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Laplacian Lightning Generator Blender 2.5


Do you need a Lightning generator? Too complex? Then you should check out this new cool Add-on for Blender 2.5 called The Laplacian Lightning Generator .

It is a Blender addon to help in creating lightning and electrical effects. Though the script cannot yet create those beautiful 'dancing-arcs', it can create decent looking lightning in a reasonable amount of time with a good amount of user-control. The generator simulates real physical effects and can be used for Laplacian phenomenon beyond lightning.

The script is still very much in development but the most recent release provides much needed functionality including 'container insulators', which allow 'lightning in a bottle' effects.

UPDATED – 06.20.11 – v0.2.6
-Moderate speedup.
-Cubes output scale/loc corrected.
-Tooltips added.
-Container insulators: Arbitrary mesh shapes can be used as insulator/cloud objects. Still quite imperfect though. May slow down generation. Best for simple containers; bowl, cup, bottle. A spiral pipe would not work well. Must have rot=0, scale=1, and origin set to geometry.
-Mesh origin objects:. If the origin obj is a mesh, vert locations will be used as initial charges. However this will disable multi-mesh output. May slow down generation.
Addon script, instructions, and demo's available here:

More Information, Blend file and Add-on Script: