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Weekend Fun: Cube Modeling Challenge

Sterling Roth [mexicoxican]started a challenge over at Blender Artists: what can you make with just 10 cuboid shapes? This very limiting rule is opening up a *lot* of creativity.

The rules are simple:

  • use only cuboid shapes, you can scale them to long sticks, or squash them to flat boards, just keep them rectangular(or square) .
  • use 10 or less cubes.
  • the ground plane is free
  • you can rotate them any way you'd like, but they cannot intersect each other.
  • default grey materials only.
  • keep the lighting generic, AO and soft lights are fine.



  • madman

    Great contest!

    I will try...

  • RH2

    ha! I just finished the blender f1 challenge. this sounds interesting!
    too bad my creativity starts at 11 cubes...

    I like the cuboid Suzanne!

  • Gopher81

    A lot of people can't count to 10 it seems.

  • aws357

    Fun stuff, but the Blender developers must be wondering : "Why should we implement NURBS, Subd, F-gons if they are having a world of fun with 10 cubes..."

    :p j/k that is a great exercise...

  • Dread Knight

    This is very fun! :-) hope to see more entries.

    Reminds me of old good times when i had a community and someone posted a cube challenge. rule where just one cube + materials xD

  • bjzaba

    @aws357: haha!

  • Guardian 452

    This would be a good time to make a Borg ship...


  • RedBirdiii

    I should try to do one of these..
    and about the models I've seen.. they are very creatively created..

  • ysvry

    great ideer and lots of good entries.
    This would also be great for the next open source blender game called "cube world".

  • RNS

    If we do not get RC5 by tomorrow there be a Civil "WAR" in the blend community.

  • Tynach

    RC3 is the last RC (RC4 for Win32 is identical to RC3 for other platforms), so you will NOT get RC5 tomarrow. However, you MIGHT get the final release.

    I made Dalekubes!

  • rexprime

    very fun project

  • Reynante M. Martinez

    Hahahaha! This is so so sooo much fun! The Blender team might be having a great time looking at the entries now. "MaaaaAan, are we really supposed to be doing all this hard coding and such stuffs when the community is enjoying with their freaky cubes?!"

    Haha! I'm submitting my entry, too, ha!

    Here's mine

  • rickpier

    I think this challenge is only to make some statistics to see if people is able to understand simple rules...

  • mudduk

    Gopher81, I can count to ten. 01010 see

  • BlenderLovingSquirrel2


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