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Simplified landscapes with Blender by Pierre-Abraham Rochat

Libre Graphics World writes about the outstanding Blender work of Pierre-Abraham Rochat.

Alexandre Prokoudine writes:

While going through portfolios on Behance Network, I stumbled upon a quite interesting take at 3D landscapes by Pierre-Abraham Rochat, a Lausanne (Switzerland) based artist.

Many Blender artists do their best to squeeze the air out of LuxRender's lungs to make the most photorealistic render ever (and rightfully so). But Pierre-Abraham takes a completely different approach. He makes beautiful simplified landscapes.

I'd even venture to say that it's low-poly at its finest.



  • Daryl Van Humbeck

    As much as we strive for realism in our art, it always pays to remember that simplicity can be just as effective!

    • chromemonkey

      I see our favorite troll is still downvoting sensible comments. What part of "simplicity can be effective" could any serious artist possibly disagree with.

      • chromemonkey

        Keep trolling, troll. Your downvotes are meaningless.

        • Dewald

          Don't be such a Nazi, people are free to disagree or downvote a comment if they want to.

          It is too broad a statement for me to agree or disagree with. Just as "effective" with what?

          I do however disagree with your reverse trolling. Somebody disagrees and you shit on them.

          I do completely love Pierre-Abraham Rochat's style though.

          • chromemonkey

            If it's too broad a statement to agree /or/ to disagree with, why downvote it? That's my largest gripe. I am also very selective about which downvotes I take issue with. Some downvotes are well deserved, some are a matter of opinion, and a select few are ridiculous. For instance, I'm not going to downvote this comment of yours which I am responding to, even if I question parts of it. If I do downvote a comment I don't do it lightly or for trivial reasons.

    • alex kemmler

      all good post-modernists know that realism is a crutch. ;)

  • T.E. Mencer

    I love this stuff, and actually am starting to do this style of 3D illustration .. nothing nearly as awesome as Pierre, but hopefully someday I'll get half as good.

  • Arnaud Couturier

    Fake 2D art can also be gorgeous and easily done in Blender, thanks to Blender Internal and its node system.

    • Alex Kemmler

      Unless you are 3D printing your pieces, all final output from blender is 2D. Keep that in mind!

  • looch

    i love this styles, i'm trying to get there with characters and environments more and more its more graphic, and stylized.

  • Dane

    at first glance I was thinking "ah this is ok" then I went and looked at the rest of his work... oh there is some beautiful stuff he has put together :-) I think the picture here is the most boring of the lot

  • Lowdweller

    For some reason Road Runner and Wile E Coyote comes to mind.
    But... beautifully done.

  • masluch

    Brilliant work. I saw it a way back before, but it' still a pleasure to watch his work.
    How do you think how did he achieve this toon like shading? I think it's blender internal because in my opinion it was made in "pre cycles era" :)
    The great thing is that it doesn't have those ugly black edges like in oder toon shading renders..

    • Greg

      The post mentions luxrender - so maybe it's that? You can kinda see the light bounces

      • prokoudine

        I didn't mention LuxRender because of that. In other words, if PA actually uses LuxRender, the mentioning is coincidental. I don't think he does, though.

  • tommy5


  • kiradp



    love it

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Awesome art! My favorite is that picture with striped fields. Aqua-painted pictures looks very nice also!

  • rldigital

    Very nice for a Christmas postcard!

  • seanser

    Very striking and effective work

  • Craig Winslow II

    Man I love this stuff. Also check out the work of Timothy J. Reynolds.

    • prokoudine

      Some interesting works there, thanks! :)

  • Alex Kemmler

    This guy is one of maybe 5-10 Blender users who have demonstrated a capability with, and understanding of the difference between art, design, illustration and decoration. Great stuff.

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