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BGE Test Building 1.0



Dennis Haupt shares an amazing Game Engine environment - it's a virtual playground full of BGE effects! Watch the video below, or download the .blend file and jump straight in.


DennisH2010 writes:

This is my BGE-Playground with a lot of BGE-stuff in it, I try to add and work on more BGE-stuff for this file soon, but for now this should be version 1.0.

All the objects you find in this blendfile are 100% game ready with collision-boxes and grouped-objects etc.

The game-objects are located in the Objects-Scene and are linked to the other scenes.

There are three main scenes Low, Medium, High and Menu. Unfortunately the Menu-scene works randomly, so blender crashes about 90% when I try this scene,

I guess this is some kid of Blender bug.

  • Low-Scene -- No interior and exterior-objects, just doors and light
  • Medium-Scene -- All interior and exterior-objects
  • High-Scene - All interior and exterior-objects + sun shadow (4K)

This Blendfile starts in the Low-Scene.

Basic control:

  • W-Key - move forward
  • S-Key - move back
  • A-Key - move to the left
  • D-Key - move to the right
  • F-Key - jump
  • Left Mouse Button - activate the lights
  • E-Key - open Doors
  • Left-Shift-Key - zoom in and out
  • Space-Key - hold to run

Object controls:

  • Right Mouse Button - throw the green navigation spheres which interact with the navigation mesh and tries to follow the PlayerBox-Object
  • E-Key - throw the red navigation spheres which do not interact with the navigation mesh and tries to follow the PlayerBox-Object
  • T-Key - throw the blue spheres which flee from the PlayerBox-Object
  • Z-Key - throw the metallic spheres which lose their dynamics on 3 meters distance to the PlayerBox-Object
  • G-Key - throw a simple sphere without special properties
  • H-Key - throw the soft body object number 1, a softbody plane
  • J-Key - throw the soft body object number 2, a softbody cube
  • B-Key - throw a destructible box
  • Q-Key - restores the dynamics of all the objects which have suspended their dynamics

Daylight control:

  • You can control the daylight/daytime by pressing the + or - key right to the Numpad.

2D-filter control:

  • you can activate and deactivate the standard 2D-filter by pressing 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0-key on the Numpad

Feel free to:

  • test your computer-performance with it :)
  • make some Videos about it (just would like to see some tests on a high-end pc ^^)
  • use some of those objects for your game, as long as it is not commercially
  • give me criticism, suggestions or ideas for version 2.0

Have fun while exploring and hope you like it :)


  1. i can't download it from blendswap because the file is too large for the 200Mb free downloadable for a free account.......humm.. maybe there is something wrong? ... :S

  2. Kirill Trideshny on

    Funny! )) It can be used to made some cool physics oriented games.

    Ideas: add more switches. Some floor switches to switch holes in floor, some switches to switch lights by balls (using a force measure is the best I guess)
    The idea for a game:
    cross the bridge. You have some abstract (from player's view) path and you must go from one side to another. The path is planted with traps and holes, supports, beams and ladders. Player can cross the bridge by several ways. The fastest is the best. The more traps you close - more points and etc. and etc.
    In the same game (idea) it would be cool if the player can slide on some sort of "aquapark half-tubes" (it's just associations with the forms and actions). This will add more fun. Because a level of some influence of a game's world on a player adds more interest. It's "bad" if you can control almost everything and in every moment. If something can "control" you sometimes, this adds fun. Then you will must be solving tasks avoiding your falls or using them to reach some points.

    A kind of a "half-player - half-ball" :)) A grotesque world of fun.

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