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Help MakeHuman


logoYou can help the MakeHuman team by creating model morph targers with their new script, makeTarget.

Pistol Ioan Alexandru wrote:

How to help us?

  • learning to use maketarget (2 minutes?)
  • modelling cool targets
  • sending them to [email protected]

Of course, even if cool targets from skilled artists are already welcome (fantasy, toons, sci-fi, etc..), better to contact us to ask us what we need (we are looking for help in ethnic characters, and we need them urgently).


About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Very exciting development this. I agree that MakeHuman could be a real alternative to Poser.
    One issue though, I see that it uses Python 2.6. Will Blender 2.5 also use 2.6 as I tried to run it under 2.6 and it wouldn't work.
    Really looking forward to both of these.

  2. I believe that there is a problem with the lisence of the generated mesh (or model, forgive my limited english). You are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes.

    In some way Makehuman is doomed for that reason.

    If I am wrong feel free to correct me.

  3. Convinced:: I remember reading somewhere that Blender 2.5 will/might be using python 3.0. And to my knowledge python 2.5 and 2.6 are incompatible with 3.0

  4. I love the title, sounds so si-fi
    'Please help make human' :-)
    @Bart is @Someone right. Isn't that totally shooting everything in the foot? Doesn't sound right to me...

  5. Someone: I believe that the licensing does allow for the use of any generated mesh in a commercial product so long as it is sufficiently unique according the copyright laws that you fall under.

    The main site suggests that they intend MakeHuman to be used by both commercial and non-commercial groups or individuals. And that copyright of generated meshes, again so long as they are sufficiently unique according to the copyright laws, is retained by the person who made the resulting mesh. Their wiki does mention that you own any 2D image made with the generated mesh. So I do believe that commercial use is available if I understand the wording properly.

  6. Thanks Levi, I can use it with no worries. I didn't understand well the license, perhaps because I am not a native speaker.

    Anyway, do you mean that I can not use Makehuman in a 3D film? (No, I am not James Cameron and I don't pretend to make one) :lol:

  7. hi,
    Make Human needs good modelers & python scripters.
    please help the team at Make Human.
    If you have spare time & are a good character modeler, or python guru,
    please offer your help to the Make Human Project.
    Make Human will be compatible with Blender.

  8. They don't have an official build on their website for linux true, but they do have nightly builds, and to my knowledge it should be able to be compiled on Linux(Obviously) as well as even Mac OS X I believe. I know I have run previous versions on either at any rate.


  9. From its license:
    When you export, save, or in any way convert a MakeHuman data file, you may store any deformations that you have applied/created, along with the topology of the base mesh and any positional information that you have not materially changed. You are the Copyright holder of changes that you have made. The MakeHuman Team retains Copyright over the topology and the base mesh, but grants you permission to copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the generated materials over which they hold Copyright, including the topology and positional information constituting the base mesh provided that this does not prevent others from doing the same.

    And from the FAQ:
    Q: Do I own the things I make with MH?
    A: You own original images and other original artwork that you generate using MH. The humanoid mesh (the 3D computer model) used by MH is owned by the MakeHuman Team and for MH 0.9.1 RC1 is licensed under the MIT license for you to use, modify and redistribute. Licensing for MH 1.0 is designed to be even more liberal. Licensing details can be found at .

    So from my point of view you just can not use the original Make Human Mesh and say you modelled it yourself.
    Like you own your picture you have shot using your camera but you can not claim to have build the cathedral you shot.

    Also i think that no one will bite your head off just because you used MakeHuman in an commercial production as long as you give them propper credit.

  10. First of all, I am not a proffesional (yet, maybe in a future...who knows?). My previous point of view about this comes from an old discussion in Makehuman forums, where I understood that there were problems with the license of use of makehuman.

    Now after reading you, I still have doubts, because if I make a render of a 3D makehuman model (a photo, not a video), I must insert in the photo that the model was made with makehuman, even if I don't insert in the photo that Blender or Indigo were used to render it. No?

    I don't see that clear. I don't mind to say that I used makehuman, but if I give a finished render to a client (not my case) I may tell him in the email, but not to put a text over the render.

