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BlenderVideos is a new website that collects, well, Blender videos. There's already a lot of material available and they have high ambitions.

Nathan John wrote: has been born with collections of videos related to blender 3D which are existing with many videos sharing sites. This website I contribute to the blender artists and enthusiastic. currently I have more than 300 videos related to blender most of them are tutorials. My target is to have 10000 videos by Mid 2010. Hope I will be able to achieve that. Thank you for your support. Your comments are valuable to me.

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About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Nice that you included a rating system. For 10.000 videos that will be very useful for users not to get lost in such huge collection.

    Best luck!

  2. @Michael
    Thanks a lot for the comment.Yes, if I am not wrong youtube itself has more than 20,000 videos. and there are many others. I will do all the effort to add minimum 25-30 videos everyday for all the enthusiastic.

    @ Muanes
    Thanks a lot. I will be adding a search query suggestions to the web site where users can easily search and find the things they need

    Please keep supporting me and wish me all the luck

  3. Hey Nathan,

    oops! 25-30 videos would completely swamp out BlenderNation Community News - could you create an RSS feed for us that has a maximum of 4 items per day? If you could attach a category or tag like 'Featured' to a limited number of video's each day, then I can access them as a separate feed and use that instead of your main feed.



  4. All the videos I tried required the Flash player, which isn't Free software. Blender is Free software. is worthless to me.

  5. Hello Bart,
    Let me thank you for showcasing my site in Blendernation.

    I ddnt realise that fact. :D Sure I will make separate category which you can fetch the data. Shall I send you via contact or post it here?


  6. @Niels

    If I am not wrong flash player is a free software, but not an open source application. I am sorry to say that I dont have that much potential at this moment to convert all the videos to any kind of open source player.

    If any one knows where I can fetch FLV files through some open source application I will give a try to embed that one in my site.


  7. @Nathan: looks like your already well on your way! Good luck, will be watching with interest

    @Niels: The % of people using Blender for it's power rather than it's license is ever increasing... Better get used to a mixed world, because it's the way of the future - and it'll be to Blenders (and the communities) benefit!

  8. @ Nathan: maybe have a look at how the Internet Archive ( auto-converts all their uploads to all sorts of formats including Ogg Video. From what I know they use FFmpeg, scripts and other open-source tools.

  9. @Bart: Hey, that's the first time I remember a rant about "free" software that actually pertains to free software, and not software without charge. I'm a quarter impressed.

    So, another site for blender tutorials? I don't know if I can handle that.

  10. Hiding behind anonymity on

    I cannot use this. This requires me to use electricity for which I have to pay. Please could you supply me with an eco-friendly, uninhibited, cost-free power supply to run my computer on?

    I have already been given a Dragon 32, could you please make it backwards compatible with this?

    Thanks again to everyone who tries to do whatever they can to get Blender resources out there.

  11. Excellent! It'll be great to be able to find videos in one place like this.

    One thing that's not labeled quite right is the upper-right "Video of the Today." Shouldn't it be "Today's Video" or "Video of the Day?"

    Great idea, and thanks!

  12. @Nathan
    Hey, it's cool. You can do whatever website you like. I'm just saying that I can't use it, and neither can any other user who cares about software freedom.

    If you have the flv files, that's great. A standard ffmpeg/mplayer plays those fine. Please link to such files!

    Do you have reliable statistics saying that "The % of people using Blender for it’s power rather than it’s license is ever increasing" or is that just your personal opinion? Even if true it's irrelevant, since my point is that no (0%) of these videos will be usable by users who cares about licenses.

    I disagree that a mixed world will be a benefit to us users, but I still find that point irrelevant. It would be fairly easy to provide these videos in a format every single user could view -- there's no need to go out of one's way and select a proprietary format.

  13. To my understanding, Flash player is freely and easily downloadable. It is the most ubiquitous player.

    @ neils e

    With the greatest of respect, it would be a very, very considerable amount of work to convert these videos to another format, even allowing for the issue of gaining the necessary permissions to do so.

    The link works fine as it is (on my mac).

    I'm really not sure what the problem is. Can you clarify. Is it a platform issue ?

  14. well think of blenderheads who in remote third world countries with very low internet output and who will spend hours before being able to view a blender video tut...
    some kind of compression will help surely or things like .zip or .rar
    anyway keep the good jobs and try to make blender more ... global or human like ubuntu...for instance

  15. Niels E:

    I think one of the issues you're failing to realize is that the BlenderVideos web site is not actually hosting the content videos. It's aggregating videos from several hosting sites into one convenient location. Nathan does not have the Copyright permissions to all the videos and could not, therefore, re-encode them into a format you'd be happy with -- free or otherwise. If he were to take the videos, re-encode them, and serve them up in a way you suggest he'd be infringing upon Copyrights of the people who have made the videos.

