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  1. please fix the community news rss (sorry for hijacking but nobody seems to read the comment on the let us know page)

  2. Who, i can't wait to see the gpu version. I'm myself a Cuda/openCL programmer and i know that the GPU can be pain in the ass. However when it works well, the power is huge (ok i'm running on a high end tesla server which cost something like ...).

  3. Does anybody know if Cycles supports MORE THAN ONE GPU at once? Can i fill my box up with graphics cards and benefit in blender?

  4. I wonder why you actually have to open two instances of Blender to use both CPU and GPU. Wouldn't it be possible for Brecht to make Cycles utilize both? Will that ever be implemented? I know these are questions for the coders, but maybe someone knows why this is not implemented (and if it ever will be).

    • Pedantron5000 on

      I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that cuda compute (GPU compute) actually compiles on the GPU which isolates the render it from the CPU. The two instances of blender aren't working together they are working in parallel.

  5. tmohr: As I understand it both OpenCL and CUDA support multiple GPUs transparent to the software using them. (it is an inherently parallel process) I know that with OpenCL people have run both ATI and NVidia together in the same machine on the same process. The real kicker is video ram, I bought a 2 gig card and it caps out around 5-10 million vertices in the geometry. Also when you are rendering on GPU the user interface to all the windows on your PC noticeably slows down. That's why Octane guys will buy two cards, one for rendering and to keep the UI running.

  6. RealizedPotential on

    This is my first tutorial. I'm really sorry about the audio. It sounded ok on my home computer. Next time I will listen to the video on my laptop too. I hope it was still useful.

  7. when Cycles Mises GPU+Cpu renderigng for still images that will be awesome..

    And when they allow "thread limiting" for CPU that would really be neat as well..

    with modern CPU's having so many cores it will be nice to have a feature to limit how many cores/threads you want to use. you May want to keep 1-2 threads/cores open for web browser/antivirus.. etc..
    so you cans still use the computer while its rendering.

  8. RealizedPotential, typically just normalizing the audio wll suffice. However, to help further, you could use audio compression and a vocal EQ before normalizing to 0 dB. Regardless, thanks for sharing the video!

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