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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Kyle Dell'Aquila on

    wow! amazing compilation! Im quite amazed to see how the engine grew over the last few years! alot of surprises for me!

  2. ^^" having access to the sources or the blends (if they are not intended to be commercial games) would have been another bonus, because I really would love to see how some of these games where made...

    Well... there is still 'Yo Frankie' :)

  3. While they're definitely impressive, he should've replaced some of the GLSL demos by actual gameplay like Lucy and the Time Machine, Colorcube, Thump Stuff, Into the Titan etc.

  4. All are great but (in my opinion) specially the last ones, the one which plays with the atmosphere and the shooter with a girl seem professional.

  5. All of this is VERY cool. Well done to all involved!

    My only issue with the BGE is security.
    I just wish there was a way to create secure .exe files that can't be hacked simply.

    I appreciate that no game is ever 100% un-hackable though.

    However, I feel this would be more attractive to commercial game developers is this security was looked at.

    Just my two cents.

    BUT! These demos are truly amazing works!!! Well done peps! :)

  6. could game engine be some day a real time rendering for animated data?is a possibility?
    no more render farm or best faster render farm with game engine.

  7. Lasse R. Bruntse on

    Amazing work! You forgot the good'old skatergame made centuries ago. But then again, it would be unfair to expect you to find EVERY good game made with blender.
    Loved the film!

  8. It's nice and all, but its sux that many features of what you see here (e.g. light scattering) are not included by default in BGE and the blender foundation obviously does not seem to care to include them... therefore we are left with partly buggy scripts...

  9. hola carlos (supongo que hablas espanol :D).

    dime se podria conocer los nombres de los juegos que ha compilado en esta video?
    estan muy interressantes y mismo si conosco algunos, no los conosco todos.

    it is possible to give the names of oll the games in in this video compilation pleease? thank you myster carlos :-).

    muchissima gracias carlos :-)


  10. I have given up on the blender game engine,
    as it crash contantly using intel Graphic card.
    But it great to see what can be achieved.
    but Unity 3 is out soon so.....

  11. heh, nice video!
    I updated the download links for the Monster Truck game.
    well those graphic demos are not really "Real Games" though.

  12. I'm really shocked that I've been out of the game engine loop the past couple of years! I used to be so in to it. The realtime AO looks great -- and what on earth is that game with the ball of lava?

  13. I posted this a bit late in the Durian Render Previews, but it's relevant to the BGE, particularly after seeing demo above:

    Request to Ton:

    PLEASE make the next Blender Foundation Game Project: ‘Sintel : the Game’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i) It would save a lot of dev time as you won’t have to build most games assets, so you could focus more on bringing the game engine up to a level to make the game match (as closely as possible) the quality of the rendered video Sintel.

    ii) The BF could re-release Sintel with the game.

    iii) The story, animation, and rendering quality of Sintel looks great enough to give it a ‘long life’ – so capitalise on this by letting Sintel the video create the market for a semi-high-end Sintel game, using the next Blender Game Engine.

    Of course, it’s not always best to make a game based on a linear story, but ‘Sintel : the Game’ wouldn’t have to follow the story from Sintel the video exactly. It could be based around just one to three times/environments we see in the video or whatever – but just part of the Sintel story. Best to stick to assets in the story to save time rather than do a pre/se-quel game to Sintel video story. There must be enough scope inside Sintel’s existing story to make a game world.

    A game with dragons in it … hmm … that will be popular!!!!! =)

    Please think about this Ton!

    I’m keen to know what others in the community think about this idea too.

  14. I don't know many about the scenario but I think that some "VS" fighting game with dragons will be really cool :) Or... 3d scroller-shooter ;)

  15. blenderuser:
    No, you'd still have to create everything just for the game, but you'd have a clear direction to head.

    Honestly, I'd be upset if we didn't see an open game soon. Sintel would be a good giant foot in the door, but... BF is full of win, so they could make it however they want.

  16. @icono,

    Yeah Sintel's 3D assets wouldn't all be directly usable for the game (obviously), but my point is similar to yours - a lot of time would be saved making Sintel the Game, by not having to build a character idea or even a texture look from scratch, as these can guided, converted, compressed - edited (whatever) from what's used to render Sintel the video.

    Using Sintel video assets would include everything from visuals to voices and acting styles. That's a lot of creative time saved.

    And this would free up the game developers to focus more on Sintel game play, BGE improvements, and... having fun! :D

    Keep the comments rolling in!

  17. @blenderFR34K - Cool! Let's get some support for this idea! If you've got a Sintel Game idea, post it! :D

    @Moolah - yup we will have to watch Sintel before we can be sure of a great game, but your ideas are inspiring!!

    I would recommend putting any action (like Moolah's dragon fighting) within an adventure setting - perhaps at the end of the adventure? Most of the Sintel video renders look like they are screencaptures from a 3D adventure game that is already on the market, so an adventure game - with action included at beginning/middle/end - whatever production planning can justify - makes sense. And it would be a pity to lose the richness of Sintel's world in a game - the environments would be amazing game world 'backdrops' for adventure and action.

    I'm keen to read more ideas for a Sintel Game!!!