    I am a big advocate of F/OSS and am using Blender, Open Office, Inkscape, MySQL, and many other F/OSS applications in my business. I try to convince others, when practical, that F/OSS is an excellent alternative to commercial software. But when I run into people who are fanatical about the free software movement and who limit themselves to only using software/operating systems/etc. to those that fit their strict definition of "Open," I am puzzled as to their reasoning.

    In short, I don't understand why anyone would object to free training and entertainment, produced using and advocating F/OSS software (Blender), and hosted on a no-charge web site to be enjoyed by all. The fact that most (all?) of the video hosting sites that serve out the content are using Flash as a container technology (due to there being no viable F/OSS alternative) really seems to be a non-issue.

    Unless, of course, I've misinterpreted your objection entirely.

    As for your comment that 0% of users who "care about licenses" will be able to view the videos, I'm completely baffled by your meaning. I "care" about licenses inasmuch as I use F/OSS when I can and, when I can't, I make sure the the commercial software I'm using is running under a valid and current license. And I'm enjoying the heck out of all these videos.

  16. Great site I look forward to going through the videos.

    @ Hiding Behind Anonimity. Farts are an open source of free electricity, the static in your undies can be stored in home made capacitors in your computer box, 'eliminating' the power supply.

  17. @Skwerm

    I'm not asking or demanding that Nathan should do anything, I'm just telling him that there's a segment of users he's not reaching. Even if he's not serving the content himself, he's promoting the use of non Free software, which was my point.

    I'm not fanatical about Free software at all, I just don't use anything else and try to help others make the same choice. The fact that several posters here don't seem to know about Free software at all seems to support my posting about it in the first place. (And I'm certainly not using my own definition.)

    Flash is an issue, because it's not Free. Even if 20 billion people use it, it's not Free.

    If there was no alternative, we might be forced to use Flash until such an alternative was developed. But there are many, many other video formats out there. Flash is a poor choice, and a completely unnecessary one.

  18. Niels E:

    I'd like to hear more about your Free software advocacy. In particular I'd like to know if you can offer an alternative means of reaching as many people and providing as much content as Nathan's site while upholding Copyrights and maintaining the same level of effort. As I said earlier, I'm an advocate of F/OSS and would like to know if there's a way Nathan could have accomplished an equally relevant and useful web site using only F/OSS software.

    In order to avoid hijacking this thread any more than we already have, I invite you to email me directly at: skwerm at yahoo dot com.

  19. I think it's a gr8 idea, especially for ppl like me still in training to get to a website which could host all the tutorial 'Blender' vids I'M all too often searching the web through many times with almost no luck. Thevlink provided on this page didn't seem to work this time I tried from South Africa at 02h35 am.

  20. @Niels: No hard numbers I'm afraid, only anecdotal evidence based on the forums and lists I ghost on.

    We'll just have to disagree on the rest though.

    I doubt there'll be any alternative to Flash soon, because it's a toolchain as well as a format and there's nothing close in the OSS space.

  21. @Skwerm
    Thanks a lot.. You explained everything in clear and sweet way. Sure I will change the "video of the today" to "Video of the day" or something which you have mentioned.

    @Hiding behind anonymity:
    Nice sense of humour! Thanks for watching the site

    @Matt Ursell
    I am sorry about that. But I checked from different locations and it works well.. Please let me know if it is still not working. I will check it with my hosting company. Thanks for informing

    Thanks for the support ! I hope you will keep supporting the web site...

    Thanks for watching the site. Some of the websites will not allow to download the content. but some of them you can download like videos from or vimeo if you login in their site.

    Thank you for your comments!

    Thanks! I am sorry that the web site is not working for you. If still the prblem exissts please let me know I will talk to my hosting company.

    thanks for visiting the web site. is this problem still exists? If yes please let me know. I will check with the wordpress

  22. @wysiwyg
    Thanks for reporting the problem. I am really sorry that you cannot access the web site. Can you please tell me what are the problems that you are facing with the web site in details. Thanks again.

  23. Wow, some very big effort to list most of the blender videos out there! Thanks dude!

    Btw: With the sheer number of videos some more tags might help orientation-wise. Me for example would like a tag for all the videos that are licensed Creative Commons...

  24. Dear Blender Enthusiastics,

    I wish all of you a very great Christmas!

    Thanks a lot for supporting the site and I hope in future also you will give me the same support and love which makes me to work more efficiently to support the blender community.

  25. @Neils E.

    Please check carefully before you say Flash Player isn't a free softawre?

    Flash Player is free and it's a plug-in you can download for your browser from the coporation who made it. i.e Adobe.

    If you need help we can do that. <-- i made your life easier.

    Please check carefully before you say it isn't because over 10 million people have been using it for the past decade.

  26. Hello Blender Enthsiastics
    I am really sorry for such kind of thing happened.In fact My bandwidth usage went upto 10GB in a day and I had to upgrade to an unlimited package. It is just a mistake from the billing department and they are resolving it.

