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Commercial Game - Ignite


screenshot_01Endi has just informed us of a commercial game being made by him and the team he is currently working with. The game is called 'Ignite' and is a car racing game for the PC.

Endi writes:

I have made an article about our game "Ignite". Ignite is a commercial racing
game that our team developed (pc platform).

You can find information about the developing and the contents of the game.
You can find screen shots and some interesting images.

So the link:

Blenderartists forum topic:

Check out the link to the main page, shown above, which has a lot more information about the game.

Blender has been used for a lot of the modeling and 3D work, but note that this game does not use the Blender Game Engine (BGE), the team have used their own developed engine.


  1. Graphics look amazing. But whether the gameplay matches the quality is another story. It's an astounding achievement none-the-less. The effort is clearly there so all the best to them!

  2. This is also a good example of someone who can work from home, working through the internet.
    Working physically in a studio day after day for more than a few months is good for cabin fever,
    since most people are stressed by deadlines, little sleep, drunken behavior, etc.

  3. I love how the game is looking so far. I just hope the game physics are just as good when the game comes out :) I would love to design a game but I have no crew but I have a lot of ideas :)

  4. I should say an example of producing outstanding work from home,
    I just now realize the game company is in hungary, so maybe he actually does have to work physically in a studio.
    Agile, not with games, but with comic books. I worked in a small studio for three years.

  5. Tom (not Ton) on

    Congratulations Endi, looks good. While it isn't 100% Blender it's nice to see Blender finding a place in commercial games. Maybe someday (soon?) Blender can handle it all. Making progress with it.

    I'm just surprised that no one is going to complain about another game glorifying illegal and deadly street racing, the "carbon footprint" of these cars, or any of the other junk that gets thrown around when people don't like the content.

  6. "This is also a good example of someone who can work from home, working through the internet.
    Working physically in a studio day after day for more than a few months is good for cabin fever,
    since most people are stressed by deadlines, little sleep, drunken behavior, etc."

    I know for a fact that not all of the work on one of the latest Call of Duty films was done from a studio. One of the artists who did the matte paintings worked from home.

  7. Endi thanks for the post.
    I like the graphics a lot. One question as a newbie to the BGE:

    What is missing in the BGE and needs to be developed that in upcoming projects people do not need to switch to a different Game Engine? Perhaps you already mentioned it in a thread, can you post a link?

    Hope the people will buy it and you can earn your spent months and years into this project.


  8. Nice and I totally understand one of the reason they didn't used the BGE. And thats not about quality but the restrictions of GPL. If a company would make a commercial game using BGE they have to jump through loopholes avoiding their game or parts of it being GPL or have their contents easily accessible. BGE isn't even LGPL so it allows linking to non open source thinks. Don't expect any commercial game use BGE anytime soon. They first need to solve this license issue and due to the work involved to track down all contributors of the game engine present and past I don't see it happening.

    (And if you think that they should just make their game or part of it Open Source, it's not a realistic suggestion for most of the commercial ventures)

  9. thanks logan. so the way Endi did it, is currently a good aproach. Creat all texture, models, etc... in Blender and than integrate it into an Engine, which does not have problems concerning the GPL?

    So if it is not possible to use Endis Game Engine. Which Engine would be recommended to use in general, or is it depending of the game type? I gues, this is a big ocean behind my question, but well if you do not ask you will always stay stupid...

  10. Where you guys have arrived in 7 months time. Thats an awesome achievement. From the screenshots the game seems really nice. All the best for your game.

    I did not understood until now why games were not done with the BGE. Thanks Logan for the little explanation.

    Trinity5150, I'm also like you. I'm doing more architectural design than anything else. I love to part take in the creation of videogames. If you'll like to begin something, I like to help. I'll check this post for your reponse.

    Good Blending to all.

  11. My answers from Blenderartists:

    Now the BGE is slow. Maybe good programmers can make it better, but we already has own engine that our programmers developed. So we dont use BGE. And as I know if we modify BGE we must publish it as open source. This is not good for a commercial project.
    And: we have no experience with BGE.

    Another and bigger reason: we cant find good Blender artists. So we must work with 3dsMax users for example. Our engine can read models from 3dsMax and Blender.

  12. Cyrr, I think BGE now is good for AAA games! Yes! But the game must be carefully designed. For example: an fps or a tps game with relatively _small_ levels can work in BGE with AAA (nextgen) graphics! So this game must be an story based adventure with some actions, like a Hitman.

    But as I read the Blender forums, many Blender users think: "when BGE has many nextgen feature we can make AAA games at home". I dont want to hurt anyone... this is nonsense.

    So, again: it is possible to make AAA games with BGE, and _now_. But it dont works with beginners and with a small home team.

    Most of the people dont know: using a big engine like Unreal Engine needed many programmers to use the engine. A common Unreal Engine game (like on Xbox360 or on PS3) has very big team, 10-30 programmerse and 20-50 artists etc.

    So... I dont want to hurt anyone. :)

  13. The screenshots are looking great and I'll be standing in line when it comes out.

    Can you tell me what cars you are using for this project?

  14. One of the things that sometimes bothers me in racing games is the lack of variety in the banner advertisements that hang around the track. I'm curious what would happen if the community was allowed to get involved to spice things up. At the very least, the signage wouldn't look like it was all made by one person as advertisements usually are. Heck, I'd love to see a BlenderNation ad for that matter.

  15. This looks very promising and the screenshots look excellent.

    @Bmud : Rockstar Games makes a lot of nice banners in their games, plenty of variety there [haven't played Midnight Club, only GTA].

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