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Project London: Multiply Teaser


Project London has just unleashed a new teaser trailer!

Phil McCoy writes:

This clip explores the world of Project London and introduces the opposing forces, Joint Command and The London Underground. All 3D animated elements were created using Blender, open source software. The clip features "Multiply" performed by Half Acre Day, available exclusively on the Project London Soundtrack.. We recommend playing this clip with your volume control turned way up.

They have also announced an upcoming graphic novel based on the movie. Sounds pretty awesome!

About the Author

Benjamin Bailey

I am a young creative artist with a dream to conquer the world with my ideas. I love singing, writing, drawing, and modeling in 3D - and I'm ready to put these skills to use.


  1. awesome work! the soundtrack seems a little too cheerful for what seems like an action movie, but its not too bad.
    is this going to be like a full length feature film shown in theaters? a downloadable internet video? some more info would be nice.

  2. 3dementia (reformed n00bie) on

    Impressive! Keep it up guys. I suggest some post processing of your pure live action shots to bring the color temperatures more in line with the cg composited ones. The whole film needs a filter consistently applied from start to finish to bring all the shots in line.

  3. It needs some graphic/chromatic/conceptual coherence but the cg looks gooood !... Looking forward to watching the final result !

  4. over all the CG looks AWESOME!! but the acting (at least from this clip and other teasers i have seen) is what is likely to bring the film down from a true professional look.. over all though, I am excited to see this if i ever get the chance :-D

  5. Awesome. Like others have said, the live action kind of stood out, but the overall look of the film, the cg shots and the music were right on for me. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this! It kind of looks like a lighter version of District 9 meets Watchmen meets Robotech (all being thumbs up in my book!).

    Congratulations and I hope it does magnificently for you.

    Go Project London!

  6. One of the few trailers where the cg is better than the acting. Or at least the colorcorrection on the lifeaction part should be adopted better to the cg stuff.
    The cg is full of wonderful dust and particles and obscured parts, the life action is all shot with a weird lens and to clean for my taste. Just watch BladeRunner again to see how poorly sets are hidden in dark and smoke. :)

    Dont get me wrong, I find this great stuff.

  7. Cant wait to see it guys, real awesome. makes me wana get my Blender on and push my own level up.... Great work

  8. The shots in the commando bridge kind of set look very cheap, everything too clean, no depth in the lighting of the stage, no depth of field from the cinematography, also the people and what they wear looks too smoth, like you bought them together with the set.

  9. This movie is going to be le-gen-dary!

    Their website says: "Project London is an independent, no-budget, feature-length, live action movie with vivid, intense, and marrow-vibrating visual effects and animations created with the open source software Blender (and other traditional software) and 250 (or so) worldwide volunteers. It’s led by The Triumvirate and set in Seattle, Washington. It will be available for worldwide viewing in its entirety very soon."

  10. Sorry, can't say I'm teased..., if it's ment serious; B-class doesn't tease me...
    If it isn't ment to be serious, ergo 'a funny project'; The story, the laughs miss-out to tease me...
    As far as the CG-only (without real footage), I saw some pretty nice things.

  11. this looks really cool, consider me super stoaked.

    we really are having a lot of great projects coming 1 after the other. This is great for the Blender community.

  12. The music is loud and anoying,
    choose your B.O very careful as I could watch this teaser until the end
    as it got on my nerve.

  13. You guys thinking of grading that live action btw?

    Looks awesome, great work! We'll have to admit the live action is a bit overlit and cheesy but budgets permitting I'll forgive that!

    Music didn't bother me, but again it's all down to each person's personal tastes.

    By the way, can someone post the full-res plate here of the dude pointing angrily ace attorney style! Want to set that as our fails on farm popup!

  14. Ian,
    Its rare that people have a "style" of compositing- but you've got an eye that's different from other styles- I think it could catch on! Its got this cool sort of noir/ comic book/ film look to it. This could EASILY be a television series from the movie! Very cool...

  15. @Zecc
    Thanks, thats awesome! this is going to be advertised on billboards, and commercials on tv... the whole 9 yards?
    that would be amazing publicity for blender!

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