A movie with a good story is joy even in low-resolution (like at Youtube).

    Certainly marketing for Blender must be technically superb (it's marketing for graphic software, after all), but to attract a wide audience that is not enough. And sci-fi, robots and explosions are targeted at one specific group of people. And if I don't like the movie I will not watch it again, I will not recommend it, I will not evaluate how it was done. I watched ED because I use Blender and wanted to see what is possible. But it was certainly not joy.

  15. I think the next thing for CG to infringe upon is reality. I would love it if Durian didn't look CG at /all/. That would rock.

  16. Actually it IS also made with Blender, at least author claim so:

    1- There are 6 layers and 2 of those layers are the animations made in blender,
    the transformer color in a green background and the same withouth color and background,
    then there is the image from the street also divided in 2 layers, one full on the back
    through a croma key and the second I crop the trees and the objects in front of the transformer
    leaving a alpha channel transparent...

    2- There is the last picture High Resolution with the picture of the transformer in one layer and the other layer the buildings.
    Gimp, Magix Movie edit Pro 12 and Blender 3D

  17. Igor: I have an e-mail from the actual creator (shiva3d) in which he quite clearly says that he made it using max & FA, the youtube version was taken from his website by someone else and they posted it on youtube without permission. So ehm... sorry but no, don't take anything said by the guy that posted it on youtube seriously.

  18. Hi all.
    At first - sorry for my English. )
    Im very impressed with this discusion of "Traktor".
    So long time ago and its still popular. Its Cool. )
    I have no attention when I see my work on any entertainment site but Im imrpessed when found some plagiarism like this //,film,92911 or outright theft like that //
    Is make me angry little bit. have all rights to post it cause its studio where I work few years ago.

    Anyway, unfortunately "Traktor" wasnt maded in Blender, but Im sure blender Can do the same.
    It was done in 3dsmax, video was tracked in Boujou and composed all in AffterEffects.
    I haved idea to do some short with it but I was need a work and nobody wanted to sponsor it. =\
    So its only two videos was done. First you allready saw and second was done as promo for Cat-a-pult and you can find it on my site. //
    And if you have a questions Im will happy to answer. )

  19. Heh! When I first saw this I thought it was Blender too! Bummer to find out it was not.

    But yeah, Blender can do this, the next Blender institute project should focus on this kind of stuff to show off. It would be good.

    One of the main reasons I wish to learn Blender is to make a film and use Blender to add effects like this to it.

  20. YES, it was made with 3dMaxR6, Brazil (Renderer) and darkTree (Shader/Textures)!!!
    Otherwise I would be surprised!!!

  21. Great style, perfect compositing (as far as I can judge from crappy youtube resolution). Only one tiny flaw which would otherwise make the motion perfect:

    The "foot" bends shortly before hitting the ground, which ruins the overall realistic impression. If it would bend during contact (as because of the weight) it would look perfect :)

    Cheers, Marin

  22. I'm sure it can be done in blender.
    Thats not the real question is it? Can it be done in equal time and with equal joy in blender?

    Im eager to see BBB. That could give some more insight into the time/quality relation.
    Often I hear Maya is so expensive ( ... although Pixar works with inhouse software as well ... ), but is that true? As I understand companies its the people who are the most expensive part, I earn my Maya license in a weeks work.

    ED had its rendertime donated... o wauw... So I guess renderspeed is not an issue then?

    Anyway, dont want this to sound as critic. I'd love to see a special effects movie made with blender.
    I'm just not such a fan of the "blender can do it" stuff. Its always the people making the stuff, not the tools.

    Ive seen loads of work this quality in the gallery, just make 24 of them and you have a second of animation.

  23. Shiva: The Polish guy made a homage to your work. It's just like someone making renderings of Batman or Spiderman. They are figures of popular culture, and pecause of their appeal they are often remade.

    I remember seeing a still image of "tracktor" way back in CgTalk (I think), and it has the kind of appeal that makes one to want to see more of it, and know more about it too. I believe the Polish guy did his work for the same reasons.

    I also think it doesn't take anything from you or the model you created.

    You have created something that's already started a life of it's own. =)

  24. and to topic:
    wtf, you all react as this would be the best animation and model in the world... and like it was the first time that someone copied or stole a model.

  25. @rattle, it's a good example of something to aspire to. Some of us haven't seen it before.

    On topic, you've already read it about a billion times, but very nice work Shiva, shame it was never sponsored and taken further. Go blender team & artists, it will be nice when these quality animations are 'normal' for blender.

  26. Greate post. Who cares wether it was made with blender or some other software today or ten years ago. The point is "LOOK AT THE POSIBILITIES" if we can integrate this concept to blender we can open a whole new world of animation integrated with real life without having to invest in $1000nds of dollars just to have fun or go comercial.

  27. Whether or not blender was used, it is brilliant. And my personal opinion is that blender can do it, just look at the creature factory post a few months ago. Sure it does still look a bit cg, but with decent texturising, motion tracking and effort, one wouldn't be able to see the differance. All above mentioned is possible in blender, it just takes time to work out.

  28. @Shiva . Very Great Job and wonderful Gallery .
    I think Using blender with this great skill will give the blender software and society new ideas and capability .

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