    I am sorry because I feel a bit ridiculous talking about this, and I don't want to exagerate the theme. As I love opensource tools, it's not a problem for me to talk in forums about makehuman, it's something that I have done (believe me! I love makehuman). But what I am talking is about the practical use of this wonderful tool.

    Anyway I believe that this theme has been under discussion by the development team, and I quote Kreon: "Licensing for MH 1.0 is designed to be even more liberal. " So now I have no worries about this stuff.

    Thanks a lot to all for your response.

  11. wow...
    suena interesante...
    antes era realizar modelos para poder trabajarlos en el Blender; ahora es modelar los personajes para tenerlos en el Makehuman XD
    pues a darle duro chicos ;)

  12. Makehuman is fabulous for it's one-world approach to the figure. Nobody can touch its African morph targets. However..and I've been at this for a while...Makehuman is still not ready for animation, especially lip-sync. I've had to do extensive work on a standard EuroBabe head to create realistic mouth movements. There are some large design differences between a MH mesh and Jonathan Williamson's (aka Mr. Bomb) meshes. MH does not stress the purist edge-loop approach, and this makes revising the basic model a necessity. Case in point: you have to create an inner lip ring and extrude backwards along the Y axis in order to evert the lips for an O or a Q Preston Blair viseme. Hopefully this will all be addressed in 1.0, but I'm waiting for the Ubuntu version before I get into it.

  13. Get the official installs here (including Alpha 1):
    It looks like Ubuntu is supported now (I'm pretty sure this download is for Ubuntu 32-bit).

    I'm downloading source and compiling under Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10) 64-bit. It runs fine. If you're running 64-bit, here's a thread that may help:

    The main problem I had when compiling from source is not reading the Wiki well first.

    Wiki home:

    Wiki Development environment

    Wiki Build processes:

    You need to download the mh_phoenix tarball from here to get the very latest (as it's being developed, I assume). This directory will probably change in the future:
    See 'download GNU tarball' at the bottom of the page.

  14. @ Someone: u do have a point, So if i make some additional geometry called morph target for free, its added to the basic mesh and i will then not be able to use it commercialy if i later want to use my own morphed make human mesh????
    something doesnt seem right here :P

  15. @Dingo_aus: Of course we support linux.

    @Someone: There's no obligation to place any text in the rendered pictures or even say that you used the program to create your art.

    @yvsry: You are copyright holder of your own morph targets, and if applying them to the base mesh gives a a unique new mesh, that mesh is mostly yours too.
    The reason for the restrictions is only (like all opensource licenses) to stop commercial software companies from stealing the hard work of others. So it mostly applies to the creators of Poser, Daz and similar companies.
    We can't use GPL license for models too, because it force all derived works to be GPL too, and this is not compatible with most of professional uses (in example, if you make a model for a commercial game, you don't want to release it as open source).



  16. Make Human is not available in Ubuntu repositories. Also when I tried alternate installation method in Ubuntu 8.10 (virtual machine) something went wrong. It would be great if some people here promote the idea to get this wonderful piece of software to some repository.

  17. Thanks a lot Manuel. I suposse that you know that this question comes from a message I read in your forums (I am not registered there, so I am not the author).

    Good Work and congratulations. And thanks a lot for giving us this software.

  18. @ Zinc Chameleon:

    Well we have asked to Steven Stahlberg during the modelling of MH :-)
    His reply:

    that's a great resource for artists
    who want to study topology. No real
    crits, except maybe you could change
    the direction of edges down the
    cheek, to easier incorporate the
    infraorbital fold (which is one of those
    things that everyone has, although it's
    very subtle with some). To comment
    the face, I think the red and blue loops
    are really important, but the brown
    and green ones don't really need to be
    perfect loops. They can be, but there's
    no pressing need imo.


    Of course, we have added the infraorbital...
    Unfortunately I've only this old article to show about the mesh topology:

    I must write an updated one.
    Of course, the mesh is not perfect as I want: I've notice of some triangles and some no flexible topology in the chest and upper leg. But the head is the result of an accurate study, it's hard to improve again.



  19. @ Zinc Chameleon:

    Anyway I'm looking to add the loops to mouth :-)
    It should be possible wihout alter the verts.

    Thx for suggestion,


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