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Review: Blender Studio Projects


Terry Wallwork reviews 'Blender Studio Projects' by Tony Mullen and Claudio Andaur.

Months ago I pre-ordered "Blender Studio Projects" book, and a few days ago it arrived and I set about getting my reading head on.

Product Specifications:

Authors Tony Mullen and Claudio Andaur wrote this book under the Sybex Serious Skills series, meaning that it is not a beginning Blender users book. Tony Mullen has produced several books and is well known. Claudio Andaur works for Licuadora Studios and has also worked on Plumiferos (a feature film made in Blender). He is known as Malefico in Blender IRC circles.

The two authors combine their fields of expertise to produce this Intermediate/Advanced level breakdown of the various studio quality production pipeline processes, using multiple scenes from a short feature made at Licuadora Studio.

The end result being an understanding of the major tasks involved in making a short feature.

I think the book manages to work its way through the various stages very clearly and efficiently. Not dwelling too much on the little details most of the time, but when the small details do need to be described, they are.

I was especially impressed with the modelling section and the compositing sections, each gave a very clear and detailed description of the various tricks and time savers that help to keep a large production such as the one presented in the book on time and computer efficient.

One thing I did notice quiet a lot was the numerous references to other Blender books, so it would probably be very beneficial to have read most of the other Blender books out there before starting this one, especially "Introduction to Character Animation" and "Animating with Blender", I would also recommend reading "Blender for Dummies" if you are a beginner also.

Various Blender 2.5 features and changes are covered in brief throughout the material giving hints as to what to be expected when it is finally released. Although for the most part the version of Blender covered in the majority of this book is 2.49b specific using a custom build from Licuadora Studios.

Another highlight was the coverage of drivers using Python and how to leverage their power for various modelling and texturing effects. It was describe in a fair amount of detail and people interested in the Python side of things will find this small section of the book very interesting I would imagine.

It reminds me very much of Roland Hess's book "Animating with Blender", and that was a very good book also.

So all in all a very good new Blender book, well worth adding to your collection if you are interested in studio project productions using Blender.

Review Score 89%

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. How can there be "roughly" 270 pages? Book has quite specific number of pages and this info is usually given by publisher ;) Amazon tells me there is 272 pages.

  2. @Sandking: Yeah, but loads of pages are about who wrote the book, the title of the book, the title again, what is in the book, what will be in the book and what was in the book an some more on what the words in the book mean. And then some pages without any ink. :)

  3. Grandmaster B on

    @anon: WHY? I've "Introduction to Character Animation" and "Bounce, Tumble and Splash!", both are a must-read for any aspiring Blender user...

  4. It starts to get really boring to come on Blendernation. You should stop to make ads for these pseudos "blender" teacher (Mullen, Blender Andrew Guru, ...).

    How they can pretend to "show the way" when we see that their productions are not even at the level of a student artist who use a professional solution?

    Too much of pseudo experts, not enough art productions...

  5. I totally agree with Grandmaster B : I have on my shelf three books written by Tony Mullen, and they are the best books I have read about Blender. I have learnt a of thanks to them.

    I had not noticed he released this last one, but you can be sure that I will order it !

    @anon : you can't say things like that without giving at least an explanation.

  6. Sorry for the double post, but the Edit window doesn't want to open today. Weird.

    @blade : if you find the site boring, do not come. It is your right. But please don't spit on people bringing constructive help to the Blender community.

    If you think that you can do better, please write books, write or record tutorials or show us what you can do, and how we can do things of the same quality.

    For my own, I use blender many hours a day for now 6 years, and I must say that I still learn new things in each new book or each new tutorial. The learning process is endless and each information or teaching source is good for someone somewhere, whatever be the level.

    Tony's books and Andrew's tutorials have always been great sources of information and inspiration for me, and I say a big Thank You to both of them !

  7. Hey, Blade! Did you ever tried to do some Andrew's tutorials? Maybe somewhere he makes some little mistakes but his level of production is much greater than some students! If his giving method frustrate you - it's not his fault. I seen many satisfied people who used his lessons for their education.
    I know... you think "why he call himself "guru"! it's so pathos" and etc.. So what? It's not madden me. Even if he'll call himself "master of blender-niggaz" I'll be ok till he's giving great and usable tutorials.
    Don't know anything about Tony Mullen... So, I'll just find some time to look his tutorials.

