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Project Aftershock


Project Aftershock is an Indie multiplayer racing game developed by a small team of gamers. Liquid Rock Games is the small company creating the game, lead by Yap Chun Fei and Pang Lih-Hern.

Yap Chun Fei Explains:

"First of let me introduce my partner Pang Lih-Hern and I,Yap Chun Fei and our
indie game company called Liquid Rock Games from which currently consists of a
couple of guys. We're currently working on our first multiplayer co-op sci-fi
racing game called Project Aftershock which is still in its early stage of

Some stats on the programs used to make Project Aftershock:

  • Rendering engine used : Ogre3D
  • 3D package: Blender3d
  • 2D package: GIMP

Keep an eye on the project on the official blog, there's also a bunch of pictures on Flickr and finally a thread on the OGRE forums, where the team posts progress and additional information, along with answering any questions about the game. Its looking very promising overall!

For the youtube video demo of the first level click the image below.


  1. This is excellent work.

    I recently worked as a temporary game tester for Sony and honestly, this looks better than some of the playstation 3 titles that I tested for them.

    It would be cool if you could do some video tutorials about how you have used Blender to create such impressive visuals.



  2. That's awesome, I wish they could make some tutorials about the ogre engine when it comes to game-oriented use... I hope they tell us how it'll be released >_<

  3. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) on

    Keep in mind guys that this is in its very early (exciting) stages. Theres still a lot for them to do, an example from the blog :

    "Many features are still not in place; Particle effects, Paging geometry (grass & pebbles), Script Engine and Sound Engine, just to name a few.

    I'm planning to work on the craft balancing, Network and Script engine next. Without these, we won't have any game at all. :P So, yeah, sparks can come later. Be patient alright guys. :) We'll definitely have sparks and fancy wobbling camera. "

    Ive also seen Yap Chun Fei talking about weapons on the vehicals (similar to the deathrace movie) along with traps around the tracks (check out thje pictures in the article). Then keep in mind that this will be a multiplayer game, what we're seeing now proves that this game has great potential.

    We'll be keeping track of this one!

  4. I'll watch this tomorrow, but from the glances I've taken this looks like a promising project. Great work, fellows. Cheers! -b

  5. What is the actual gae engine being used? Ogre is listed as a "rendering engine", is that implying it is the game engine? If so, why not just call it that? If not, what is the game engine?

  6. Yap Chun Fei on

    Hi guys thanks for the feedback :)

    @Artisten: We'll will let you know where you can buy it if we find a publisher or publish the game ourselves.

    @vidrazor: Ogre3d is just a rendering engine which supports both DirectX and OpenGL apis meaning we can go for Windows, Linux and Mac OS-es. We custom built the game engine which controls the game logic around Ogre3d.

  7. The graphics in this game are among the best I've ever seen! The textures look real, even up close and I couldn't find any repeating textures, it all looks totally unique every inch of the track.

    My sincere compliments!

    I can't say I find the gameplay itself very exciting but I am truly stunned by the graphics quality.

  8. Pang Lih-Hern on

    Hey guys. Really glad you guys liked it. :)

    @Olaf: As mentioned, Liquid Rock Games currently consists of a
    couple of guys. Meaning only two. :) So yeah, only one artist.

    He's da man! lol

  9. Sometimes the adulation of Blender related projects gets a little ridiculous in here. I'll happily award this one a deserving exception!

  10. I miss some feeling of speed/ racing,
    the levels should be laid out to be manoeuverable for fast moving vehicles

    graphics look nice

  11. That YouTube video is really impressive. The shear amount of detail and the track variety is impressive. I especially liked the section where the hovercraft is flying over water in the drainage ditch. The transparent water is surprisingly realistic.

    Great work! I want to see how this project develops in the future.


  12. Very nice and some impressive work there! Hopefully you will be able to jump track, but that might not fit into the physics of the game. Coolness. Do you guys have game design experience? Or just hardcore fans of racing games?

  13. This game looks brilliant. But I've got an idea that may improve the gameplay...

    Make it illegal racing. Don't have pre designated tracks but instead have courses that are transmitted to the players HUD by the race controller. The direction arrows would be displayed on the HUD instead of being actual sign posts on the track. It would mean the race can go through public areas with civilian traffic and other crazy obstructions for extra chaotic fun. Also the course route could change in realtime to avoid police blocks that get set up during the race.

    BTW I'm a professional graphic designer. Do you need any 2D graphics? An Aftershock logo maybe? I would love to contribute to the project.

  14. Another idea would be to have flying droids acting as the race officials. Some of them would just be observers sending back information to the race controller and others could be weapons droids that shoot at the players and create extra chaos like blowing up or setting fire to derelict buildings that the course passes through.

  15. The scenery is very impressive (have to say, almost best of all games I've played). The high poly models are very nice as well. Only the lowpoly vehicle looks too much like plastic (especially the tubes and plates). Try reducing the specularity of the plates and tubes.

  16. If you make it an illegal racing game you open up the possibility of racing through a greater variety of crazy environments...

    City Sewers - race through massive concrete and steel pipes with water and opening and closing steel doors and metal gates and slime and some completely underwater sections.

    Metro Rail - race through underground train network and overground monorails with oncoming trains and stations and vertical ventilation pipes.

    Industrial Zone - race through derelict and working factory units and industrial production lines with automated crushing steel presses and molten metal foundries.

    Docklands - race through and around warehouses and shipping containers and cranes and over water between massive tanker ships.

    Sky Scraper - race through high rise neo Tokyo Blade Runner style towers at varying heights with public traffic similar to Bruce Willis taxi driving in The Fifth Element movie.

  17. Truly impressive, as a wipeout fan myself I would say that the track design is definitely on par with those found in recent wipeout games! Of course gameplay will be an entirely different matter, but as far as graphics are concerned... "wow"!

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