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Model: Medieval Kind of Seaport

By Tokabilitor.

Tokabilitor writes:

Some houses inspired by Anno 1404 pc game.
Textures have been made with blender itself respectively own photographs



  • T.E. Mencer

    WOW fantastic work!

  • Utopia780

    This is fantastic!
    Very good work Tokabilitor.

  • Darkangael


  • troubled

    Kinda reminds me of Sintel for some reason.
    Speaking of which, I wonder what Sintel would look like rendered in Cycles?

    • Ran13


      • mcbeth


    • Atlantisbase

      The environments would look epic, but the characters would look kind bad, well really only the exposed parts. You would have to resort to polygonal hair, which will neven look as good as strand hair. I suppose you might be able to do some clever compositing and use BI for just the hair, but it would be hard to match the lighting. You would also have to fake the SSS, although I think you can get some descent fake SSS in Cycles already.

      • Caleb

        Although, isn't the way you do SSS in cycles actually more accurate?

  • blendUser

    Tokabilitor = AWESOME!!!

  • Sarkhamy

    can you do a tutorial on how to make the house?

  • 8-bit

    Looks good! Makes me want to play Skyrim!

  • Baron

    Feels like a Hansaetic town

  • Artturi Mäntysaari

    Really nice houses! Me likes :)

  • sewtrol

    Maann this is a Great model, texturing and render.

    Keep it up

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