  8. I understand guys like blade and anon, for example the Blenderguru tutorials are very good, but if you have an idea how the used tools work (e.g. Compositing), the tutorials are only inspiration... They are ok to learn a bit about the compositor, but they don´t teach you how to use it in everyday life. They give you a starting point...not more and not less... sometimes with pretty impressive results, but if you read or watch the tutorial, you understand that most of the great "result-image" is made of a good backgroundpicture with some blur on it.

    A good example is "Introduction to the Compositor" by Andrew Price:

    The Image of the result looks quite good, but not because of the compositing on´s the metal and the paper on it that make this thing look real.

    @All Tutorial guys:

    ||| Never promise more with a picture than your tutorial teaches! |||

    However, the introduction to the compositor is a good introduction. But for the title "Blender-Guru", i want to see some more complex tutorials :-)

  9. Hi,

    Thanks to Terry for the review! I know he always makes a real effort to be fair and to hold books to high standards in his reviews, so a good score from him really means something.

    @Grandmaster B and ROUBAL, thanks for your encouraging comments. Knowing that people like you are getting something out of these books makes it worthwhile to write them!


  10. Easy with some comments folks, just remember that on internet we often forget that there are other people reading them, not robots. If I were in TonyM or Andrew (even if they are getting used also to those critics) I'd be quite offended by them. Anyhow I think the quality of Tony Mullen's books is great, BT&S was my favourite I'd have something to say on the Sio2-Blender book, some topics (crucial for a developer like me) were not discussed at all and there were some errors in the source codes. Besides that it was still a great book, worth its money even if it could have been improved a bit. :)
    When you say something like "don't buy this" you should argument your point, otherwise it's pointless to say that! ;)

  11. @Akta, thanks for the comments. Regarding errors in source codes (or text for that matter), if they aren't already posted on the book's errata page you can notify Sybex directly by a form linked to from the book's Sybex web page. Every book I've ever been involved in has had some errors, but for the most part they get posted to the web page as soon as we get notified about them.

    Actually, we've already been informed of a couple of missing files from the DVD for Digital Movie-Making, and we're in the middle of getting them posted right now. So it's always a good idea to check the book's web page to see if there are any errors or omissions that have been fixed.

    For the record, I agree with anon that one should think twice before buying a book. And read reviews. Such as the excellent Terry Wallwork review above :).

  12. This is not a Price bashing/saving blog. Please be respectful of the topic.

    Education is necessary at many levels. It is basically one long conversation on a subject. Some people speak more, some better, some listen only; but everyone brings something to the conversation. Roubal, t's not helpful to tell people to "write your own book"; criticism of works produced helps prevent hubris, which helps prevent accepting something false as true. And some people only want to get involved to the point of criticism - we need those people in the conversation, too, as long as they are honest.

    Blender is an amazing program - look what it has become over the years. Ton is a force of nature, if a bit of a ogre at times. This program is part of all of us in a very complex way, and I think most of us have no idea about what's in half of it.

    If Price is disorganized and short-term goal oriented, he is also young and an ambitious, and willing to share everything he knows. The authors above are coming from a different approach, and the same applies to them. Are these the *only* people instructing us? If not, then it is a *very* short list.

    I think this may have pointed out a common need right now is what these authors and others provide: a thorough documentation and examples of all features . . . and it's getting there. But if you do something brilliant, then write a blog post and let BlenderNation know, so that I can know, so that 'free' doesn't equal 'bad', so that my work gets better, so that . . . oh, you know, "save the world", etc.

  13. Hey guys !

    I just wanted to say, that working on this book with Tony was a very exciting and rewarding experience for me, and truly I tried to do my best. Writing a book is not really easy task, it takes a lot of patience, research, and ability to explain things in an understandable way. And here is where Tony shines if you allow me an opinion.

    Probably more than half of the technical ("guru-ish" :D ) aspects presented in this book are my (ours: Licuadora Team) responsability, but the clear and well paced speech is Tony's.

