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Redshift Plugin for Blender Released


Redshift is the latest in a growing list of "industry-standard" renderers to join the roster of render engines with official blender support. Its latest 3.0.33 release brings with it the first public beta release of its long-awaited Blender plugin among a host of new features.

While the current implementation is still not feature-complete, with it still lacking light-linking and motion blur among other things, development is still ongoing to bring the Blender addon to feature-parity.

The production-proven renderer is known for delivering incredible results at blazing fast speeds, giving it a privileged place in studio pipelines worldwide. It has notably been used on the Overwatch and Rainbow Six cinematics,  as well as the StarZ series "American Gods".

This news comes hot on the heals of Renderman revealing its Blender plugin currently in development.

About the Author

Mario Hawat

Mario Hawat is a Lebanese 3D artist, writer, and musician currently based in Paris. He is a generalist with a special focus on environments, procedural and generative artworks. Open to freelance work.


  1. Absolutely no point in this at all, with octane render offering a completely FREE tier for Blender users why on earth would you pay for redshit

    • don't forget pixar Renderman ( my favorite) coming in with big steps. Also with GPU support. 2021 will be a great year for Blender, as it 2020 already was.

    • Because Octane is a heap of shit and there's a reason Redshift is used by dozens of major VFXs houses from games to films while Octane (and Cycles) are not.

      But being a Blender "artist" you don't understand this because no one who uses and shills this DCC has ever worked a day in a relevant industry job and just cares about shitting out the latest BlenderGuru donut tutorial

      • Octane for Blender, especially the last version, is quite amazing and very stable.
        Octane is used in many 3D high end productions and with amazing results.

  2. I guess we should be happy about this progress, putting Blender more and more in the "serious 3d Package" Area. On the other Hand. Redshift has the same Problem like Octane. The totally missed the fast raise of blender. Now the want of course do the same what they've done at other packages to get on the blender train. The difference is, unlike other 3d software, for instance Houdini with their pathetic render solution, or earlier Maya and Max, Blender has already a great Renderer with GPU/CUD/Optix support. It's superfast, stable and reliable. Blender has also an build in Game Engine EEVEE, with total shader compatible to cycles. There is simple no need because i can do lookdev like in unreal in realtime.
    Of course big hugs and respect goes to Otoy for giving us a nice free Octane Tier for playing with it. Thsi will not be forgotten when Pixar with his Renderman/XPU comes into Blender. This will be the next big thing i am sure.
    Meanwhile. Redshift should try at least while running beta, similar way as otoy. This would be a finer step in my opinion.

    • But you forget that Blender is not really ready for production in every area. I regularly reach my limits with cycles. Especially in the high end area. Octane is a step ahead of that. There is still no full control over AOVs in cycles. Caustics is also a joke and fimic color management doesn't look good. Displacement is also unusable. The list is long. Do you work with Blender as a student or hobby user? Or in the commercial sector and earn your money with it? thats the BIG different!

      • Why do you say the displacements in Cycles are unusable? You can turn on experimental and use adaptive subdivision to give you micropolygons. For color management, we use ACES and it works great with Nuke.

  3. Thomas Vyskocil on

    Hello, I own a license to Redshift and have downloaded the most recent update and can't seem to use Redshift with Blender. The checkmark is there like in the pictures above but I can't find it in the add-ons for 2.90. Any suggestions on how to figure out where to go from here to get it to work? Thanks.

    • The addon gets placed in a separate folder When u install or reinstall latest redshift.i cant remember the path srry. Just hav to locate The addon and install it like any other blender addon

  4. Hello??
    For who think Redshift isn't a big deal for Blender and Octane is same option but cheaper, ITS NOT.
    Not the as easier workflow as Cycles or Octane but, a big HUGE BUT, It's the fastest render engine out there for animations. No, E-Cycles isn't as fast as Redshift for the quality It provides.

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