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GSoC 2011 - 3D Audio tools


Once again there is a new and exciting tool entering Blender as a result of the GSoC 2011: Tis the season to be jolly!

Blender user NeXyon has begun work on the 3D audio tool-set which aims to allow users to add 3D audio into a dynamic environment. These tools would be very convenient when creating any animation, as users could create static and moving audio sources within a scene with their position and velocity affecting the overall sound. On top of all this audio-goodness NeXyon will also be making improvements to the general audio and animation tools in blender (memory usage, audio sample-rates etc).

To find out more information on this awesome project head on over to the 3D audio proposal, and for those who want to be kept up to date head over to the 3D audio blog.




  1. I foresee the creation of some cool 3d synthesizers using this tool. Maybe we'll see some scripts to create module-based synths in Blender then.

  2. @Moolah

    Once I get it working, I'm going to make a bunch of rotary speaker effects. Maybe we could have the speed of that rotation dictated by the frequency of the input. That would be insane.

  3. No, I'm talking about physical motion and rotation (in the virtual space) of objects with speakers :) This will give any needed effects if will be written properly. Maybe it can be done inside BGE.

  4. Video makes all things clearer. Doppler is neat!
    I see that it's going to be almost like a music sequencer inside Blender - very cool! :)
    Hope to see a SID emulator ;)

  5. i can imagine the infinite possibility of using this very cool features :D

    Blender is becoming a powerhouse of creation this past few months.

    congrats to NeXyon.

  6. This is a brilliant proposal for a Blender feature. Brilliant idea NeXyon.

    Just some thoughts that most likely is not possible.

    One thing I would love to see in Blender in the future would be a midi editor so that a controller keyboard can be used as a synthesizer to create actual soundtracks directly into .blend files right up to 192khz or higher if necessary. for future formats.

    I do not like using seperate programs from Blender for audio composition. If a midi synthesizer was available as a direct plugin or even as part of Blender that I could add a large library of midifiles to, that would be brilliant as it would enable a project to be completely self contained in Blender.

    Blender is already a very good compositor. Addition of an audio-synthesizer-mixer creation would give an overall package that could turn a standalone graphics machine into a full all in one CGI-Compositor-Audio Studio. Being able to plug in a USB controller keyboard such as an ES88 up to a Yamaha MOX8 or Tyros4 combined with the ability to take direct XLR to USB equipment, would remove the need for seperate programs and posssibly even an audio studio.

    Just a mad idea I had when I read the 3D audio article, if anyone wants to explore it:)

    If anyone does that, I will post them a bottle of good Scotish or Irish whishey:)

  7. Really great tool. I already imagine a space battle scene with fighting ships passing by all around with doppler effects and else ! Very promising !

  8. Wow, awesome! I can see the benefits of this while making animation, stereo audio will be much easier to implement in the animation, awesome video! :D

  9. Nabil Stendardo on

    Interesting. I have a suggestion improvement: length-preserving pitch modulation (which isn't just resampling of the sound). Don't know if it is possible with F-curves though.

  10. Pretty soon we will have the capability to track objects in our footage, and attach audio to the track markers. NeXyon thank you for this slick feature. Are you planning on adding interactive audio dampening or reverberation forces per object?

  11. Yeah! You are so awesome! I'm still stoked about baking sounds to f-curves and now to find out you are doing all this! And BTW, +1 for integrating MIDI controllers, I'll donate the 2nd bottle of whiskey!

  12. Nicholas Rishel on

    Am I the only one seeing irony in NeXyon is working on updating audio while having a scratchy Mic? XD
    We need to have a pitch-in to get him something nicer.

  13. If Nabil Stendardo meant changing the pitch without changing the tempo /speed of the sound, I agree. That would be great.

    At any rate, thanks NeXyon. This is great stuff!

  14. @NeXyon:
    Great work! You're awesome! Thanks!

    Agreed, that would be very useful, especially for music in the Game Engine. A piano-roll-like editor that would work like existing editors (NLA, VSE), but with notes and effects, seems (to me) like a good match for Blender. Makes me wish I were a programmer.

    @Nabil Stendardo, klikmaker:
    It should be possible, but I don't know how hard it would be to implement it. Audacity is open source, and I believe it has both speed-preserving pitch modification and pitch-preserving speed modification (though Audacity doesn't do it non-destructively). For Blender, I think we'd need to separate the existing pitch curve into two separate curves; one for pitch, and one for playback speed.

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