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Durian Community Sprint: Background Characters! March 27th


I spotted this news on the Durian blog about another "Community Sprint". The last sprint was a lot of fun with over 300 participants on the IRC so check it out! This is your chance to possibly get your modeled character or animation in the movie.

"Heeeeyyyy guys!

Welp, the modeling sprint we had last month was pretty awesome. Even well after the sprint had officially closed, models continued to flow into BlendSwap. There’s a total of 29 pages worth of models in the Durian category, and they’ve already been a great help!

During the last sprint we discussed briefly doing another, with a different focus. As it so happens, we need some help with character modeling and animation for our market scene. We need tons of background characters!

Here’s a stupid video we threw together talking about it a little bit:"

Durian Community Sprint #2

So to recap in text, this will be a two-part sprint for modeling and animation. We will supply a few rigs to be animated. The actions that are animated will be able to be applied to a variety of characters. So if you animate Sintel like a weak old man, we can take the old man model that someone else makes and just give him that animation. :)

Before the Sprint we will post a document with more details about the actual *content* we’re looking for, with model sketches, a list of actions, models you can download, a few screenshots and a description of the scene. Also more details about how it’s gonna work.

Again, we will be meeting in the #blenderdurian IRC channel on the FreeNode network, on Saturday, March 27th, between 1-2:00pm GMT+1 (Amsterdam), 12:00-1:00pm GMT. (Refer to Getting Started in Blender IRC if you’re not familiar with irc.) We’ll be in and out of the chat all weekend.

Sorry this is a bit more last-minute, but hopefully we’ll still get a decent turnout! Looking forward to it.



  1. Absolutely NoOne on

    Dude, another sprint! The last one was a lot of fun, but this one looks like it might be more of a problem. Won't it take a lot larger of a block of time to model whole characters? And the feel of the characters will be a lot different with so many different techniques and such.

  2. I´am not an expert for these things but...
    - Absolutely NoOne.....but this one looks like it might be more of a problem. Won’t it take a lot larger of a block of time to model whole characters? -
    Mayby it will save some time by using a " base Character " that all Helpers can torture ähh i mean modify.
    ...only an idea !

  3. The background characters also need to not be distracting, which would be really easy to do for both the models and the animation.

  4. I was wondering if work in 2.49b will be acceptable or does it have to be in 2.5alpha2. Also a list of what they are looking for was mentioned. Any idea as to when that will be posted? I would like to participate in this if possible.

  5. Looks like a great working atmosphere guys. :)
    (till the crunch then it could change a little!)

    Good luck with the dash!

  6. rtownsend,

    [quote] for the base mesh, then go from there?[/quote]

    Makehuman is under a incompatible license, so no it cannot be used.


  7. Well.. gosh darnit.. I'll be around. If you have concept art, you've got me.. but a weekend to finish a character?

    Sounds seriously ambitious. I could get a character modeled and sculpted, but it would take another two days to texture it (even simply) and then probably four or five days to rig and animate.. (depending on the animations)

  8. tom,

    [quote]Makehuman is under a incompatible license, so no it cannot be used.[/quote]

    Thank You.

    I guess this has to do with publishing the models themselves in the open movie project. Oh well...

  9. Are you going to have any Dogs or Cats or birds etc hanging around too. Walking through a market there's always a lanky dog and a yappy little ankle biter hanging about the stalls. Seagulls hang around nagging for food also..... Just a thought.


  10. @Mike, I was wondering the same thing. I like the idea of a few animals among the other people. Also I was wondering what the poly count should be for these characters.

  11. There should be a broken down robot somewhere in the video, hidden among street beggers or something. It should be pretty well hidden, but definitely a robot.

    Just to see if anyone will notice that there's something that doesn't belong.

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