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  1. Sorry to leave a negative comment, but the perfectionist is screaming out at me:
    "Who's" not "Whose"

  2. 283,465,4027,497 fulltime-blender-trainers and 5 blender-artists-fulltime-workers! good!

    I'm (50%) kidding... :)


  3. Wow thanks Andrew awesome tutorials!!! THATS so exciting to hear you are full time making tutorials! Eveyone who uses blender should be super happy :D
    Rain sounds like an awesome tutorial can't wait!!! would be awesome if it includes how to make objects get rained on and become wet!?

  4. Really very nice scene! Congratulations!
    The radius of the curve in the wheel paths seems to be too small IMHO.

  5. Wow, Andrew. I learned so much from this tutorial. Don't know what it is about hearing a human voice telling you how to do things, but it definitely beats a book. Never knew the displacement modifier could be so useful!

    As for tutorial suggestions, here's one: I used to work at a small production company that specialized in weather disaster movies, very VFX heavy. One thing we always had to stay away from were volcanoes and lava, because they were too expensive to do and never ended up looking very convincing. So I would love to see an attempt at a volcano tutorial if you're interested.

    Although I second the "how to make something look like it's getting rained on/wet" proposition as well.

  6. GreenSnake750 on

    This is pretty cool, great job and great tutorial! by the way, the roadmap for the blender 2.6 release schedule has changed. They took out all but one beta release...

  7. This one harks from whence there is LOTS of snow- Canadian Rockies- and I can attest to what appears to be an overall authenticity of this snow scene.

    Great work!


  8. Sorry to say that but,

    ........AWESOME, AMAZING tutorial, btw just bought your book after this tutorial. Wish you the best

  9. This good news, for you and the blender community.
    I already enjoyed the snow tutorial, so I'm eagerly awaiting the rest.
    I would really love to some tutorials on architectural visualization, there's a whole market for this.
    So including modeling, rendering,....

    thanks and keep up the good work

  10. Yes, Andrew's tutorials are always amazing.

    In each of them I found something useful, even when at first glance he shows a method that I think I already used, there is always something special bringing some improvement in the realism !

    Great job Andrew !

    Thank you !

  11. Hey Andrew,

    im Happy for you. You really deserve it.(the fulltime-thingy).
    Awesom Tutorial as usual.

    I would love to see a Tutorial about a Twister / Wind-Hose, stretching itself from
    Ground up to the Clouds.

  12. Nice work on the tutorial and best of luck on the full-time Blender training! Your tuts and resources are definitely a big benefit to the community.

  13. Now we are talking Andrew,
    100% on Blender! that's going to do some damage.
    I would like a tutorial on Sculpting and how to use the tool,
    including different way that scultping can be used
    to model caracter and landscape.

    Glad to have you full time on the Job.

    Thank you for this excellent Tutorial on more Time.

  14. woowoo, i'm youtube! Please subscribe to my channel!

    Andrew, please, stop the real-tv thingy.

    I really hate this trend! ;)

  15. Great News; The day you became a 'free' man, it snowed in june ;)

    IOR=IndexOfRefraction (lists of common physical correct values can be easily obtained)

  16. Hey Andrew,

    I´m happy for you. You really deserve it (the full time thing)

    I would like to see a Tutorial about a Twister / Wind-Hose stretching itself
    from Ground up to the Clouds.

  17. One of the best, most clear, and most informative tutorials I've seen in a while. Definitely a great resource, and I will be buying DVDs.

  18. I love keyboard shortcuts just as much as the next person but I learn better using menus at first and then use only shortcuts that I really need. Are there ANY tutorials that use menus? All the tuts I find are only. Any tips appreciated. Thanks.

  19. @Morten Thank you so much. Exactly what I've been looking for. I'll probably watch this several times to take it all in. Halfway through it so far.

  20. Great, Morton, thanks again. Got a Mac question though....hope there are some mac users here. SHIFT + Dragging is for moving the workspace around but doesn't seem to work on the mac. I've got the rotation down and zoom too but the SHIFT and dragging does nothing unless I'm misunderstanding how.

  21. Nevermind, on the mac it's SHIFT + OPTION + Drag. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks a bunch for all the tutorial links.

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