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⚠ DDoS Attack Makes Servers Unreachable (Updated)


The infrastructure has been under a Denial of Service attack since this weekend. As a result, all official Blender sites are currently down. The team is aware and is working on a solution.

Be careful when downloading from alternative locations, the Blender Foundation provided the following list of official mirrors:


Updates will be posted centrally on this Blender Artists thread.

Update, November 22: It appears most of the issues are over now. After running a 'light version' yesterday, has now been placed behind CloudFlare for DDoS protection and I was able to access it again! 🎉

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Apollo_Official on

    Blenders competitors?
    Maya? 3dsMax? Cinema4D? ZBrush?
    Any one of them could have done it. Out of the 5, Blender is the only one that's free and just as powerful as the other 4.
    With may people switching to Blender, one of these other companies may try and shut it down.
    Blender 4.0 was officially released last week and it's way more powerful than 3.0 with many new features. Soo............

    • There is zero evidence to support that claim, nor does it sound like something any respectable company would do. This is just conspiracy theory material.

  2. Apollo_Official on

    Not saying that's the case but it is possible. It's not conspiracy but something to consider. I mean given what the last 3 years have shown us, ANYTHING is possible. Why would someone DDoS attack a 3D modeling software? It doesn't make sense and is a waste of resources and risk of exposure for the hacker.
    It's no secret given Blenders promise to keep it free forever is a very enticing reason to abandon paid software.
    Maya- $235 monthly
    3ds Max- $235 monthly
    C4D and ZBrush $149 monthly
    The list goes on.
    The current economic position in the US is the main reason I switched to blender. I can no longer afford paid software.
    Enough people do that and it could do some damage.
    How do you prevent customers from leaving? Remove the alternative.
    Again I'm not saying that it's what happened. I'm just saying it's possible.
    Or it could be a disgruntled Blender Foundation employee who didn't get credit for a feature in 4.0 so they are holding the site hostage. idk, but it's weird someone would DDoS attack Blender without reason.

    • Sure, it's also possible that little green men from Mars did it.. Just saying that these conspiracies don't help the reputation of the Blender community.

  3. youre acting like multibillion dollar companies have never done anything remotely shady and/or illegal OR tried anything they can to screw over competitors when in fact the majority of them have. you have any other theories as why an open sourced non profit of a animation software company would be attacked?
    literally 2 main rules of deduction in criminal cases is: majority of the time the obvious answer is the correct one. and two, when everything else is ruled out even the most fanatical reason must be true.

    • Temporary disruption of the official website is not a valid tactic for eliminating competition. I'm going to need you turn in your badge, detective. One week leave without pay.

  4. Yeah and you haven't ruled out anything and just threw some wild speculation iut there.

    What you are doing Here is exactly what conspiracy theories are made of.

    Speculation based on zero evidence. A reflex of accusations. It is really nothing more.

    It doesn't matter If this is possible or not. You just started to accuse people based instead of collecting evidence.


  5. L. Pierce Ludke on

    Hi Bart,

    This could explain [but not entirely] why I haven't been receiving the daily Blender Newsfeed. It abruptly stopped after 11/7. Usually it picks back up after a couple of days, but not this time.
    Sorry to read about this mess. It does no one any good, and I can't see who benefits [i.e. the perpetrators] from doing this to Blender, of all things.
    Here's wishing you luck and a speedy resolution,

    • If you mean the BlenderNation daily newsletter, that's not related to You stopped receiving it because your mail bounced and you got deactivated. I reactivated you :)

  6. another lucky Blender user on

    Ddos attack on open source software - LoL
    All the years i was wondering when something like this would happen.
    It feels great to be part of a "attack worth" community ( like i had choosen the right side =)
    And the impact of this attack just shows how helpless ( & low ranged) attackers are in their mindset.
    It could be bypassed easily...
    I remember times with no stable i-connectoin here, so i stored blender docs to my local drive.
    (sadly Download link for that is also stored at )
    - Can we get a tempoary alternative DL-link for the docs zip file ??? -

    Something in range of possibilities? yes -> better be prepared 4 that.

  7. I’ve been using blender for years and found it an excellent software is some ways exceeding 3dsmax and Maya. I know it’s a free software but after recent attacks I decided first time to send some small donation to the project as a thank you for the project and not giving up despite malicious attacks on the website

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