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Alex Glawion wrote:


This is a project i have been working on for the past semester. The short film is entirely created with blender (2.49a).

It visualises different stages and shortcomings in the evolution of mankind such as eagerness of power and prosecution of minorities.


About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. A master piece :)
    Visually outstanding and heart touching!
    Great concept, use of blender features and story!
    It's a very beautifully rendered short and the sound fuses very good with image.
    I love it ;)

  2. really nice! Simple and heart touching. Good job !
    The concept is not so clear in my opinion, but that makes you watch the movie a second time ...

  3. Very good video!!
    The problem is that I'm making a short animation with the same name!!
    Now, I have to change the name :( I'll call it EVOLUC(T)ION

  4. The realisation is flawless, the movie is really nice.

    The storyline is not so evident though.

    But like ED, it is so nice to look at that people won't mind I think...

  5. I liked this a lot. Very nice style and visuals.

    I do hate, however, to be the one to note that it should probably be 'persecution', not 'prosecution'. It made me cringe at the end that this short was so nice and then had possibly the wrong word.

    Prosecution: legal proceedings against a person.

    Persecution: a program or campaign to exterminate, drive away, or subjugate a people because of their religion, race, or beliefs.

  6. The visuals combined with the music were amazing. The storyline not so much.

    But I'm sure you already know what to improve on next time ;)

  7. Uh... are you sure you're not aiming for the word "persecution" (oppressing minorities) rather than prosecution (accusing someone of a crime in a court and trying to prove it)?

    Nice movie though, good quality on the animation and cool music.

  8. That was f******* FANTASTIC! Great animation, very stylized, and great music comp! A bank in Denmark uses it as title song, but the cool pauses and moments made it different from the version they use. Very well done. ! ! !

  9. Fine visuals, and great idea - having the music "evolve".
    Like some of the poster above, though, I'm not sure about the story...
    The creature is evolving, and is then attacked by the lights, and then the new
    creature comes? I can tell you want to say something about society, and the way
    we treat each other - but what exactly? I think you should have shown a couple
    of more stadiums of the evolution, making it more clear what you are trying to say.

    Then again, it may just be that I'm too stupid to get the movie :-)

  10. It's not so much a short coming of evolution as it is a short coming of education. There is no such thing as an evolutionary short coming. There only is what is. Are you going to mourn your lack of wings or build a plane?

    And, yes, it's the wrong word.

    Good animation though, I liked the materials. The flow was nice, as was the musical feeling and sync. That white thing spooked me out, so it was an effective display of negative articles, with a very interpretive suggestion as to what it might be.

  11. Audio-visual impressive and surely a lot of work. But the name fits very well. Intransparent just like the unproven theory of evolution. Hope you don't identify yourself too much with the theory of evolution, because I don't want to offend you.

  12. unproven theory of evolution eh... look at a computer from 1969 lately? They sure have evolved--Anyways, visually appealing but the narrative is slow and boring. You need to cut this down big time. And it will be much better. See, break it down to like 30-60 seconds and you'll have some real gold here.

  13. It seems like there was a lot of effort put into timing the events for the music, which made it all slow as a whole.

    But it's all still quite effective, and it leaves me curious as to what it all means. :)
    Looks amazing.

  14. Just impressive, imho very scener. i like a lot the cackground , scary and dark. and the music is great too. Very subjective ideas but i like it. good job. very good in texturing and lighting fields.

  15. Oh man,that was really awesome. I watched it now about 5 times. Music / Sound and Animation fits together perfectly ^^ Especially i like the moment at 2:06 where the music and those small creature explodes. Simply genious!


  16. Very well done. Thought provoking, and inventive. I like how the environment looks like the interior of a cell.

    In this day and age where so many people focus on the wrongs of mankind I would prefer to see something that focused on the good that we have accomplished.

    That being said you have done a very good job. Thanks.

