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Follow Development Commits in Real-Time


If you always wanted to know, what was going on at the Blender development commits, now you can!

A really cool script now listens to the commit logs! Here is a description of the system by Nathan Letwory:

We have now a script listening to the commit logs. It'll parse the logs and
update, and send messages to selected
channels on IRC. Currently #blender and ##blender-commits can be joined for
these messages.

So if you really can't without the stats and knowledge that the developers work
diligently on our beloved Blender, join the channels and browse the stats

Just to finish the article, they also have an RSS feed.


  1. I would love to, but since I don't know a thing about programming or development it would be like
    listening to a foreign language. It's a cool idea though for those would can understand.

  2. Hey guys, just thought I would add to that a bit. At the moment the bot can be seen in #blender as a "CIA-??" bot where ?? is some predetermined number.

    Of the two channels, #blender _only_ displays commits to the trunk and tags section of the bf-blender repository, while ##blender-commits displays anything and everything. Also, the #blender channel limits the output to around 3 lines and removes whitespace with a max size of each message of around 450 characters or so, to try cut down on the spam by using bigger lines. The ##blender-commits channel is just using the defaults of max 6 lines, no whitespace clean up and I think 80 char default max per line.

    One last thing about ##blender-commits is that #blender-commits was also registered and should hopefully stay setup to automatically forward you to ##blender-commits (for those with bad eyes, its ## vs. # as freenode likes to use), so there should be no worries about remember which channel it is.

    I think thats about all that needs to be said. If you have any questions, feel free to poke me on freenode. Other than that, cya :)

  3. Actually, I seen a really good example of why it helps to see the commit logs sometimes:

    stiv * r14783 /trunk/blender/source/blender/python/api2_2x/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Initial commit for BPy Particle patch #8557 from Cedric Paille Thanks, Cedric! *** WARNING **** This is a Work In Progress *** Warning ****

    Seeing something like that fly by is a pretty good example of "ok, maybe I should blindly svn update today" :)

  4. Ghost_Train: Good news:D, some of the commits are non-programmer understandable.
    For example:
    "Bias for irregular lamp buffers now allow minimum of 0.001.
    For larger architecture environments it was proved to be necessary."

    I think this is a great idea! Thank you! :D:D

  5. Expect a future real-tv show about Blender development, if it goes on.
    24/24h camera into the water-closets of the Blender-Instituts, pretty interesting. :)

    "Ghost_Train said:
    Good news:D, some of the commits are non-programmer understandable."

    BECAUSE it isn't intended for non-programmer, that's it. :)

  6. Blender sure is about the people. I think the program, as little as I use it, is really great and you can tell it by the people who devote the time to creating it. Good job guys.

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