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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. this image not good enough - I can say>the all wrong except the lights.... wrong textures, undetailed modells (the car) and propotions..... leaves of the tree is too small,etc.. why did you present it ? There are much better works, why don't you deal with them ?

    • Man, you are such a nice guy! Did you really write it honestly or were you just joking?
      There are many people in the world who would like to achieve this quality. It's not 100% realistic but it's a really good image!
      The weakest point imho is the light, but not the setup. After seeing what Cycles is capable of I really miss the GI here.

    • This English IS not good enough - I can say IT'S all wrong, mostly the tone...wrong syntax, poor spelling and grammar...incorrect capitalisation, punctuation etc...why did you present it? There are much better works you could learn from, why dont you adjust your attitude while you're at it.

  2. Its an interesting image.  It being about an old truck I would contrast it with a building texture that appears newer than the truck.  Also, the shadows on the ground are competing with the texture of the truck for eyeball real estate.  The door, soundly modeled, also competes with the truck with its texture.  The lighting is very good.  If you were shooting for a painting feel I would say you accomplished it.  To make it top notch I would soften the busy textures aside from the old truck.

  3. Good enough, IMHO. Just to add a more detailed opinion, I'd prefer less dirt all around, maybe less noise on the superior part of the facade.
    Fairly good job, all in all, it's Blender internal pushed almost to top of its possibilities.

  4. Ilikethisartisticwork on

    It would be accurate to say this is a 'stylised render'.
    Although it's not photo realistic, perhaps that wasn't the goal of the artist?
    The style seems somewhere between photo realism and Wallace and Gromit.
    I almost imagine those two characters jumping out of the truck - or the truck itself animatedly forming a grin with its grill.

    Whatever the style the artist was trying to achieve, this picture almost has enough detail in it to be part of a story and represent a 'work' by the artist.

    Congrat's to them!!

    My only crit's are:

    1. I'd like to see some contrasting colours against the dominant green - perhaps a sign above the building door or on it, the backs of the signpost signs to have a faded contrast colour, or a sign covering part of those dull building windows (the reflection of the building opposite is too weak against the green) adding a story by telling the business name that the truck owner works for/with - anything to support the main colour of the truck popping.

    2. Change the boxes/objects on the back of the truck to be more identifiably the same or similar to those sitting against the building. At this time they are too obscured by the railings around them. If the camera were elevated a little and angled to look slightly down at the truck we may get more contrasting colour in simply by seeing the contents of the crates - fruit?

    3. Dull the reflection on the trucks windows - they look too 'shiny new' for the age of the truck, and perhaps have the window wound down partly with the door to the building partly open too - giving a sense of life/action/story - the driver has just got out to make a delivery into the building?

    4. Reduce the size of the leaves on the street and pavement. Yes they are closer to view than the leaves on the tree, but they appear bigger than the 'average' leaf (whatever that is). And position the leaves to support the life/action/story in the picture - remove most of them from below the truck door in view, and clear a slight but almost unnoticeable path of them to the door of the building - as if the truck driver/passenger has kicked them up walking to the building/truck.

    5. Put a full crate or 2 or 3 of fruit (or whatever the contents of the crates are) on the pavement near the building's door - perhaps on the street between the street grill and the sign post. 2 crates on the pavement and 1 on the street would work. Angle them like they were put down quickly by a tired work in a rush to get inside the building. It would support the life/action/story of the scene and tie in the empty crates sitting against the building and those in the back of the truck.

    Without making these life/action/story changes, the scene is too passive - looking like the beginning or end of a work day, which isn't supported by the truck appearing to still have full crates in the back but the doors to the building closed and no life/action/story. So make the scene really look like an early or late delivery/pick up by making a few tweaks like those suggested above. Here's where you could direct the light more effectively too - have the sun rising or setting on the street reflecting off and partially visible in the top right 'quadrant' of the first set of windows in the building and in the top left corner of the truck's front windscreen window. This would not only create more support for the reflected building in the building's window, but also create an interesting and realistic contrast with the direction of the light on the street (often buildings and windows create 'realistic confusions of light'), and ultimately add a supportive warm colour for the trucks blue and a contrasting colour to all the green across the building, while allowing our eyes to better focus on the crates stacked below against the windows that help to tie the the truck in via the full crates on the truck, possibly a couple of crates sitting on the pavement/street near the door of the building, and the building doors (one slightly open) where the story/deliver ends/starts.

