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Quad Dominant Remeshing Development

Developer Nicholas Bishop is currently working on integrating a quad-dominant remeshing method called dual-contouring into blender. Developed by Prof. Tao Ju of the University of St. Louis, this method generates an all-quads mesh from the input geometry, ideal for sculpting or applying subdivision to. Currently dual contouring is being implemented as a modifier, but may also be used to improve blenders meta-ball system to give nicer topology.

A patch against trunk is available here:


  • Dane

    looking nice, this would definitely make the meta ball system more usable

  • blackbird

    very cool! But cant find the patch. There is nothing to see when i click on the link...

  • Ink

    Shouldn't concave quads be avoided?

    I saw those in the first example.

  • cekuhnen

    this is quite interesting for product modeling with organic NURBS generation
    based on sub-devision surfaces.

    quads for edges where you did a boolean intersection, nice !

  • wzzl

    Wait, what ?

    Am I the only one who thinks this is totally awesome ?

  • riccardocovino

    @wzzl: not at all!!

    it's really a powerful tool that can do amazing things on bad meshes!
    I dreamed many times about something like that, it's a retopolgy with steroids ;)

  • aws357

    @5.09 Am I the only one who had a sudden urge to launch Minecraft?

    +1 for remeshing ugly boolean mesh. It sure open a new perspective for modelling non organic objects...

    @wzzl : no you are not (!!!!!!!111111one!!!!!!111) here, feel better? ;)

  • Robco

    No, wzzl ... Me thinks that there will be a 'Lot More' wow's, awesomes and Fantastic's, as well as some OMFG's thrown in.

    Add Mine to the List. One question will this be in the upcoming 2.57.?

    Thanks for your hard work Nicholas. Blender is to be all the more greater for it and i suspect so will your future. This is no easy task to achieve i am guessing. thanks also to Prof Tao Ju for sharing his efforts.

  • Boris

    Gimme! :0)
    @wzzl It is not awesome, it is revolutionary!

  • AlexDS

    awesome!!! looking forward to see it into the trunk. viva Blender!

  • FreeMind

    This is still not as good as the method that was worked on and abandoned on GSOC 2010... :(
    But hey, better then nottin, and it looks like it's working great on hard surfaces... not to much on organic....

  • Mav

    @FreeMind: Indeed, what happened to Daniel Genrich's quad remeshing GSOC 2010 project?

  • Scott

    Looks Great to me! I did not see the other one worked on.
    How can we use this tool now?


  • Michael

    This is awesome for unlimited clay.

  • carlinhos

    Really great news! I hope it will be soon available.

  • blackbird

    can someone tell me how to use this patch without recompiling blender at all? Is it possible? And if i have to recompile blender, how can i apply this patch...its totally new to me, but it would be awesome to have this tool for my actual project :D

  • pjoe

    Looks great! Hope it can go into trunk soon :)

  • pjoe

    Edit comment doesn't seem to work - just says Loading ...

    Anyway I just wanted to add: Octrees are cool :)

  • CG_Tiger

    This is very cool. Do you think this code could be adapted to create mesh based on silhouette, like in Zbrush Shadowbox.

  • Beauford

    I was never happy with lettering after they were converted from the vectorized font to an ugly mesh.
    Maybe this tool fix the problem :-)

  • jms

    in this archive : on :


  • W

    Does anyone else see some awesome abstract art (or "voxel-art") coming out of the box method?

  • Splitbox

    I need this YESTERDAY!

  • erik90mx

    waooo!!! is like the auto retopo tool of 3D Coat :O

    with more improvements will be an amazing tool for Blender >:9 (sculpt to low poly mesh)

    trunk, trunk trunk!!


  • 4museman

    This is great!!! Many cheers to Nicholas - he did it again!!! :-D
    Of course it seem to be not as powerful for organics as the method developed for Blender by Daniel Genrich. But I see it can be very much useful for other rather geometrical things!
    I'm going to try it out right away...!

    @blackbird: This patch has to be used to patch the actual source code and then to be recompiled to make a new binaries. There is no other way. But I'm sure that it appears on very soon. ;) If not, I'll put it there.

