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TextureAtlas Add-on: Baking Entire Scenes



A nice, add-on for creating light maps of entire scenes.

Paul Geraskin writes:

Hi all!

This is a cool script for baking LightMaps for entire scene. The very vital thing for Game Developers and 3d Artists(which are in game development industry). The script will allow you to unwrap the entire scene and bake it!


  • Grouping of objects to bake/unwrap.
  • AutoUnwrapping of grouped objects.
  • Manual unwrapping of entire scene. Script can make merged object.
  • Non destructive manipulation of grouped objects.

Download the script (0.14v is the last one).

Have fun, and make your game enviroment like Unreal/Unity does!

Example of baked scene of 150 objects:

Some Video Tutorials: