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Human Love


[Below is a translation from French to English via Bable fish]

Modeling/Textures- Annonymous

Rig/Animation Kiopaa

Camera/Montage - Dono

FX/Rendu/Compositing  - Sozap

Firm lodging/of returned Clouclou

Music - Philippe Rey

Made with blender.  A big thank you to all of the super team!

Human Love

A spectacle of Moti Goya Original - Music of FB COOL

Human Love Site

[Demo reels were removed at request of Dono and will be re-released at a later date, sorry]


  1. I can't read spanish very well... Is this going to be made into an actual film, or is this it?
    (Very good by the way!)

  2. Lovely job. There are some slight imperfections, especially in the posing of the two armed men facing each other on the beach at the end. To be art there must be flaws, no?

    @Kory Prince, it's just as well you can't read Spanish. The site's in French.

    There are two announcements on the front page. One announces the pending release of a single, "Par Amour" (and I quote here) "the first single of the music collective 'HUMAN LOVE'".

    The other says (idiomatically) "Website now open. The official website of the Human Love show, for all info and news. Share your passion for 'Human Love'."

    Bravo à toute l'équipe.

  3. @Kory Prince
    According to what I managed to understand of the pdf in their website, it seems to be a musical theatre play.
    Nice intro.

  4. Sometimes babelfish translates very weirdly, especially for Clouclou : it should be Hosting / Renderfarm instead of "Firm lodging/of returned Clouclou".
    Chouette les gars de le voir enfin en public :-)

  5. oenvoyage: No translation program is perfect. In my experience, BableFish performs slightly better than google translations, however :)

    (Try translating a text back and forth. HORRIBLE xD But sometimes quite funny :))

    That animation and music is great :D Really well done :)

  6. @Kram2301
    I agree, actually no translation program CAN be perfect nowadays.

    As far as I know, automatic translation was dropped in favour of assisted translation quite a long time ago, that's because you need an advanced A.I. with a lot of experience in order to get the context and translate properly, statistical methods used nowadays just can't do that.
    Obviously, that kind of A.I. doesn't exist (yet) and only humans can translate properly, so companies do what they can with the available technology. All translation programs return weird results, and they will continue doing so in the years to come, so get ready to read "whatever translation program s*cks" all over the net for decades.

  7. Great great work IMHO!...Congrats!...

    PS>>> By the way...what really happened with the announcements that Blender Foundation used to publish at least once a month?...The guys there,shouldn't they think that leaving us (the rest of the community) without an OFFICIAL announcement for ALMOST TWO MONTHS now is NOT A GOOD THING???...
    ...I do realize that,currently,a lot of development is in progress...and that Sintel is a great,challenging devs guys!...PLEASE!...>>>JUST LET US KNOW A LITTLE BIT OF WHAT'S HAPPENING THERE!....THIS IS NOT A BAD IDEA AT ALL!...Thank you...

  8. looks cool. I think the animation could use a bit of tweaking, looks a bit robotic. try looking at the basics. with a bit of refinement it will be awesome.

  9. @Kory It's French. And yes, it was very good. I'm trying to learn Blender. I started out with 3d Max a few years ago but I'm 80% on Mac and Linux and Blender would be great to use if I can find time to study and practice.

  10. Wow ! A lot of replies ! Thanks a lot all :)

    Yes, it is not a spanish but a french musical theatre play. :) It's a teaser to present the universe of the story of the show.

    Yes, for characters, we used makehuman (thanks to the devs of makehuman !) because the time was short, and we have to do choices ! :) (makehuman is in credits at the end of movie)

    We made it in 6 weeks, and i am very happy of the result. Work in a team was very nice and cool ! Annonymous made an amazing ship, weapons, clothes... Clouclou made an incredible renderfarm, so we can render in HD :) Kiopaa made fantastics rigs and animations ! And sozap made an amazing work on fx and compositing :) It was a great pleasure to work with them !!

    Thanks again for all replies ! :)

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