  17. @Alexander-

    So what do *you* think is more likely? There's something out there with the *resources* to build an entire ecosystem from scratch? Seriously? You should really keep your opinions on issues like evolution off the internet if you don't want to get flamed into the stone age... After all, it's a scientific maxim that it is impossible to fully prove anything outside of a mathematical equation, and even those are subject to a lot of uncertainty. So, in the absence of proof, it's best to go for the theory with the most evidence for it.

  18. @Marbar (and others):
    I know how you feel, but this isn't the place. Please, just leave it alone. ;)

    I simply can't find words to describe how great this makes me feel. I don't understand it... it's just that good. It may be the best thing I've seen made in Blender since the video for "Stop" by Kopek. (which everyone should watch again.)

  19. I love this short, it has a real depth to it that lacks in a lot of 3D - and I don't mean the only the visual themselves, but an overall feeling, visuals/music/pacing that makes it much more powerful. It feels very Darren Aronofsky - it has the same sort of 'intrigue through abstraction' that really draws the viewer in and grabs hold of their emotions. I really think that it's irrelevant that many people don't understand the story as it's portrayed, it's really about how you personally experience it, and I really got the persecution theme you were pushing.

    Well done, brilliant execution of an idea, and someone to keep an eye out for.

  20. I like very much the visuals, pace, sound and cinematic vision but I don't like the story. It's been stated many times here by many of you that it's unclear and I agree, but despite being metaphoric or abstract it could be interesting, as some of the most famous pieces of abstract art we know. maybe we don't fully understand them yet we find them moving or touching, just as the music wich is purely abstract but drives our imagination.
    However, the story for me is weak. Evolution is such a huge subject and can be represented with so many nuances that showing just a couple and then take a fair amount of time for an invasion of tiny particles and an explosion that ends in some kind of akward renovation, is not the best or more interesting way in my opinion to express the concept of evolution.
    But it is a good visual piece and shows a lot of potential that I'm sure will be fulfilled in the future, furthermore it is a brave effort to make a piece for an intelligent and mature audience instead of the typicall disney-esque funny shortfilm (have nothing against those except for they are overdone ad nauseam). congratulations Alex.

    @Alexander Sawadsky,
    It must be difficult for you (who I'm sure believes in some kind of "not proven" religion) to tacitly admit at least to some degree, darwinian evolution as I am pretty sure that if you get badly ill, let's say a tumor in your brain, you are going to trust in western medicine and accept a lot of procedures and medicaments wich base their effectivenes in the tests made on other mammals and specifically on apes (asuming therefore evolution of species).
    But, hey, if you instead preffer to pray only....

  21. Wow, few times I see artistic forms like this, it's outside the common and regular things that we see and still it attracts to the view. Congrats dude! It's a wonderful piece of art.

  22. I think the message is political. I don't think the words "Evolution, revolution, prosecution, solution" have to do with biological evolution. I think they refer to political or psychological evolution.

    "I didn't want a debate."

    You brought it up. You are allowed an opinion but you're not allowed your own facts. Evolution is an historical fact. Natural selection, the mechanism by which evolution works, can be observed in the laboratory. To reject the reality of evolution today is to be placed in the same camp as those who reject Einstein's theory of relativity or who believe the Earth is 10,000 years old.

  23. Very impressive...
    Even if you don't agree with the idea of evolution, I don't see why that has to detract from the fact that this is stunning animation and a great deal of work to have created. The evolutionary naysayers that are letting personal feelings get in the way are only letting themselves miss out...

  24. Guys, guys, guys...

    We're taking this whole "evolution" thing too seriously. Instead of spamming up this great post with personal opinions, let's concentrate on the video itself.

    I'm disappointed that a lot of you expected some sort of complex plot or deep philosophical meaning. Art can be open to interpretation.

    Great video Alex, and wonderful use of music.

    - Leo

  25. When the artistic design is this good (creative use of light, sound, etc...) one can take an unclear meaning as part of the ambiance - the delight - of the film as a piece of art. This is not to say that it is meaningless, just that the film requires (and deserves) deeper thought.

    Instead of figuring this one out in a few minutes, we will all be turning it over in our minds for days and probably watching it several more times. Excellent!

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