  • Demohero

    This is great! Thank you Nicholas :)

  • FreeMind

    No erik90mx, it's not.
    Not nearly as good.
    A 3D coat like one was worked on on GSOC 2010 and was not finished.

  • rorkimaru

    It's quite nice but I think it's application is limited to objects predominantly made of surfaces flat to the 3 planes

  • kevin deguisne

    il's like zbrush remesh .... zbrush again :(

  • johnj

    may be it will be useful also with bmesh' ngons...
    will now we need good nurbs any more?

  • chillyguess

    Nothing wrong with Zbrush rebranding to Blender... :P

  • Blowfish

    Do you ever have anything nice to say about anyones accomplishments? and are you the same troll who would frequent blenderartists and post nothing but smart ass comments and try to belittle everyone, if you think you can do better then do it and STFU until you do.

  • Blendiac

    I'm still actually trying to figure out if last years retopo project died or not... On the one hand, all the public forum posts I saw suggested people never really saw any code, but on the other hand I read that *all* 2010 Blender GSoC students passed and that all the 2010 GSoC projects (except the audio one) are just waiting until after the 2.57 release to be merged...

    The Truth is Out There. I want to Believe!

  • grol

    Wow! Looks really, really nice!!


  • ghoughpteaubteau

    Freemind is the inevitable reaction of long term exposer to a group of people who incessantly cheer on everything regardless if it deserves it or not.

    As a retopology tool, this looks bad, actually kinda useless. No flow control.
    as a tool to make boolean modifier meshes sensible? Yah looks great! Very handy, I tried to make some cuttouts using a boolean modifier and, frankly the meshes it made were basically useless without a ton of manual work.
    That stepping function, looks like maybe some potential for easy minecraft scenes, then again I guess you could get away with that using dupliverts and some snap to grid behavior? I'd have to work it out...

  • kike sanz

    does anyone know if this would work with unlimited clay (sculptris for blender)

  • rafael meza

    Hi! i saw the video and is AWESOME i just have a little problem, i don't know how to use the script and make it work in blender can somebody give me a quick tip about it? I'll appreciate it Thank you Guys and of course thank you Nicholas!

  • jms

    That's not a script but a new coded modifier. There is a build on site.

  • jms

    ... i can't post any link so try to google something like : " blender compilation"

  • Agata Soda

    No need to tinker

  • Christian Lehmann

    Like Beauford I too have a hard time getting nice meshes from Curve-Text after converting them to a mesh. I hope this will help. Thanks for posting this news.

  • oyster

    but in order to keep the same looking, will this produce too more faces/vertex than triagnle faces can do?

  • rafael meza

    Ha ha ha that's why, the only excuse that i have is I've a couple of months using blender and is an exciting software, I'm an Adobe user and the transition to free software is kind a ROUGH. However thank you JMS,
    I'll look for it.

  • 3pointedit

    WOW, that is awesome! I wonder if I can use the modifier live in animation, for remeshing boolean operations. That way I could animate infografics much easier.

  • Tom

    This is really just a good remeshing technology. The current use as displayed by nicholas is for remeshing, but the entire metaball system could be updated to use direct contouring, and then, it could work exactly like retopo of 3d coat. this is really an isosurface technology that is pretty neat and can be used for a 1000 uses forward on.. lots of potential indeed!

  • Dima

    Indeed a long-awaited function :)
    By the way, I recently saw an interesting article on remeshing -- "Harmonic Functions for Quadrilateral Remeshing of Arbitrary Manifolds" by S. Dong, S. Kircher and M. Garland. The method presented in the article seems to give more sophisticated results, so it would be undoubtedly useful to have it in Blender someday =)

  • blendering

    I cann't find this tool in blender 2.57 , where can I find it please ?

  • blendering

    I cann't find this tool in blender 2.57 , do I install it? or where can I find it please ?

  • Sergiy

    This patch currently (2011/10/01) seems to contain a "Skin" modifier, not "Remesh".

    Is there anywhere we can download this Remesh patch? I can integrate it to blender 2.57 or 2.59, build and share the Windows binaries.

  • Triskelion

    great start to 2012, Thanks Professor :)

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