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Developer Meeting Notes (Blender 2.5 Report) 11-08-09


Development Update1) Current projects

- GE logic editor design proposal was reviewed good so far, Benoit now checks on implementation side of design.

- the iTaSC project now has a final end-user design details wiki page.

- Janne, Raul and other developers join forces on goo, slime and other fluid sim code.

- Brecht is progressing well on speedup of sculpting. Is still only in a branch available.

- Brecht proposes to rename math functions in Blender more logically.

Discussion goes on now on the bf-committers mailing list.

2) 2.5 project

- The 2.5 python api (espcially when using operators or WM conext) functions still badly. Martin notes this should be explicitly communicated to people to not use this yet, apart from tests, UI scripts or exporters.

- Schedule: we need still more reports in on final status of to do list... but things progress very good in many areas. First test build targeted to be released within 2 weeks now.

- Naming of the first test build keeps giving discussions, although everyone agrees it's not a release, but just the first standard binary to get user feedback on. Proposal is to call the test build "Blender 2.5 beta0" still.

- Splash: proposal is to ask Durian team to make one, with sufficient space in splash to add usability and to do warnings!

- Luca and Campbell are working on a way to automatically snapshot all panels via python to go into a Reference manual, which would lay a great foundation in writing the User Manual. Note that the UI (layout) should be frozen first, which can take some months.



  1. It seems to me that 2.5 is basically the Durian series. I think the Durian team should probably have the privilege of doing the splash for each of the beta builds. Maybe with each one showing off a little more of what they've done on the film at that time.

    Everything's looking great guys. Testing new builds almost every day is amazing (can't wait for the sculpting branch to conclude. It's already jumped light years ahead of where it was.)

  2. Please don't forget as "Data In" the Midi In and as "Data Out" the Midi Our!
    As said at Blender Conference Blender should be able to handle this king of communication.

    Thank you,

  3. I have already a built of 2.5...
    IT's SO!!! nice
    There is one thing, I don't like the "ctrl-r" loopcut it's in one time fast, like a subdivine, you can't move it like in blender 2.49.

    however keep on going with blender 2.5 development,
    I can't wait for it.

    I just need to know the official release.

    kind regards.

    the Netherlands

  4. If only you could implement real-time lightning in Blender. I was so frustrated with lightning making one project, it took me a whole life to make it realistic. If we could see the effect of lamps, lights in real-time that would definetly change things forever and I bet the BGE would stand out once again. but yeah, dreams dreams dreams :)

  5. It shouldn't be called a beta if it's still lacking features. I think too many people are expecting a fully finished 2.5 version to be released and it seems there is still work to be done before that's the case.

    Why not call it an alpha?

  6. Thanks for the notes!

    Spamagnet: Maybe the n key sticks? :D

    I think alternating the open movie to open game pattern would help to keep blender current in both respects, but that would slow down the production of both. But I guess what I'm trying to say is:

    Where do I stick my money in for an open game to happen again?

    (as if it matters, we all know I'm going to stick money in until something happens. and then do it again. ;)

  7. It doesn't really matter what they call it at this point. What gets confusing is, at the end of all this, what do they call the "final" release? If the plan is to work toward a 2.60 version, this upcoming release should be called Blender 2.60 Beta 0 (followed by 2.60 Beta 1, etc.). Or, from the other perspective, if we have a series of 2.5 alpha/beta releases, the "full" release (next year?) should be Blender 2.50. A pre-release version number should match that of the final release -- it just makes sense.

    I'm in for the next game project, too. Yo Frankie! resulted in way too much BGE goodness to be ignored.

    PS: I'm glad Blendernation is back up. It was scary when it was missing this morning.

  8. For the BGE Node Input/Output:

    There is the OSC protocole to take in consideration as several interesting programs are already able to handle it, notably PureData (via an external) wich is an increadible multimedia prototyping software.

  9. @vladmir:

    I thought this was already possible, just use the GLSL shaders and texture draw mode for a rough preview. Or Shift+P for a preview render window.

  10. @Spamagnet: Lighting - sorry.

    @playbass06: You can see textures, but you don't see the actual real time lighting, so when you move objects or lamps, the light does not move with it. Which would be the most important update (in terms of how easy it would be to work with Blender)

  11. hey guys. I don't mean to nag. I really don't. And I know that you developers have so much more important things to be doing. But...

    I really like using blender nodes in my photography workflow. I know it's weird, and I'm prob the only one doing any type of serious work this way, but for some things, blender works really well.

    I'd really like to start using Blender 2.5 as it is more stable when dealing with large images in complex pipelines. I want to use blender's built-in color management. And 2.5 is so close to being useable for this, as far as I can tell, except for one thing that makes it completely unusable for me.

    Please fix the image editor mouse release bug. The bug number is 19514. If this is a difficult fix for some reason I understand you have bigger "difficult" things to do. But if it's an easy thing to do, and I'd imagine it would be, please, pretty, pretty please can someone out there fix this?

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