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Blender Developers Meeting Notes: June 26, 2011


Summary of today's IRC meeting:

1) Blender 2.58

- Everyone gets compliments with the smooth 2.58 release, bi-monthly cycles ftw! :)

- Peter Schlaile has new Sequencer proxy system ready for commit

For loading old it files requires to use  "Strip -> Rebuild proxy"
menu. Wiki log follows!

- Keymap fix: Brecht, Campbell & Ton had meeting discussing how this system would become reliable for both usage as save/load and add-on cases. Ton writes out proposal.

- Campbell added scriptlink-style callbacks: scripts can be assigned to on-load and on-render now.
He looks into scene-change and other options too.

- Campbell will present a wiki doc with Import/Export status overview of Blender.

2) Other projects

- Brecht has big Cycles engine commit coming, draw mode changes and texture worflow.

- Branch developers, update on status for merging plans?

- FYI: BMesh review & progress in wiki

3) Google Summer of Code

- Salad merging with current trunk gives problems. Who helps?

- Joshua proposes (most of his) work could go to trunk for 2.59.
Agreed to review this during next weeks.

- Midterm evaluation is in 2 weeks! In general the students do great, some need to get inspired to communicate their progress, plans and results better though. Being handled on the soc-dev list.

- One student never responded to mails, Christopher Neal from Anyone there who can check if all's OK with him?



  1. Firstly a big thanks to Ton and all the Devs for their great work. Blender is just becoming more and more awesome :D. I know that really exciting times are coming with all the new features that are plan to enter the new 2.6.

    I've never used Bmesh and truely I do not know what really its gonna bring more to Blender. Those who used to use other soft says its essential. I saw the todo list that remains, theres still a lot of work. Can't any Devs out there help the one(s) working on that tool, please.

  2. BMesh ToDo list is "longish"; I would not hold my breath for its merge into trunk.

    Sarcastic comment: the real question is whether ngons/bevels will be required for next Blender movie or not...

  3. Great news, and congrats to everyone on the smooth update/release.

    I'm probably talking out of turn/not fully informed how this works (and this is a great option to have btw)
    "Campbell added scriptlink-style callbacks:"

    If anyone has used Houdini will tell you please, please, please can you watch that this isn't on for every asset loading/rendering and unloading isn't either on all the time by default with no option to ignore it.. ;)

  4. Thanks for the good news! Great work. Blender 2.58 is already really stable.

    I think the update circle for blender should be every 6 month, because else all the
    plugins and scripts will not work in the new version. It is really hard to have 3 or 4 versions
    of blender on the hard disk just because many plug in developers don't have time
    to update their code for every new release.
    I am working also on a 3D software called iZigoo. It is a next generation 3d browser
    and we have the same situation. You can find iZigoo at
    We work with a lib called three and this exporter needs also always be updated.

    The new versions users can get from This versions are anyway more
    updated then the official released ones.

    Thanks for the great work on blender.


  5. bmesh page
    This page was last modified on 16 May 2011, well maybe in a year will be modified again, with a todo list, again

  6. Thanks for informing us! :) Now I'm slowly starting to use 2.5x versions, and I see it has really much to offer against the old version. Except for mesh modelling tools - I think Bmesh is much needed! I cross my fingers for you, guys! Thanks a lot!

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