    I really appreciate all people who put their trust into this little project of ours, and hope not to dissapoint anyone's expectations :)

    Your humble "pseudo-expert" :D

  14. OK if people dont like other blender artists u dont have to go on and on.
    for example i myself, an avid blender user, am going to buy a lot of tutorial books with some money i recieved for my graduation. now i could buy something else with all this money i have but i thonk that even IF the books are not top notch qualitiy the n if i support the writers later on the books will become better and better even IF right now they are "rookies writers"
    Happy blending to all, especially: malefico,Delfeld,TonyM,Akta,N.A.,Moolah,... (and you know what? Just about everyone out there as there are to many people and if i didnt get im sorry...though i read all the comments! )

  15. I think that some people see a book like a syringe containing instantaneous knowledge, but it doesn't work like an injection. It's like pills and sport. You can buy pills to gain muscles volumes, but you will not gain strength without a real effort.

    A book brings you the informations, but you have to practice a lot to take advantage of the content. It is true for every book or tutorial. Most of the time you will not learn a lot by the simple fact of reading a technical book. It requires some efforts to acquire the knowledges put into it by the author, and if you don't make this effort, please don't blame the author.

    The content is here, but maybe you didn't benefit of it because you didn't took the thing enough seriously.

    I have never considered that I knew how to do something after simply reading a book. The keyword is "experience". Before I have tried and done, I don't know. I have read how to, but I don't actually Know.

    Knowledge isn't related on the number of books you have on your shelves, but rather on how you actually used these books and on the amount of personnal work.

    I'm almost sure that many people who have found a book deceptive (I mean a technical book) has never taken enough time to practice and do the exercizes until they acheived a decent result.

    I'm not pretending to give lessons. I'm just sharing my own experience. As English is not my native language, learning in depth books written in English is always a difficult and sometime a tedious task for me. The difficulty of understanding the language is added to the difficulty of learning the described technics. This slows down the reading speed a lot, and I can't read in one time as many pages as I would do in French.

    It sometimes leaded me to not read enough in depths or to avoid some topics or exercizes that seemed to be too difficult, but with time and because I needed it and also because I'm enthusiastic, I came back to some chapters that I had neglected, and with perseverance I finally learnt from them.

    It's just a thought...

  16. I'm a (education-)book-lover, especially those that are written and can act as reference(after reading), otherwise I would have said; Take 'Durian' instead and get the same thing... I pre-ordered 'Introduction to Character Animation' at the time, since it was using Blender..., the book itself didn't disappoint me but the title for this book did, since the book, if I recall right consisted of 3 parts, where only one(the last) was an 'Introduction to Character Animation' but no reason to whine against Tony for...

    @Tony; Aha, the (too much) of a difference between 2.49b and 2.5 was based on own build my fear...(UI/layout) (Except than for the BPY) ;)

  17. I don't care that they give you some tips or help and even though it was true, i don't see a special amount of great artworks resulting from their courses.
    In fact, I just don't understand how people doing really poor arts at the beginning can pretend to be a good teacher.

    I'm not interested by this anyway neither by writing books, i just noticed there's a "business" with Blender "quickNdiry" courses or over titled project around there which i dislike. (Hey it's my Humble Opinion)

    For example:
    Mr Guru with his Youtube shows who try to be a "star" is a clear exemple of "noisy" blendie even though you've learned ONE thing which, in fact, you would have discovered anyway with a little "practice" in your soft!
    However, if you like to loose 56min of "quickNdirty" video to learn only one function, it's up to you.

    TonyM: You are welcome, my money goes to people doing the real job ( dev, some artists ), not to improvised master whatever your PhD in physics or economics. :p

    Don't try to turn me as a fool or a jalous guy who try to flames this thread.
    I'm not interested by their business but when i see pseudo artists only interested by getting popularity with easy things, it... let's say... it teases me!

    @Roubal: i won't leave this site because you like to idolize people, but if this site turn out like a people magazine, tabloïd, indeed i would leave.

    Cheers all!

  18. My experience with Tony Mullen's well-written books has been great... highly recommended... and I will definitely be adding this to the bookshelf!


  19. @blade

    What exactly is the alternative? That people just learn by trial and error? Blender is a notoriously difficult program to learn and the likes of Tony and Andrew make the learning process easier for new users. Those that instruct others to use Blender are just as essential a part of the community as the developers who design the software. The fact that you think that there function is unimportant doesn't necessarily make you a "fool" or "jealous," but it does make you wrong.

  20. blade, you are talking a lot about the thing you have already explained. There is nothing new you are explaining in your last post. It's a lot of noise for not that much value.

    I think it would be best to stop this immediately, since it is only distraction from greater work.

