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Blender Voxel Sculpting?

pantallazoFarsthary, Blender's volumetrics guru, has taken on a new project: Voxel sculpting. Don't get too excited as he's still in the early stages of his work and there's no code available. Still, it's a nice insight into a possible new feature for Blender. For more information on Voxel Sculpting, see the explanation provided by 3D-Coat.

Via @graphicall:

Raul started a project about manipulating volume data O_o awesomeness!!

Farsthary writes:

I recently started to gather information and research in order to implement for Blender some system for Voxel sculpting, or free sculpting like 3D Coat has brought to light (though the term is nothing new). Currently I´m in very early stages so don´t expect to much for now, I just want to inform that I´m on the road and open to collaboration with other devs and of course any help from the community is always very appreciated and needed.



  • dusty

    Can't help get excited really! If Farsthary's taken this on, then there is every reason to get excited! ;)

    No pressure Farsthary, but I have faith you'll pull through with this. Cheering you on!

  • Ianvdl

    After all the work Farsthary has done for blender we all really owe him a donation.

  • Dread Knight

    Omg... we where just discussing about 3d coat and vexels the other day.... and wondering when blender will get such a thing.
    Looking forward to it!

  • Easton

    Sounds intermaresting :)

  • Stephen Greener

    Now this looks awesome, would be so usefull to do some of that in Blender. I can only hope that this manages to make it into Blender in some way, shape or form!.

  • aws357

    """unify at final stages all the voxel data layout in Blender, for rendering (voxeldata textures) and simulation (smoke/fire) and provide means for handling very big datasets, potentially unlimited size (papers on this topic please!)."""

    Does it mean we could sculpt smoke? Smashing idea!

  • ralmon

    Its so awesome, amazing, fabulous and gigantic. Want it now! Just joking. I'm sure to cheer you on. Go! Go! Farsthary.

  • johnj

    great idea, that's the right way!

  • saverio

    :O great idea!!!

  • JoOngle

    Farsthary is one of those people who should be employed full time by the Blender foundation like Brecht.

    I have a feeling he is going to be a VITAL part of the future with Blender, I also have the same
    feeling with Ideasman.

  • SeoMadruga

    Hi guys! Do you think this is the end of sculpt mode tools?

  • moxstudios

    Great news! very interesting

  • Farsthary

    Hi all!

    WOW! Thanks very much to everyone :)
    Yes, I'm currently tweaking knobs in Blender and learning a lot about voxel sculpting, I think is very doable, perhaps it could take some time but definatelly possible. firstly I will aim to something simple later I will add layer of features and will add complexity. My main issue rigth now is the Blener UI and event system, but I enjoy it


  • migero

    just when i found out 3d coat and learning it damn D blender really reads my mind

  • mercury

    que tal...
    ahora solamente lo que necesito es una mejor computadora (y mucho talento XD que me imagino no viene incluido XD)
    bien por el proyecto... :)

  • Blendiac

    +1 For having Farsthary (and Ideasman) fulltime at the Blender Institute. :)

  • Jack RED

    Awesome! go Farsthary!

  • Blendiac

    Just thought I'd point out Farsthary's donation link :)

    Personally I'd suggest anyone who's been thinking about 3dcoat / zbrush / advanced modelling features to get your fix this way instead.

    Go Farsthary!

  • VIBrunazo

    I have an important question:

    - A Blender voxel is a Bloxel, right?

    On another note, I'd like to give further emphasis to his paypal link for donations :)

  • BlendNMix

    so, what's the point to do a news for that?

  • Duranial

    OMG, that's awesome! I've discovered 3dcoat thanks to this, and that let me see some great news on the Blender horizont!

    (Curiosamente, el que hace el código es de habla hispana, y juraría casi que español, no sé por qué XD, ¡así que ánimo al creador del código que hará esto posible!)

  • Michael Crawford

    I've been using 3dCoat for a while for voxel sculpting. This will be a welcome addition if brought to blender.

  • n-pigeon

    xD Blender, first app with mesh and voxel sculpting xD

  • Rendle

    Not really. Art of Illusion already has both mesh and voxel.

  • Robert

    3D coat also supports both.

    A unified Voxel pipeline sounds very promising. The problem i've found with things like this in other apps is they feel strapped on and exclusive to other aspects of the program

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