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  1. Impressive!

    wysiwyg is right, it makes me think of Starcraft.
    Very nice use of light and colors for the mood.
    I'm disappointed with the end though, I was expecting something more .... impressive ...or scary .....or mysterious. But it ends on a weak note in my opinion.

    Good work!

  2. Yeah it has bit "gamish" feel to it, but modern games are so impressive its really hard to beat them in graphics. Also yeah, the end is bit stump, but thats because this project (as it reads in the website) is sort of pilot / test for entire possible webserie.

  3. Great buildup in suspense! Quite professional =) More so than the usual things you see around.

    But the ending was pretty weak, expected something a little more. Maybe the music needed to be sharper or louder at that point? Or maybe the thing that came out needed more detail?

  4. Great mood. Reminded me a lot of Alien (the very first one, that actually inspired all of those starcraft cutscenes !).
    Any infos you could provide about your workflow ?

  5. Nothing much about the workflor really. Just do GL rendered block animation first, then go for higher details. The block animation was ofcourse based on script and idea of the mood.

  6. I agree with the others the end was a bit anti-climactic. But the atmosphere and visuals were solid, and the editing was extremely tight. Nice job!

  7. It is well put together. Very consistent feel of scale. Very immersive. The sound track really amplifies the mood. At first it felt like Alien and then a little like Pandorum.
    A few crit though: You should move on you moving holds or else the character will look weightless. For example, his head bobs slowly, whereas a moving hold means easing out more to your final pose. The throw pattern of the flashlight is good, but the halo looks cheesey in a 80's kind of way. I've seen someone do dust floating around in the halo with compositing. All in all, very HQ stuff!

  8. 3dementia (reformed n00bie) on

    Congrats Samuli! Quite a successful test. A little dark for my taste, maybe it will lighten up in other parts of the story. Best wishes for success!

  9. The sets/backgrounds are brilliant. Sound design was quite impressive too. The characters upper arms/shoulders looked kinda odd but didn't detract from the overall quality of the video. I think if we could have seen the man's eyes then we would probably felt a bit more concern for him. I really hope you get to your series or whatever you have in mind.

  10. mm..
    on ne vois pas assez de ce qui pourrait advenir ou même ce qui se trame, ça donne envie d'en voir plus et pour ça bravo.
    Cependant je penses que pour un trealer, il manque un départ plus significatif, ou marquant.

    autre critique, le coté sombre semble autant servir à masquer des manques de finition qu'a installer une ambiance ambiance lugubre..

    cela dit et après cette grosse critique je ne peu que vous souhaiter beaucoup de courage pour la suite de votre production.


    Translate by google: sorry :-D

    mm ..
    we do not see enough of what could happen or even what is happening, it makes you want to see more and bravo for that.
    But I think for a trealer, it lacks a more significant departure, or marking.

    Another critic, the dark side seems all serve to mask lack of finishing has set up a mournful mood atmosphere ..

    That said and after heavy criticism that I do not wish you great courage for the rest of your production.


  11. Jordan Harris on

    Cool stuff. The complaints about the ending are justified - it does seem like a long buildup to an unsatisfying conclusion. However, the overall direction and artwork are impressive, and the sound design definitely creates a strong mood for the piece.

    - J

  12. The animation is not wonderfull
    however the textures are truly extraordinary, the ambiance is sublime.
    Keep it up.
    What render engine did you use?

  13. everything is pretty good besides the end.

    the attack moment lacks drama in sound or camera
    and the following shot with the person on the ground
    slightly moving his body is not convincing.

    it feels like the movie was well done besides the end
    and you ran out of ideas.

    Maybe something different is better.
    Like black screen, crunching, sucking sound, next shot
    you see the empty space suit falling down to the ground.

    Question what happened and where is the guy.

    You talk about Materia in the movie you could also take it
    to a humorous level.
    Black screen, squeaky voice, the guy is gone the camera moves
    down, the dude was shrank.

    Question: why and what shrank him? What is this place?

    Or a particle system making the guy dematerialize.

    I think to make this movie complete you need to answer this question.
    Thus by generating new questions you can make the story more appealing and engage the viewer.

    Think about lost (series) they only feed you enough to generate just only new questions and they are damn good at that.

  14. Technically not the best, or should I say, simply not using the 'latest and greatest' in CG (looks a bit like the cutscenes from Starcraft, which are from more than 10 years ago), but awesome on everything else, and that's what really matters.

  15. Very cool tralier... Simple to enhance end... Add a flash, a little camera shake and multi-color scene flashes (with scream enhanced quick cuts- maybe a mouth, and eyes)- closeup of the black expanding ooze, slight fast/ cut zoom out- and increase the string swell volume with some dissonance ala' a horror movie and voila! No biggie thats just an editing thing- thats my two cents- texturing was awesome- lighting is unreal- like on the elevator down- CG is fantastic- can't wait to see the full thing! VERY Awesome!

  16. Thank you for all these good comments. Keep em rolling.

    wysiwyg: Now wouldnt you like to know that :D , tip, the scene involves the elevator

  17. Re Suzanne: Is she that shadow that passes in the foreground as the elevator doors close? It sort of looks like it might be her tipped on her side.

  18. YES, CONGRATULATIONS and well done!

    First, I would say your mystery was well sustained.
    And your visuals captivating and ackground sounds well chosen.

    I was VERY MUCH PLEASED that you did NOT show any gore,
    horror, or any violence. This shows maturity. DO NOT listen
    to the vulgar common conscience of your age. Always seek to
    do excellence in all your work. Do not aim to please . . . fools.

    ART is ART for good reason!


  19. Well done! I like it a lot. It kept me interested and drew me into it. Nice buildup. Nice mood. Good sounds.

    However, as many already have said, the ending is less good. It was an anticlimax. I didn´t understand what was happening and had to watch it again to see that there were green spots "approaching". The sweeping trumpet sound associated with the "attack" was too long and too late. Should have been more of a bang to startle. The black swirls at the end was also too subtle. The first time I watched it I wasn´t sure first if they were there all the time or if they had grown during the scene, probably because I was still confused about what I had "missed" in the attacking scene before.

    But again, apart from the ending, it was great. I really liked the camera scene revealing the station building. Made me think about 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  20. The name made me think of FF7, and the graphics made me think of Fallout. Hmmmmm..... I believe I still have both of them...... Curses, now I'm going to start playing them again.....

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