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Asset management & modeling with proxies & arrays

process-diaryIn his latest video, Paul Caggegi covers a number of tips including camera rigging and asset management.

Paul Caggegi wrote:

Hi Blender community. I've just completed a new video for the process diary. The subject is varied, but all parts factor in the creation of a set. I show you how to rig a targeted camera; create an asset library, and then link those assets as proxies into a master scene. Finally, I show you how, using the mirror and array modifiers, a scene can be quickly built up using just a few repeating assets.



  • Jonathan

    That was helpful

  • madturtle

    His vids are well produced and full of knowhow. Great resource!!

  • patdog

    Excellent! [Again] Can't wait for the next edition :P

  • Felix

    Absolutely awesome, and clear explanation at that, thanks. :)

  • ralmon

    That was totally helpful. Concise but clear. Can't wait for the next.

  • Reaction

    Great video, but I don't quite understand the need for all that complex rigging for the camera. Isn't it easier just to parent the camera to an empty, move/rotate the empty to the target, and use G > middle mouse click > drag to 'zoom' the camera?

  • flawedprefect

    Reaction - sure, you can do that with the camera, but this rig ads functionality, such as tracking an object independent of the camera. It's a three-bone control which I used on a fly-thru job and I gotta tell you: it made the job a heck of a lot easier when I had to track cartons moving along a conveyor!

    This just goes to show there's no "wrong" way to do things. Also - having a few rigs (as I hope to show next month) for lighting, cameras, etc, REALLY helps when constructing scenes later on down the track, and to have a library of them just ads to your arsenal.

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