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German artist, Andre Baran has created a stunning animation based on the idea: "What complexity fits in a Sphere?"

Andre writes:

The theme of this study is the mechanical transformation, a change of the form. The 5 items that have arisen here, fall back in form and process of change on analogies from nature. A sphere, the simplest geometric shape that we know, serves as a starting form.

It was made in CAD Software (SolidWorks and Rhino) an than imported in Blender for mapping, lightning and animation.


  1. Infinitewave on

    A stunning animation. Superb. I am encouraged and inspired. Thank very much for creating and sharing it.

  2. Also, don't miss out on this:
    Andre B 12 hours ago
    For all 3-D fans - here is a web-applet that shows the full transormation prozess in smal steps:
    You can move it with the left mous button.

    @Dom Pedro
    The author says so on Vimeo. It's Blender internal.

  3. I managed to figure out you can also use the W, S, A, D keys to make the models spin and open/close frame by frame, btw.

  4. Beside the fact, that this is verrry nice work, the most important question wasn't even asked:

    Where can I get one of these lamps ??? :-))

  5. cool stuff !!:-)
    One Question:
    how do you export the Geometry from CAD to Blender wich Format?
    Does you rebuild the Meshes in Blender ?

  6. I want those lamps!!! :D

    Awesome animation. Excellent use of color, seeing as how it's nearly all gray until the lighting comes into play.

  7. Loved it - and just to add my two cents here: Isn't it a shame that he had to use a "real" solid modeling package instead of Blender's modeling tools. I really wish we had better solid modeling tools in blender - PLEASE! If I could help I would! And before you say - "but we have improved booleans" - just try SolidWorks for five minutes, and you'll see what I mean...

  8. @all thanks :-)

    Haleluja brother! It's also my dream!
    But its not realy goal of blender. It have no real suport of NURBS. Unfortunately for us :-(

    I export it as OBJ from Rhino. It separate the surfaces from each other. It prevent the most of ugly smooth problems in blender.

    @ all who wont to haw it. Sorry, its only bits and bayts, like the whole stuff we do in 3D ;-)

  9. Nice work! It would be perfect if the real product will transform itself and one of them is easy for this task.

  10. Wow, seems like Germany has so many very gifted original artists. Very beautiful.
    And the mechanics seems very unique..I'll buy One!!

  11. fantastic work but disgusting music--the music takes away from the art and turns the art work into some sort of gross composition that is a auditory assault--what is the problem here?--should i listen to the music or see the beautiful art work or look at the whole thing as what?

    this is not a complaint but a comment on what is it you are trying to create?--i really dont know


  12. hi peter,
    thank you for you comment. Unfortunately, the music is and remains a matter of taste. Each music has an own mood. I think that the mood of this music fits well with the mood of visual that I have created. You can see it as one of thousends possible interpretations ;-)

  13. You have simply created an art form,
    this is very very nice indeed.

    Do you really start all these models with a UV Sphere?

  14. Wow. So has anyone tried to actually make some of these lamps or forms? They remind me of the thai puzzle balls that you take apart, but can never put together. I just got one from a street vendor in downtown LA and love the simple art detail in a ball of wood.

  15. Absolutley Fantastic. Great work. Would love to know the prossess you did to get results you got. I use cad (Turbocad 15) and just getting into blender. Thanks for posting your brilliant work. Very inspiring indeed.


  16. A sphere is one of the most perfect constructs found in nature. We ought to use it more in everyday living. Thank you for an elegant display.

  17. Hehe, jea that guys who make Transformers said, that they have use some tricks like hiding or scaling some part to fit them to the wished shape. But I guess, not everyone saw that. It was impossible to follow all the moved, twisted and flying around part.
    But i have use only G and R keys, i swear :-D

  18. Ryan S Armstrong on

    "an than imported in Blender for mapping, lightning and animation."

    huge word fail. beautiful designs though

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