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Manuel Bastioni Lab turns Blender in a laboratory for 3d humanoids creation


Use the free Manuel Bastioni Lab to generate custom rigged humanoid characters.

Anyone interested in comparing it to MakeHuman in a BlenderNation post for me? Let me know! 

Manuel Bastioni writes:

I'm proud to announce the born of my new creation: "Manuel Bastioni Lab", a tool to turn Blender in a powerful laboratory for 3d humanoids creation.

It permits to easily create rigged humans and anime models with few clicks. I wrote it upon the 15 years experience gained on CG characters projects (for example MakeHuman) and I'm happy to share it with you.

It is free and open source and can be downloaded from my site.


  1. Benjamin Stanley on

    Hey Blender Nation,

    I have been using this plugin for a few hours now. I love it - Super easy to make characters in a fast and easy way.

    Pros -

    - Characters are Pre UV-Unwrapped So you can bake materials down to UV Maps for tools such as Quixel.
    - Mesh Topology is super clean!
    - This tool is super well laid out.
    - You can literally generate Characters and apply various preset morphs to them.
    - The Rig is super generic and Can be used in Engines Such as UE4 and Unity3D with some modification.
    - The Characters are super detailed. More so than the standard Make Human.
    - Characters are Mid to high Poly and can be used in games and other real time applications.

    Cons -

    - It is Hard to Select Areas Such as Teeth, Tongue, Eyes, etc. Due to obstructing face geometry. There is no Vertex group for these areas in 1.0 of the tool either.
    - There is no face rig yet.

    There is allot more features coming such as -

    A smart auto-modelling system
    A measure system that creates coherent realistic people
    A skin editor
    Improvements of the topology of anime characters
    Multiple UV layouts
    More types and styles for toon and anime characters
    Skin/toon shader for Blender Cycles
    Teeth modifiers
    Muscle simulation / pose correction
    Import/export of clothes
    A better system for bugs report, automatically writing a file with all the info required

    That said - I LOVE This tool so far - More so than Makehuman - Give it a download. It holds allot of promise so far and can greatly improve your workflow for what ever you are working on.

  2. Hey, you really made a great job, nice to have such a tool integrated into Blender, it's really pleasant to use and it already produce useful models. Agree with Benjamin, rigging the face would be great. Can't wait to see next steps.

  3. I have been playing with this all morning. So impressive. The features that are already implemented make this immediately useful, and lots of exciting features coming down the pipeline. I think this is going to be a very popular add-on.

  4. Andrew Williams on

    Thank you so much Manuel Bastioni! I really love your work. I have been using Makehuman for years and I am going to try this right away. If it wasn't for you I probably would have stopped using Blender.

  5. WHOAWWW wow, amazing, suddenly it feels like i have Blender version that skipped 2.8, and 3.0.

    I like the expression and premade poses.
    I wish rigify would too default to a T-pose then you could spawn rigified models very quickly.
    But sometimes there is no need to animate people just a pose is enough, maybe the list could get larger, maybe sitting person in rest, sitting person behind pc keyboard, or holding a pen, or bag.

    But this is great you pushed blender a whole lot forward, never suspected a huge leap like this to happen so sudden.

  6. Yes! I've never understood why the make human team never added stylized morph sets. For my style of art these cartoon characters will be much more useful.

    • maybe because of small team and limited resources?
      we are forever ready to get more manpower and contribution in the spirit of open source :P

  7. The tab in the toolshelf shows up but there are no buttons under "ManueL lab 1.0".
    I tried installing it manually, redownloading and looking at the errors.

    Now there are some errors pointing to line 36,48,60 and 400 but if its a script problem everyone should have it.

    Any ideas what else I could try to get those buttons showing?

  8. Hi. Great great great addon. The modelling part is really fun and intuitive. Huge work has been put in it! You can really create a nice character in a matter of seconds!
    The downside for me is the rigging aspect. As it comes, the rig is not usable without a significative amount of work ( ik, face etc...). In the objective of quickly creating several functionnal character this system comes to a limit. I understand that integrating the mhx rig would be a direct ´assault' on makehuman, but integrating a rigify setup for example would be invaluable!
    Anyway, congratulation for what is already done. I can't wait to see the future developpements.

  9. This tool is fantastic. While not as intuitive as MakeHuman with its nearly perfect interface, designing characters with this is not only doable, but actually fun. Also, I love the mesh. Don't get me wrong, MakeHuman is a great program with a long tradition of being used by me for things, but I was never completely satisfied with the mesh. Not that it's bad, mind you.

    The only issue I see is the rig. It doesn't need a lot of fancy features, or even a facial rig, as far as I'm concerned, but some IK controls and maybe some controls for the hands and fingers would be nice.

    I salute you and your dedication to open source software and Blender in particular.

    • MakeHuman is more of a generic tool for export and implementation with many softwares, this is more of integrated with blender stuff. Guess blender users should be more happy.

      • I don't mean to imply I'm unhappy with MakeHuman or this new tool. I think both are excellent, and even more impressive when you consider the limited resources you have to work with. That only is inspirational to any 3D artist and open source programmer.

  10. Hi Manuel.
    I have no words to describe your work... it`s just awesome !!
    Thank you again to have produced a so useful tool. Chapeau !!

  11. Very nice! Blenderartists thread? I would love to make some suggestions, I guess this project if is mixed with some other addons can make something similar to daz studio 3d. That way many people can create clothing and share or sell with the community.

  12. I'm a bit unclear about the license for still images and videos created with the models. Is it CC-BY or CC-0? Not that I have a problem crediting you for this.


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