The 48 Hour Film Project Is Here Again!

A group of Blender artists are working hard to prepare a stunning animated short for the Richmond 48 Hour Film Festival.  The timer has already started and the team is super-excited as the project is gaining momentum!

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Sequence Made for TV Show Klaas Vaak

ScreenShot007We recently delivered a 3d sequence made in Blender for a new TV show on Dutch television for the Eftleng Efteling (a large Dutch theme park).

Our work was a 30sec and 10sec 3d sequence created 100% in Blender for the intro and outro sequence of a live action TV show called Klaas Vaak, about a wizard who draws in sand.

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skinitJeremiah W. has created a  video for the 60 second commercial contest. He used Blender to render and animate the 3D models, as well as some other elements. The actual electronic models were purchased on the web, “as my skills and patience did no allow for the quality that I could buy ;-) (plus I got them at a really good price)”. All of the texturing, animation, lighting, and rendering were done in Blender.

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Made in Blender, Animation Makes Top 5 In Autodesk Competition

chris-foleaIt’s nice to see that  Autodesk is open to other “free” software in their competition. This  was sent to us by Chris Folea who wrote: “We recently created an animation for an Autodesk sponsored high school competition within the F.I.R.S.T (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics competition.

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Animation Mentor: Tips & Tricks Vol 2

animation-mentor-tips-tricks-vol-2Shawn Kelly,  Senior Animator with Industrial Light and Magic and a co-founder of Animation Mentor has just released his second volume of Animation Tips & Tricks. The book  includes contributions from Animation Mentor Partner Carlos Baena, animator with PIXAR, as well as animation veterans Aaron Gilman, Animator at Weta Digital, Keith Sintay Senior Animator at Digital Domain and Wayne Gilbert, Animation Director.

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