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Meeting minutes February 28th, 2010


Biggest news: the release of 2.5 alpha 2.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

2.5 test build

  • A new testbuild for 2.5 alpha1 is required, especially the 'textures get lost' bug makes it unusable. (Has been released wednesday 3 march).
  • Proposal: get confirmed that this bug has been fixed, and check if svn status is at least a bit acceptable. Unless showstoppers get reported here, we call for Ahoy tuesday end of day eurozone.

Current projects

  • Campbell shows py api example for modal operators + drawing callback:
  • Long debate then lead to confusing state of stability and usablity of Python API.
  • Ton's remark was that most people perceive new API calls to "part of the specification" whilst this is according Campbell "just alpha and users should accept it will change".
  • Agreed was that Martin and Campbell would summarize this topic to mailing list, and especially about what is considered good py api design! What's more or less 'stable' and what not?
  • Quite some time was also spent on python security topic. Still needs more clarity... or clear proposals for how to move on.
  • Note for all: new default for .blend loading is to not run Py scripts in this file, until better system gets agreed on. So it's "safe" to load .blend files in current svn Blender. (no warrenty! :)

Python registry

  • Martin feels like there is useless duplication in registry of scripts, and proposes another method. Will send proposal to list!


About Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. There's something I've been wondering about: How did a "bugfix" send 2.5 from alpha 1 to alpha 2? That doesn't make much sense. Am I missing something? Did they decide to increment all following alpha version numbers? Was there a buggy alpha 2 release for, like, a few hours before the bugfix was released? (If so, the announcement text on is incorrect.) Also, it took less than two weeks.

    Enlightenment very much appreciated.

  2. @Alexsani
    use 32bit, or do you have to simulate tsnunami with your NASA's computer?

    It's not true, and what do you mean " slow performace" ? Blender is not a car, what is your system?


    Thankyou Ton, 2.5 goes everyday more stable and usable, I do not think community can do negative criticism about BF works.

    Anyway I'm really waiting my new modeling tools ^^


  3. Frank_robernson on

    Hi Ton, yes the speed of the new alpha series lags every time I open it, I like good performance then quality,is there away to change the color scheme/theme?

    when-opening it to animate or model something or just do a render or even just changing windows, it does this slow transition, is it running off my memory or is it actually something to do with the appearance of the new suite?

    The best thing about it is the rendering, If you could design a lay out for the skin that resembles 2.49, this would would help a lot... not just to get use to the lay outs and buttons. but to actually be able to use all the junctions with a good speed.

    That is all.

  4. Hello to all. I've a question, maybe it has already been asked and already asnwered :). Sorry to take your time if that the case.

    With Blender 2.6 coming. Will Blender be using Python 2.x series (actually 2.6.4) or the 3.x series. I'll have many projects that gonna use BGE as from now. So I wanted to know which one to learn.

    Just another little thing :). With 2.6, will the BGE be upgraded.


  5. @Flagus: I believe that it will use Python 3.1 by default, and I don't think there will be significant work on the BGE (The most work is done during game projects like Yo Frankie!, and Sintel is not). HTH!

  6. Hi Ton, thank you very much for your work!

    I don´t understand why people criticize things without much importance. This is a great software a you and your team are making a great work with the new Blender 2.5.

    People should opine i think that is better than criticize.

    This is my opinion: I have windows 7 64 and the same problem continues, i have lost the textures. Could be the archive of my work? or another thing.

    Hey men! it´s a open source software.

  7. hi all,
    I'm animator 2D,3D,Maya and Max
    I started to learn Blender few months ago,I modelled one character,skinned
    it,rigged it in Blender 24.9b,results are great!I specialy love unwrap system ad texture painting that enables artists to do seamless textures on complex organic characters.
    Modeling tools are also great!
    there are 3d modellers out there using only Bleder to modell and then exporting them to other "proffesionall" softs.

    I proposed to my Producer to do my new short movie with Blender,after some
    discussion we come to only one glimp in Blender(from my point of view),it is animation timline,

    Considering Animators working with deadlines,3-8 seconds per day,(depending on quality).

    We are afraid it takes too much time to move markers around in different windows,also those thinny lines are wery hard to control,keys are not highlighted enough.
    May i suggest to developing team to take some time ant try to add features like,copy_paste_dulicate_grab and move_select group_slide_ect;directly in timeline?
    not to jump around,of course curve editor should stay separated :)))))

    Keep great job going!!!!!!

  8. @Anon: the description with which the Alpha 2 comes is misleading in my opinion, and your observation is legitimate:
    "The alpha 1 version had a bad bug - not saving texture images - making it not a good test build. Here is the fixed version!" -- Anouncements section.

    I have followed up most of the intermediate builds(* between Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 and I can say there is more than this texture bug included; I guess the reason they had to do it is because the Alpha versions are official releases and should be (to some extend :D)... stable.
    It's not even Beta but is already behaving stable at this level, IMHO

    Anyhow, me personally, I'm looking forward to re-topology tools or whatever they will be called next; what it is available right now (snap to surface, etc) is a very limited alternative.

    *) if you're a hardcore blenderhead, you can grab a nightly build from here

    All around, that's great job they're doing over there! Thank you guys for the releases!

  9. MmAaXx--

    ASUS P5ND2-SLI motherboard
    Gforce 8500GT 512MB
    Pentium 4 Hyperthred 64 bit

    system Win pro 64 bit.

    MAYA ,3Dmax and modo run fine in this computer,except blender alpha 2 release.

    the world is watching this car rebuild."Recall"!

  10. @Tom_Findrik:

    The great thing about Blender's interface is that it allows you to control the non-overlaping windows. For that you say about timeline, I personally use a dopesheet window instead of a timeline. In Blender 2.5 you have a button wich is summarize, that puts in the first top line of the dopesheet all the keys on all the frames you have keys. I think that in blender 2.49 there was something like that ;)

    Ton!! Very great work with Blender 2.5!!! It's really awesome!!

  11. Hello Ton,
    Just a quick remark on Alpha1 which is great apart from a bug I have every time I want to use the sculpt tool: Blender crashes as soon as I click the tool button and needs to shut down. If you could fix this, it would be hugely appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work!

  12. Christian Storay on

    Excellent work as always. I've been having a lot of fun with the new indirect illumination. I'm looking forward to 2.6!

  13. @ Frank_robernson:
    A little late reply but I guess you mean the smooth transition while rotating views?
    This already was in 2.49 and maybe earlier. It's an option in the user preferences.
    In 2.49 it was defaultet to 0 microsecs, in 2.50 it's 250 microsecs = 1/4 sec.
    You can lower it or switch it off entirely.

  14. to Olivier

    thanks for the tip :)

    I thought there must be some way,othervise the Animators on Big Buck Bunny and Sintel would go crazy :)))

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