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Blender developer meeting minutes, June 13, 2010


A long list of meeting notes, with a long list of GSoC updates and some very interesting notes at the end!

1) Current Projects

  • Sergey Sharybrin is investigating problem with sculpting on shape keys Joerg Mueller feels .blend file reading: ipo->curve conversion code should be moved, he suggests the following patch.
  • Campbell Barton wrote a modifier yesterday, similar to hooks but more flexible.
  • There was discussion about the need for a modifier stack owner/owners or team of such folks for review and approval.
  • Lukas Tonne has spent two days merging his two big particle patches into one huge patch
  • Nathan Letwory is still reviewing and updating libs for windows and win64.

2) 2.5 progress

  • Campbell Barton noted that curve deformer behaviour is now more correct, but differs from previous releases example of before and after.
  • Tom Musgrove inquired what would be allowed for merging from the sculpt branch for 2.5 release. Ton would like it discussed with Nicholas Bishop and Brecht.
  • Nathan Letwory will check on matt's patch for datafile paths.
  • Campbell Barton would like the python API's cleaned up before release, he will mail his list of proposed changes to the list.
  • He will also provide a script to correct driver and fcurve paths.
  • Campbell also proposed either marking the Render API as unstable for the release and/or removing it.
  • It was pointed out that a number of external renderers are making use of this API so their input should be sought on what the most desirable path would be.
  • Ton suggested a possible compromise might be to keep the api but documented as limited. For projects that are making use of the existing API - gamekit, lux render, yafaray, vray please give input
  • Ton pointed out that we have 329 bugs in the 2.5x tracker. It was pointed out by Tom that arguably there are now fewer bugs in 2.5x than in 2.49b due to many ofthe bugs in the 2.5x tracker being bugs
  • present in both versions.

3) Google Summer of Code

Here are the weekly status reports of the GSoC Students

4) Durian, Siggraph, etc

  • Siggraph: there are 2 BoFs, but no tradeshow info yet, all funds are being swallowed by sintel atm, and additional sponsorship hasn't materialized yet. Even a small siggraphbooth costs 15k USD + flight, hotels, etc.
  • The majority of work will end on sintel just a week before siggraph, some parts are then most likely still needed to get rendered.
  • The Blender Institute is interested in doing a stereoscopic render of Durian, but only if adequate funding for a quality steroscopic version can found.
  • Ton plans to not start a new open movie until he did at least half a year of code work to finish all leftover 2.5 design issues and stability topics.

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. "It was pointed out by Tom that arguably there are now fewer bugs in 2.5x than in 2.49b due to many ofthe bugs in the 2.5x tracker being bugs"

    Can someone explain what the bugs being bugs means?

  2. Yeah no more open movie after Durian for now and concentrate on developing blender.the community can take that task of making open movie shorts.

  3. Anny, lLooks like an accidental Enter key there split the last line, i.e.

    “It was pointed out by Tom that arguably there are now fewer bugs in 2.5x than in 2.49b due to many ofthe bugs in the 2.5x tracker being bugs present in both versions. "

  4. As RNS pointed out there should be no more open movie projects until we got a stable 2.5 version WITH DOCUMENTATION (a printed manual with a CD which contains the docs in machine-readable form which can be updated by downloading additions/corrections would be great & I would pre-order it if its price didn't exceed 50 bucks)

    Besides that - perhaps it would be possible to turn the Sintel project into a role-based adventure game of sorts (like the Bugs Bunny spin-off ;-P....) which some talented Blender gurus could tackle ?

  5. Several of the GSOC reports seem to detail work in similar areas; there are multiple mentions of work on brushes, and a couple about sculpting, for example. Do the students follow each others' progress to make sure their changes won't break someone else's changes?

    I haven't been following the "Sintel: The Game" thread (over at BlenderArtists), so I don't know anything about it, but it looks like someone's already working on an RPG version.

  6. @RNS: Im agree, the comunity can take the task to do open movies or individual shorts, maybe we can make a group in forum for pre-production ideas or open projects.

  7. Mitchell Stokes – GLSL shaders

    Could this project bring stuff like a real cavity shader for sculpting to blender? or what is it about exactly? I'm just asking out of pure ignorance here, so please don't kill me!

  8. Nicholas Bishop on

    Gryphon -- yes, we do follow each others work. However, we each have a separate branch to work in, so one person's code can't interfere with another's anyway. (At least not until it's time to merge things into trunk.)

  9. "The Blender Institute is interested in doing a stereoscopic render of Durian, but only if adequate funding for a quality steroscopic version can found."

    Am I interpreting this correctly? This would seem to imply that 2.5/2.6 isn't going to have a stereo camera. Otherwise, why would a stereo render be so expensive?

  10. @Konstanty: Becaus you have to rerender the whole thing and redo the whole Compositing. Then there maybe are problems with some of the compositingFX (DOF as an example)

  11. Hopefully,
    the bevel tool back again.... not only the adding of bevel modifier. Better if the bevel tool that there on version 2.43 is back, IMHO its useful than bevel tool in version 2.49.

  12. @closeitnow

    If you can find me a GLSL cavity shader, or resources on how to go about making one, I can try to get that work. The goal of the project is to be able to attach custom GLSL shaders (including geometry shaders) to materials, and to have those shaders run in the 3d view and the BGE. This will be most useful for artists working on games to be able to see their shaders in the viewport instead of always having to start the BGE to see it. Also, since the shader is attached to a material, a script is no longer required to set it up.

  13. Juan Romero (onnevan) on

    I think someone should work in better Anti-aliasing on the internal renderer and on raytraced reflections, even with 'full sample' activated, the reflections look jagged.

  14. @Moguri

    In all honesty my technical knowledge in that area is quite limited (I'm just a poly pusher!), but if you at some point could be interested in looking into it (even if it's outside the scope of your GSoC project) it shouldn't take long for someone to start a thread on and get some actual qualified feedback.

    If it is indeed possible to make something like the cavity shader in zbrush, for real time sculpting, I'd absolutely love to donate money to such a project, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

    It's a feature many people have been longing for, and it was even listed on the original durian wishlist ( ), but I guess the good people at the institute have more urgent challenges to tackle at the moment ;)

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