    ----> Perhaps we need a 'Sintel Game Idea Competition' in a few months? <----

    ( PS Sorry for the double post - I tried to edit my last one but the ajax modal editor didn't load my comment for editing. )

  18. @blenderFR34K - not a bad idea. But may be better to wait and see what Ton and the Sintel team think first - or actually start a petition for the game to be made (somewhere - know any sites?) before an asset store for the game is started.
    Cheers for your support blenderFR34K. I hope Sintel the Game is made!!! It would be stunning!

    Even if it were just a small 'teaser' 3-part game, mostly adventure, with 1-2 action scenes in it ('Moolah's fighting with dragons'), and 15mins of game play in total - it would help improve the BGE and Blender's public exposure, and of course promote the original Sintel movie.

    And... it would be damn fun!


  19. He-he ) Actually I tought about pure fighting game (like King of Fighters and other famous). I still think that this setting is ideal for an innovative fight game. If you know that splendid NEO-GEO games - all of them have it's stories where you progress through fighting.
    As innovation it can be not pure fight 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 but some modes like one (on dragon or skilled) against a crowd of sentinels, thiefs, soldiers. Then levels with bosses, some intermediate levels with dragon flights in canyons and etc.
    My (personal) idea is about the game with approximately small locations (exsept flights) but with powerfull dynamics. It's because I don't like "parkour" games like Prince of Persia, Assasin's Creed and others - it's almost everywhere now. Long adventures with "platform" levels are boring for me too (it was cool on pure 2d). It's not a "real" illusion like Fable or Halo.
    I'm the "maximalist" - all or nothing. So "dense" but "small" is better than long but easy and repetitive.
    And create one big world in BGE... I think it's not real for now yet. I'm just not sure that it's real. And time of creation will be enormously long as I think.
    Now you're clearly know what is my point :)

  20. @Carlos Henrique - thanks mate you've made an awesome demo!!!
    It's what made me think Sintel can become a game!
    You've shown that the BGE has what it takes and so did Yo Frankie! :D

    Sorry to hijack the comments thread about 'Sintel the Game' - it needs its own thread, but you've inspired us!!!

    @Moolah - haha, yup you do like action! And nothing wrong with it. So do I and a lot of gamers! So let's include it!!

    Making a good game is just about getting the right mix without trying to include to much or little of everything/one thing, having a communicable vision, and getting game play (and team play) right.

    I don't see why there couldn't be a 1-2-3 mix of action, puzzles, and adventure story telling in a Sintel game. This would attract different players, allow a mix of casual and longer game play, and make the game re-playable/marketable.

    The action parts would make it re-playable, so once gamers get to that action in game, they could return to it to replay for fun. Or even go directly to it with a cheat or menu option at start, skipping the adventure part if they wanted too. This keeps the game fresh - re-playable.

    The adventure parts connect the game to Sintel (the video's) storyline and integrate the action and puzzle mini-games.

    1-3 puzzles in the game keep the game fresh for new players who may already be familiar with the games story line from watching friends play. (The puzzles could have set/random solutions each time played.) And 1-3 puzzles between adventure and action would not only increase the enjoyability of the overall Sintel game but also pace it so the game wasn't finished too quickly. And if you think back to the old Sierra/Myst games, the puzzles don't have to be complex.

    Don't worry - I wasn't suggesting something as dull as Assassin's Creed. That game just seems like Grand Theft Auto but in renaissance time period! That's a bad generalisation, but it's a poor example of an adventure game. Lots of walking about and some boring missions. Not my idea of adventure! But it does have its good moments, and the settings are amazing!

    I was thinking back to old games like Drakan - not the best 3D adventure game, but you could fly a dragon, fight, and complete a quest. There are many better adventure/puzzle/action games that we could find to inspire a Sintel game, but already we have two good ones to mix up - King of Fighters and Drakan! And then there's Neverwinter Nights, etc etc.

    I'm sure with a little brainstorming we could come up with a good list of games for inspiration, game play mix, and a production plan for... Sintel the Game!

    Damn - I'd move to the Netherlands and work for free to help produce Sintel the Game (just saying =) !
    (I was planning to go there to work/travel in a year anyway.)

    Don't stop the ideas and inspiration flowing for Sintel the Game!

  21. @blndrusr - I'm not complete "actionist" )) Now we're making the new quest game where will be many original puzzles and also many "I spy" levels. For our first game I created about eight "I spy" levels... so I'm full of casual because my chief asked me to create these levels (level design and graphics). I'm not cool in these things but he told "who ever will do this?" (because other guys were too busy and not in "courage" to create that sort of levels)
    But... I'm sure that here can't be a way to "fuse" fights and really interesting puzzles (not "15" or some kiddy "swap pieces"). "Puzzlers" will not like really cool fightings and "Fighters" will be bored by real "puzzles". For example - large mix of "brainy" games and games for reaction will not please me even if I like interesting puzzles and very dynamic fightings in separate games. Also it's harder and will take longer time to create a game with many genres than one good quest or good fighting.
    "Quest way" of fight scenes (in scenario) can be presented as "logic fights". I hope many of you saw those astonishing game series "Magical Drop" on Neo-Geo machines or TV-games. This is one of the best examples of this type.
    Also... I think that we're counting chickens before they are hatched ;)
    So this brainstorming for me is just like dreaming. Not so serious.
    History knows many examples when a film is great but isn't good for making a game for it.

  22. Does anyone know what the game shown at 1:00 for about 3 seconds is? It looks like a rather stylish and futuristic bat n ball game on floating platforms. Thanks in advance anyone.

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