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New Developer Q & A Session


Blender developers are hosting an on-line Q&A session TODAY (Sunday the 7th) at 15:00 CET (click here to see what time this is for you).

Campbell Barton writes:

Excuse the late post but the 7th of Feb beings us to next new developer Q&A.

How about we focus on something a bit different this time? Off hand possible topics could be..

  • Game Engine (myself + dali/benoit/erwin/mougri should be enough if one of these guys can make it)
  • Integrating scripts/utilities - adding new operators & buttons into menu, toolbar etc. (I could prepare some notes & examples for this)
  • Physics (if one of the physics devs can make it)
  • OpenGL/Drawing.

If these topics don't hold anyone's interest we can continue with general Q&A's

Re: Running the Q&A:

  • Rather not waste people's time so please stay on topic this meeting.
  • Better not let issues like svn vs git, cmake vs scons... blah blah get in the way!
  • Even if a well meaning dev asks, we can defer the answer until after the meeting, or let them know immediate this is not a productive discussion topic and move on.
  • If devs disagree on some technical point can wait until after or discuss in PM.

Where: #blendercoders on freenode, see’s IRC link to connect over the web.
When: This Sunday, 7th of februari, 3pm Amsterdam time.

For more info on IRC:

- Campbell

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. what this a tea party? some us have real question of the functionality of the experimental
    2.50 development.there are some issues why blender seem to shift gears with sand inside it
    engine core.what's important it's function flow in production pipelin,not what is being added
    as a features. should a client Waite 7 days for a render proof. I think some us in the community are planning Independence from the Blend foundation. A cry that will be heard around the world.
    yes,I tend to get over dramatic. eheheeh.

  2. "When: This Sunday, 6th of December, 3pm Amsterdam time."
    Isn't this sunday (=today) 7th of Feburary?
    Could be, that my calendar lags behind 10 months or so... :P

  3. WHEN will the 2.5 version be finished ? ...or Is it just like a yeti , lot of people believes in its exist but nobody will see it ? ridiculous...

  4. I know I shouldn't get sucked in, but why don't you guys attend the meeting, get the help you need, become developers and fix it yourself? My five year old can whine.

  5. I think its a little harsh telling people what they can and can't ask when it's supposed to be a session to answer users questions, not the developers questions.

    On the flip side, we are not paying for this sW, its free, so i guess in some respect we should not complain at all, and be happy and appreciative.

  6. New Developer Launch page:

    Minutes of the meeting are at:

    Regarding questions, I think we encourage developer questions, but not user questions. It is a meeting for new developers that are coding Blender or scripts against Blender's API. It is not a meeting for end-users. I facilitate the meeting and keep it moving and on topic and according to the agenda, and spent 3 hours today writing the minutes so that everyone has a good learning resource. I try to ensure that people who have topics they want covered (by putting them on the Agenda) get satisfaction. It is a meeting of over 50 people, and meeting etiquette is required. Interruptions, off-topic conversations, and off-color remarks that disrupt the meeting are not welcome. So, if you want to ask a question on a particular topic, be sure it is on the Agenda, and then when that agenda item comes up, ask your question. If the time for an agenda item has passed and I have moved on to the next topic, do not ask your question anyway, because it is then off-topic. Instead, save your question for after the meeting, or put it on the next meeting's agenda.

    Just like in the work place, asking questions that have already been answered, and questions that are not germane to the topic at hand, are not cool. So, please read the launch page and all sub-pages, and previous meeting minutes, and don't ask a question that has already been covered ad nausea, like build systems. Instead, read and try it out, and then if you have questions, put it on the agenda and we'll get you an answer!

    End-user questions should be asked on #blender or #blenderchat.

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