    6. Don't forget an obligatory fruit that's been dropped in transit and kicked to the curb/drain - just a few parts of whole fruit lying in the street gutter, and perhaps one apple or other piece of fruit sitting on the street just out of sight of the delivery person eg between the crates on the street and truck - or better between the street sign and truck's front bumper.

    I think you the artist have set the basics of the scene well to tell a story - the biggest elements are there - they just have to be tweaked to to let the scene come to life by telling a story.

    A strong artistic work! Please show us more!

  5. I love this image, very nice, I like almost everything (texturing, modeling..) except the leaves of the tree, but it's a detailed, and this image make me think of a realistic cartoon.. 8/10 for me, Bart if you find other good pictures, share them pleazzze :)

  6. Personally, I enjoy seeing work from various artist at different levels in there craft. It's nice to have an outlet like BN to view such material and read constructive feedback by more advanced/talented artist as it's a valuable learning tool for those of us who are still trying to learn.  Case in point, the 6 crit's given above. It makes me much more aware of what to look for in my own work and will implement what I learned. As Bart said, awesome feedback. Although I'm newer to the scene here, I don't recall ever seeing "bad" material being showcased. 

    Thanks to the artist for sharing. Would like to see more!

  7. Its better than what I can do so I am not going to criticize it, but I do feel that it isn't good enough to get posted here.  It just seems weird that I see better renders and models everyday elsewhere and yet a mediocre creation gets posted on blendernation.

  8. I see no reason why this image shouldn't be posted here. Why would only perfect images ( if there even is such a thing. I disagree with Andrew from blenderguru on every competition he does). be shown here. You can see that the artist did a lot of work to create this image and with the comments like the one from Ilikethisartisticwork it is very educational. He pointed out a lot of good suggestions that the artist didn't think of and neither did I. 

    So gratz to the artist, thx you Bast for posting it and thx you  
    for your useful suggestions and comments.

  9. its art not reality and it shows, the real world is the most complex thing ever. :-) Enjoy that fact and enjoy your hard worked 3D-Flicks.

  10. As a fellow artist I would like to say that there is no real bad critiques just bad critics. It is sometime hard to hear that someone, even one person, didn't find your "baby" cute. But as an artist we have to look at all the feed back we get and digest it all if we are to ever improve. Never focus on just one persons view because it was negative (easier said than done at times). 

    With that said, as the person offering a critique, it is easy to just shout out "this sucks" without offering and constructive feed back, even if the critic can back up his words with an example of his own work. If a "self-proclaimed expert" can not offer an educated list of what can be improved he should refrain from commenting.It would be good to keep in mind that behind every image is a guy/girl that has poured their soul into a work and was proud of it and wanted to share it. It is my belief that as a critic it is important to spend a little bit time formulating your comment with tacked while displaying your wisdom.It is also a good idea to keep in mind that the artist was chosen to display his/her work here, which would suggest that someone found it good enough to share with us(thanks Bart) and to attack that person only shows how strong the ignorance is rooted.Lastly, as a fellow artist I review others works and read the critiques in order to improve on what I create, so as a third party viewer it is helpful to see a well thought out and well executed critique such as the one by 'Ilikethisartisticwork'

  11. This is a great composition, I love it. That reminds me an area around Round Rock pretty much like that one. Actually there is a Library crossing that door. I was used to walk around that place Sunday mornings. Nobody around,temperature of 3 degrees Celsius holding a big Creamy Coffee cup, breathing the cold air mixed with the bouquet of trees, old wood and coffee. That was a very relaxing atmosphere for me. This Composition has taken me right away to that unforgettable  place. That's the Magic of ART !
    You could make a quick Video Composition Zooming around the image using the soundtrack "Quasi una Fantasia" ( Claro de Luna From Beethoven )
      Probably  the way I see this, is perhaps the way this artist wanted to express with his blueish tones.

    You got a 10/10 from me, may be just dull a bit the truck's windows, no more ! Keep it JUST LIKE THAT !

  12. Very nice rendition with a painterly style. Love the cracks on the street. Very chalky, reminds me of the egg tempera paintings Robert Remsen Vickrey used to paint some thirty years ago.

  13. By the way for all the people that think that this piece of work and the next one do not have their place here, you can go your way, it's not about only excellent work, it's about sharing..

  14. i just came to say i like the art work too.
    and i dont agree with the first comment. but it's okay. everyone is free to share his opinion.

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