    (Sorry for double-posting - something going on with the ajax that won't let me edit.)

  21. H'mm, I can see quite clearly, after the painful digestion of reading some of the above posts, how 'blade' would have trouble with, and not benefit from, ANY books!

  22. I must agreed with ROUBAL among others here.

    Yes, I have to talk again. Right Animaticoide or Blenderguy2008 or whatever you want to call me. Why there are so many hyenas on this world? Envy? Jealousy? I am very disappointed at so many blender's user that look really frustrated with their own life.

    My rudimentary knowledge of blender comes mainly from books and online tutorials. A few by trial and error. Particularly on this case, I bought my second blender's book long ago "INTRODUCTION TO CHARACTER ANIMATION WITH BLENDER" by Tony Mullen. The only complain that I might have is that it is braking apart for so much use. I read it all. Highlighted main points about rigging...etc etc . The book is great, well explained, a source of knowledge.It also came with a $10 bonus for RESPOWER.COM, which I used.

    I would said 99 percent of tutorials and books I have read about blender, provides something new to learn. Sometimes we read stuff that we knew already, but this isn't author's fault.

    Actually I must say that most of us who produce something in blender, is because we have learned and practice tips written by someone who "KNOWS MORE THAN YOU ! " If you spent the whole weekend trying to model a cube, then it is time for you to go for some tutorials.

    What is wrong with the Blender community? Always trying to scrub people that goes beyond your skills or knowledge? The money is what bothers you? Does it Make you feel and idiot because you are sitting on your toilet unable to make a buck out there? Yes Blender is FREE, but in order to use Blender you must eat everyday, and food is not free !

  23. Born, Delfeld: I won't follow you in your joke, guys. :-)
    The "fans" auto-claimed defenders makes me laugh, at least.

    Anyway, only NSm1 has been smarter enough to argument, Thank you for that, not only from my part but from the audience of this site.
    And yes NSM1, i can be wrong for some people, it's obvious, it's a matter of POV but i do think the current way of making "bells and whistles" tutorials; documentation is not the best one.

    Blender's learning curve is not harder than Maya.
    However, people think because Blender is free and accessible it doesn't require any effort by trial and error. And please, it is not like a feature has been developed without any documentation or examples.


  24. Animaticoide:
    "Does it Make you feel and idiot because you are sitting on your toilet unable to make a buck out there? Yes Blender is FREE, but in order to use Blender you must eat everyday, and food is not free !"

    Then is it by opportunity that untalented people makes tutorials? I should say yes, especially in art! :)

    I'm frustrated because i don't go in your sens?

    Very, very good level of rhetoric, guys!

    Don't worry, i don't even judge according to my skills, i use Andy or Bassam as standards.
    When i see their involvement, discrection, production, artworks... i must say "respect"!
    Then when i see PhD Mullen or Guru Andrew, i find that... let's say pretty insulting.

    So, it's not even about myself, find something better!

    cheers folk!

    ps: Sorry for the double post, the edition takes age,

  25. @BLADE

    Tony Mullen has written more than one book, great reviews you can read about him in Forums. You can find his books in Barns&Nobles, so May I ask how many books have you written so far?

    Or, are you one of those jealous frustrated guys who looks for some attention by the community by hitting someone's else work? Well, wow who is that guy BLADE that claims to be an expert? Well guys, don't waste your time, he is just other frustrated clown getting bored on his own toilet.

  26. Grandmaster B on

    Some folks really try hard to make an idiot out of themselve just because they want to prove a stupid statement.

    Most Blender books and Blender tutorials try to teach you techniques to give you the ability to create good artwork, the artwork presented therein are examples, authors often can do much better but dont see a reason for it. The process of making artwork look great is seldom described and is in the hands of the artist itself.

    ... an artist has to learn to hold a pencil, then to draw a line, a curve, a circle and so on... then learn perspective, learn to measure, to observe, to colorize, to shade... and some day he will understand what good art is and how to create it. ... But of course you can try it the other way around! ;)

  27. I know several phenomenal teachers. I know several phenomenal artists. I even know a bunch of great teachers and artists. Intersection between those two groups: almost non-existent. They are two very different skill sets. Like coaches and athletes.

  28. Hey Tony and Malefico:

    If I buy the kindle edition of this book, is there a way to still get the DVD contents?