    In another way I am happy that within 24hrs I received 190 registration and 6045 users visit. I am really glad that you people are supporting me like anything. I hope you do keep supporting me in future also.

    I will try my level best to make my website running 100% propely. Once more I apologize all you friends and Thanks a lot for all your support

    Merry Christmas

  27. friends updated and few more modifications are going on. so you may feel few difficulties on receiving email notifications on new posts.
    Please Do visit::


  28. rgdfhdfhdryerztetz on


    What a lot of sites do is provide, segregate video's.
    When doing this, a good tagging system is a must.
    And a good search system with advanced capabilities.
    (Searching for video's with specific tags,
    restricting search results to find what you look is necessary if the aim is something arout 10000.
    Please spend some time thinking about the skeleton, general approach for this.
    It must be scalable, flexible, extensible and probably a few other requirements for your purpose.
    I believe you are doing a great job and if determine will have something that helps a lot of people.

    (Please provide a download link for every video.)

    @Anyone who doesn't know about the two types of free.

    There is free, as in free beer. 0$.
    This does NOT mean there is freedom.
    (Flash player doesn't works that well on a lot of non-top five platforms.)

    There is free as in free speech. This is about freedom.
    Flash player isn't free, libre, freedom software.
    This is separately from the fact that it doesn't costs.
    Is the source available? No, (Gnash isn't Adobe flash player.)

  29. centralizing blender ressources like this is great idea so that one won't go astray on the web
    looking forward for blender python scripting lessons someday
    peace !

  30. @ Nathan

    Hi Dude,

    Yes I still have the same problem whether it's under Linux or not (not means Windows...)
    After logging in I go to the main page and still I have the log in button (the red one)

  31. @rgdfhdfhdryerztetz

    Free doesn't not mean "open source" which is what you're leaning towards, if you said it wasn't open source then i would agree with you 100%.

    Neils E was mentioning people not being able to access the video due to flash player being a restriction to most people, which clearly it's not as it is readily available.

    'Open Source' on the other hand is a completely different topic.


    Keep up the good work.

  32. @ Temujin
    I am so sorry for small mistake. in fact the login & register buttons are just a static objects. It is not yet made dynamic. That is the reason even after you logged in you see those links. I am working on this one. Please provide me some time. Thanks for commenting and spporting.

    Surely I will make the searching more user friendly as you mentioned. Thanks for the suggestions! at this moment I am handling everything. That is the reason everything taking more time than the usual. Thanks for the support

    Thanks for the support & comments. If you love to see more python scripting I can post it soon. But I am afraid that I will be getting diverted from the category. If you find some links related to python and which has few percentage to blender then definitely I will post them.

    You are right! Free & open source concepts are completely different segments. Thanks for the comment and support!

  33. well nath...the blender python scripting lessons were just a wish
    i can see that you have started a huge job that you cannot handle alone only if you take all the time it will require
    may be some good python scripter for blender will someday start something like yours:a website with scripts and scripting lessons...that may boost blender's devellopment and efficiency

  34. Oh, seems like there's some confusion about Free Software, Freeware and Open Source around here.

    The problem is the English language which is having two very different meaning to the word free. The first is the meaning of free as in freedom or free speach. Which means that YOU are free to do and say certain things. This is the meaning Niels E was refering to.
    The other meaning of free is like in free beer - something does not cost money. That's the meaning Betrayal is refering to.

    In software, there are two terms for the two types of free:

    1) Freeware - Software that does not cost money.

    2) Free Software - Software that grants the user certain rights (but that does not mean that it does not cost money. Charging money for free software is very common and nothing unwanted).

    There are certain requirements for free software:
    * The end user must be allowed to use it for whatever purpose, commercially and noncommercial. He must even have the right to make copies of the software and sell them.
    * The end user must have access to the source code and must be allowed to change it.

    Later on the concept of Open Source Software emerged. Open Source Software just means that the source is avaiable. The rights mentioned above don't need to apply. So all Free Software ist also Open Source Software, but not all Open Source Software is Free Software.

    Betrayal: Niels E used the term Free Software and not Freeware. So he is refering to 2) while you thought he was talking about 1).

    I hope this helped clarify things. More information on this topic ca be found at:

  35. can you guys please keep the freeware/free software/open source thread going? i just love reading them! its so relaxing if you dont have to participate yourself;) i love reading those "ogre vs. irrlicht" threads and "joomla vs drupal" is alright too. "blender vs 3dsmax" is a little washed out tho. and of course i read a "linux vs windows" thread every once in a while, however i prefer those from back then, when gentoo was cool and windows xp was new. uhh... good times.

  36. Notice: the freeware/open source discussion has gone on long enough now - this is not the place for it. Any new off-topic comments will be removed.

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