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German Video Report about the BlenderDay 2011


Mostly in German, but a lot of fun to watch nonetheless.

Blender Ei writes:

Hi blenderheads,

approximately three weeks ago, there was the "German Blender Day 2011". It's our version of the Blender Conference, here in Germany.

I created a video report for my local TV station. Unfortunately it's mostly German, but fortunately there are long English parts as well.
You will see some scenes from the speed modelling contest, auditions about cycles and smoke simulations and an overview of how Motion Tracking works in Blender. We have interviewed famous people like Thomas Dinges (DingTo), OpenCL-Compositor developer Jeroen Bakker as well as BFCT Sebastian König. Thanks to them for the interview.

So, I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Too bad I couldn't be there.

    And, nice to finally see some coverage of the blender day award 2011 :). Could maybe have used a bit more publicity, but then its maybe just my selfish thinking ... ;)

  2. This is a great video! Thanks for sharing and for taking the time to make it. Too bad my German is so bad, but at least German sounds similar to English so a lot of the words make sense anyway. Plus, about half of the video is in English anyway.

    I'm stoked about the motion tracking stuff! That's awesome!

  3. Big parts of it sound like one of those Infomertials, lol
    It's a really nice summary, though :)

    Ara's Tale totally deserved its 1st place :)

  4. Thank you guys for your great comments - I'm glad you like it!

    Interesting :) I'm keen on critique, so could you please explain a bit more, what exactly you think sounds like those Infomercials? Is it the speaker's voice? Is it the music? Or is it the overall editing of the video?
    I'd would like to improve, so please don't hesitate to write your honest opinion.
    Thank you!

  5. To me it was the main speaker's voice, especially somewhere rather near the beginning, where Blender's features are counted :)
    When I wrote that part of the comment, I wasn't finished watching the whole thing, though. "Big" might have been an overstatement^^
    Gonna recheck the video now to give you more accurate info :)

  6. Ok, there, when DingTo started explaining, what Blender is, it's a bit (though, on second listening not a lot) like when they interview those people in Infomertials to basically tell you, you can't survive any longer without that product.
    It might partially be, because I'm not really used to the German words for Modelling or generation of Materials.
    Usually it's the other way round: If something in German infomertails should sound fancy, they use some words that clearly tell you what is meant but in a rather unusual way, sometimes using common English words to compose those new descriptions.
    But in case of Blender, I'm so used to the English words, due to mainly being active(ish^^) in the English comminity, that the German words sound like fancyfied versions...
    So it's probably mostly a subjective thing where you can't improve much upon.

    Btw, Sebastian König, your English became a lot better over time, in my opinion. Not the actual vocabulary - you where always quite good at that, but your accent :)

    The overall video impression is actually quite professional, a lot like in talk-shows. High quality video and audio, along with professional overlays.

    Actually the only thing that didn't look so professional, is the appearance of the Langwasser[TV]-logo at the beginning. That glitter-spray-effect could be improved, in my opinion.
    Although I'm not totally sure what I'd do instead...
    Maybe try to make it look more like fluid? It's LangWASSER, after all? :)

  7. It would have been nice to understand the German parts, youtube has a caption system so could you enable captions and add English subtitles please :)

  8. Alright, thank you kram1032 for this detailed description of your opinion.

    About the voice:
    Ah, I see. Glad I will have my first professional speaker training tomorrow. I will bring up your statement to extinguish the reasons for this problem. My voice is just pitched too high, when I'm doing voice overs. Let's see how it turns out.

    About the "look and feel":
    "[...] it’s a bit [...] like when they interview those people in Infomertials to basically tell you, you can’t survive any longer without that product."
    Haha, nicely written! :) When I think about it again, you're right. It indeed IS like a commercial... ...but I'm happy, that the product mainly is blender. Maybe the report shows a bit of a too "conservative" look at the Blender Day, just because it is typical informational content.
    I agree with you, that this could also be a subjective impression, just like almost every creative work is. Nevertheless, now I know what others think about it, so thank you for explaining.

    About the Intro:
    My brother did this Intro with some commercial software:
    It is fancy and cool and stuff, but for me it's too much :)
    There will be a new intro in the future. But for me it's just like for you - I want to improve it, but I currently don't have any ideas how. Furthermore, the logo is not the best in the world - maybe it's even the worst ;) So there are many design choices to be made and it doesn't work to change the on-air-design on the one hand, but let the website just as it is. It all has to be changed in one go. And this takes time, a very good concept and time :)

    You've been very helpful, thank you again.

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