  29. I have to agree it can be frustrating to produce a book and receive negative comments, even when the majority are favorable...even when you post the book completely free of charge to be used however one sees fit. It's my contribution to the Blender cause. It can also be frustrating when you have over 100,000 downloads, but yet you can't even get an educational link on I'm glad that others can produce quality books for profit that help the foundation through sales and ads and I imagine my "Blender Basics" has helped many new users with Blender to extend their learning by purchasing some of these other books. Even though my book has not helped the foundation profit directly, I imagine it has helped indirectly.

    Profit or not, books need to be written about Blender to gain users. Like everything else out there (even the big boys like Adobe), there are good and bad books and tutorials written. Just look at Youtube. Everyone will have an opinion one way or the other- just keep writing!

  30. ?Kikkikatt, we can try to make what we can available, however the full DVD has kind of a lot of stuff, so whether we can host it somewhere easily and have it be a manageable download is a question. We haven't really looked into that. So I guess it's a bit hard to guarantee that the full DVD will be accessible to people who don't buy the hard copy. I hope that Amazon reflects that in the pricing of its Kindle edition, but I really know nothing about that.

    @teachtech123, your Blender Basics book is a classic in my opinion, and I definitely think it has helped to promote Blender. Have you applied as a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer? If not, I think that might be a good thing to do. I think it could also get you a link from


  31. @blade:

    " Don’t worry, i don’t even judge according to my skills, i use Andy or Bassam as standards.
    When i see their involvement, discrection, production, artworks… i must say “respect”! "

    I think I understand your point.
    But I don't see a solution.

    Andy is a fantastic image creator, but he's not so good with words. That's okay,
    I tent to believe its pretty difficult to excel in both.
    As a movie maker one needs moving images to tell the story, in Andy's case most of the images don't even make much sense on its own, and don't get me started on the meaning of Elephants Dream.
    Alas for educational books that's not what you want, you want to be able to understand whats been written.
    To write understandable text seems easy if you read a text that you can understand. I mean, its only obvious its a bad text if you have no clue what they are talking about, but its not so obvious its a good text when you do understand it.

    Anyway, ofcourse it would be much better for books if there was a team of 10 people working on it. Some hardcore totally weird ununderstandable artists and new york times reporters for the writing and Harvard professors for the educational structures. I think you know what that would do to the price of such a book. Let alone that by the time the book is finished the blender version is 3 knots ahead.

    Please don't get to upset by the titles of the books. Its a publishers thing. The books need to compete on the book shelfs with other ( 3max / maya ) books. And the bookkeeper decides if its worth the shelfspace, so the publisher needs to think this book will end up on that shelf. Not all is kiddle and internet.
    And Guru... O well, its a nickname, I'm guessing your name is not blade, like mine realy is joeri. Gurus come in all kinds of tastes, some where white others where orange, its just your task to find your guru, not so much to talk down the others.

    To me any book about blender means more blender users and more blender users mean the need for a better blender.
    Because on one hand users select the best package for their needs but on the other hand they start to form a mob after they invested time into it.

    I think that anybody who spends time away form his wife, kids and other important stuff to gospel for the use of blender needs to get a little respect, even if you think his art or nickname makes no sense.

    Good to hear the nay-sayers against the yeah-sayers, but I don't think your arguments are not really valid in the real world.

  32. TonyM,

    I think the certified trainer thing is great for the foundation and can generate some revenue for the foundation, but for me, the $80 per year for registration wouldn't help much. I think it would be great for those looking for consulting jobs and such where the certification helps land that job, but I'm a high school teacher with some summer camps at the local Penn State campus. If I ever decide to go out there and start training industry, then the certification would be helpful.

    Back to books- I look forward to the day when I walk into the local book store and see as many Blender books on the shelf as PhotoShop books :-)

  33. Hello world,
    What i think about the blenderbooks (i've got 2):

    Blender 2.3 Guide -
    Serves perfecctly as a pillow ! 768 pages. Good basis. No long stories, but all the different functions explained. I especially like the button reference.
    When I bought it I thought: "I should have started here, instead of doing my trial and error approach".
    I hope there will be a bible like that for 2.5!

    Introducing character animation with Blender -
    Captain Blender scared me of. He could not rescue me. I missed the introduction, Captains rig being so complex.
    It gave me the feeling thats best described at page 355 Figure 10.18.
    I think it would be easier to understand if the jump from the Simple Armature to Captain Blender was not that high. Although i do use it for reference
    Focussing on small parts of the animation process with diferent characters is better i think.

