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mAfia - Gang of Chicago


Blue screen fun. (Family warning - violence  involved.)

We used plenty of software :

  • 3D creation (sets, objects) : Maya 2011 and Blender 2.5
  • Tracking & Keying : NukeX 6
  • Compositing & Filtering : Blender 2.5 and Gimp 2.6
  • Video editing : Premiere CS4 and Blender 2.5
  • Sound creation : Audacity 1.3

Website with more information and node setup.

Me and a friend (Manu) have just finish a project on which we used different software, including Blender 2.5. We are French CG Animation students and we had to make an integration with Blue screen tools. So we made a 1 minute short film with a character who kill an other during 1930... ;)

We used Blender is to create and render 3D set, composite and filter the sequence and edit the final video.



  1. Good start. Though I would admit, they should spent a tad more time on the composition. at times the human walking does not work well, and jumps around a tad.

    Beyond that. As mentioned by iuli. a tad more in the streets.


    And even with the issue of the guy walking at the same speed as the guy running away (almost) which made it a tad more funny. It is very good.

    I give it 7/10

  2. you know what i dont get!
    how could you use two software to do the same thing. like compositing. WTF

    i like the work though.

  3. I thought it was not too bad considering it be your first tracking scene. Right? One thing that I noticed on your site, the scene with the mob guy doing the final kill,( )

    You shot him too close to the blue screen and this is evident in the final composition as well. When doing these sort of shots you should have the character stand far enough away from the screen to be able avoid the heavy shadows that it casts. It actually seems as though he is laying down. A bad move if that were the case, but none the less, the keying was a bit strong in several areas, which shows with the characters becoming almost ghost like in transparency at times.

    But like I said at the beginning since it was done on such a short time frame it is well done. Thanks for sharing it with us, and I hope to see more of your work here in the future. I always admire peoples hard work.

    @ Blendiac: Check out his site. ( He has used it a lot for the back ground sets by the looks. Though I don't know where or why he would have needed to use Maya as well. But each to their own. 5 Peices of software for a job like this is ...ummm... overkill in my books though. 3 maybe... but 5? ;-)


  4. Absolutely NoOne on

    Yeah guys... the modelling was only for "sets and objects", not characters.
    Another incongruity is the use of a derringer; you couldn't cause the sort of damage that the hitman does with one of those; they're only deadly at nearly point-blank range.

  5. well is a start, i think there are to many software involve, by myself i keep with the open one, i think blender can manage all... keep learning.

  6. Atmosphere is very serious! I like that sort of films... It's even look not like animation. Add more details to textures, more accurate lights... some cats and dogs, pegeons and crows... and you'll get awesome film! :)
    p.s. sound of a gun is too deaf. sounds like a silencer.

  7. looks a lot like stop motion xD try more smooth motions, to me the persons seem to act like machines sry but nice try, using maya and blender xD

  8. The compositing was good, but it does confuse me why you used so many different programs. The story, acting, stunts, cinamatography, ect, wasn't that great, but I think all you really wanted to do was have fun with a blue screen so that's all that matters. Nice job with the lighting and compositing!

  9. Well,

    Thanks for all comments... It strange to be published on blender nation... Thank for BN admins.

    To answer some questions :

    "Though I would admit, they should spent a tad more time on the composition"
    Yes, but unfortunately, we had not this time... We spend one week for all : modeling, shooting, compositing, video editing, sound editing... for 2 people, it's a bit to much... So as someone said, "it's a start". I expect to work on more important projects like this one with more time to do it.

    "at times the human walking does not work well, and jumps around a tad."
    Yes, and we were very embarrassed and frustrated by that aspect once it was done. The main cause comes from the camera we used (my personal HD camera). The quality was to bad for the tracking, so lots of shot are not tracked. That's why characters "fly" hear and there. Certainly, it will be better next time :) with pro HD camera, and of course, more experience (it was our first project with keying and tracking, so we experiment a lot).

    "how could you use two software to do the same thing."
    Lots of software questions ;)... Well, that's very simple. I prefer to work with Blender, and Manuel (the guy with whom I made it) prefer to work with Maya for the 3D part. All the streets are made in Blender 2.5, except some objects and the car. Lighting, texturing also done in Blender. Tracking and key was done in NukeX because we needed to learn it (and Blender have not tracking module). For fun, I try to make a keying in Blender, and it works very nice. Final compositing was made in Blender and Gimp.

    "Just remember: The people are real, the environment is 3D…"

    "Hmm the funny thing is that plastic garbage bags appeared only after 1960 !o)"
    No! I learn something there! ;)


    PS : I will certainly create a tutorial for keying in Blender soon...

  10. Flying feet was a bit of a let down but you did a great job. It was lens length that caught you here (mismatched to 3D).

    I really like the interactive light as the gunman walks through the street light at the corner.

  11. I'm sorry. There were just too many problems for me too really enjoy it, but I think it was a good try nonetheless.

  12. Hello, Guillaume!
    First I tought that these guys were made as rigged models :)) This means that you created a very stylish look! It's hard to cheat my eye (even if you don't wanted too) :))
    Appologise that first I misunderstood that you made this only with your friend. Doing this work in just three weeks was awesome!

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