    Thinking about blender and books, there should not be books but more flexible systems to think of.
    Cause blender changing to the better all the time,,,,

    Now i see it!

    I have a Guide and a Introduction book.
    While i only need a good manual and button reference , i go look on Blender site to find it now

  34. @joeri67: I quote:"Please don’t get to upset by the titles of the books. Its a publishers thing. The books need to compete on the book shelfs with other ( 3max / maya ) books. And the bookkeeper decides if its worth the shelfspace, so the publisher needs to think this book will end up on that shelf."

    Of all replies, mine was the closest match, however still a wrong interpretation;
    1. Disappointment is not the same as upset.
    2. Calling a book 'Introduction to Character Animation' should enlighten the reader to character animation, not equally divided to model, rigging and also some character animation, still there's a valid perspective which Tony obviously used, "Introduction for someone not knowing anything starting 3D wanting to character animate".
    3. The 'reasons' you, joeri67 provide actually give a buyer A. reason to be upset B. request their money back for being mislead(according to you for commercial-reasons)


  35. I also pre-ordered the book way back in March I think. I'm interested in video editing, compositing, and VFX so the blender artists announcement sounded like the real deal. I mean, think about it: using blender in a professional studio pipeline by two pros.
    I got the book a couple weeks ago and read (most of it) very thoroughly. Unlinke Mastering Blender which had only two chapters of direct interest to me, I was expecting that the whole book would be relevant.
    Well, guess what? It wasn't. Not by a long shot! :-(((
    Excluding chapter 1 (in which Blender's position in the studio is discussed), most of the other chapters simply present Blender and its various features as applied to the creation of a 3D animation. Ain't that a kick in the head or what? My take of the book in Q&A:

    Q: Have I learned anything from the book?
    A: A lot, and there is still a lot of material to cover.
    Q: It is related to my personal interests? (meaning the reason why I ordered the book in the first place)
    A: Nope!
    Q: How does it compare to ''Animating with Blender: how to create a short animation from start to finish''?
    A: It simply doesn't! "Animating with Blender" beats it hands down on any count I can think of.

    The bottom line is that the ads about what the book actually covers are VERY MISLEADING. I hate to think that this was done on purpose though. Maybe I was reading my expectations in the book announcement, I dunno. The point is that I would have never bought the book had I known this.

    Overall, I'd recommend Animating with Blender over this book.
    I enjoy Terry's builds on but this review is way too favorable to be true.
    Didn't mean to be negative but I can't help it cos I feel I've been mislead.

  36. @Grandmaster B & Roubal,
    read the negative reviews of the bounce tumble and splash book on amazon.
    the books asks you to follow instructions like a robot; no explanations whatsoever on the generalities.. same thing can be said of other Tony books and this is from experience (i own and read 3 books)..

  37. @anon : After reading the last posts, I can understand more your point of view.

    But I want to say that when I see a new book about Blender or whatever other topic interesting for me, I don't really pay attention to the title. The main important thing is that I know that I will learn something from it, and I always actually learn something.

    I agree that sometimes we can find long introductions written for newbies, and it can take many pages that we could consider useless, but they are useful for someone else.

    I perfectly understand that it could be considered as a waste, but as I have written a scientific book in the past and encountered many difficulties with editors, I'm also perfectly aware that it is not possible to please everybody, and before reaching the reader, the book has always to me modified again and again to please the editor first, and though he is not the final user.

    So, yes I may be indulgent with authors because I know that it is a difficult task.

    I earn few money, and I don't espescially like wasting it, but as far as I learn enought from a book, I don't consider that each page has a price and I'm not expecting it to be 100% full of new knowledge.

  38. It is times like this that I wish I had the magic gift of words, such as Charles Dickens once bestowed upon the world.

    In any event, my apology to anyone I may have offended in my previous post.


    Books are a truly wonderful thing from which we can learn and grow, and be inspired from, and I am confident that all that have posted here can benefit from many books.

    Perhaps it is worth noting that even if our individual tastes in reading material diverge to the point of disparity sometimes within this community, what is surely uplifting to behold is a shared passion for all things Blender!

    Thus, I am compelled to say to all that might read this… Happy Reading!

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