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BGE Masterpiece 'Ruinas'


Vitorbalbio has posted a few of his Blender Game Engine works over at The quality of the work is amazing, using a lot of the newer features and tools of the game engine. There's some nice pictures to look at, and the main piece, entitled 'Ruinas', can be downloaded as a .exe to view and explore for yourself in realtime.

All of the works shown by Vitorbalbio use the recently intergrated video texture player, which has now been upgraded to allow for realtime reflections. The 'Ruinas' demo can be downloaded from here, it features animated water with realtime reflections and a very nice ancient ruin environment (press space bar to enable fly around mode).

Theres two other works shown, but with no downloadable runtimes. One room shows a mirror on the wall, while the other has a very nice reflective floor (see the pics below).

Theres more images and information on the thread at here.


  1. Looks like they might have forgot to take the protective plastic wrap off of the furniture. Keeps things clean, but not very comfortable. ;)

    Seriously though, it looks great. Awesome work.

  2. Very impressive; the quality is great and I like the aesthetic type. I'd only suggest turning bumpiness and specularity down a little.

    I would love to inspection the blend file.

  3. Works fine in Wine under Linux, the only problem being inability to rotate the view along Z axis (or perhaps it works as it was intended to, I have no means of checking).

    Great work!

  4. I will provide the .Blend of all work on the topic in soon.
    Sorry to have only the version .exe now =/

  5. I will provide the .Blend of all work on the topic in soon
    Sorry to have only the version .exe now =/

  6. to generate the. exe go to "File / Save the Game Runtime" and copy all the dlls and manifests to the folder of the executable created

    The controls are a few wrong still, I used my templare walktrough of, sry

  7. Woah! BGE looks like it has finally attained professional-quality real time visuals. I wish I had a computer so I could play around with this. *sniff*

  8. Crunchy my PC is very modest. A AMD64 939 3.0+ , 2GB DDR400 , Radeon X800 GTO.
    I like much have a powerful PC too =/

  9. I'm bored with the 'experiment' of end users mashing random keys on their keyboards endlessly to see if anything happens and think it would be awesome if you instead explained what the controls are.

  10. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) on

    For the controls:

    Use W,A,S,D to move around. Mouse + left click to look around. Space bar toggles flight/grounded mode.

  11. Works fine on my Ubuntu + Crossover and old 2.4GHz Pentium4 with 1GB RAM
    I'm not a huge game fan but I like the trees and the water :)
    @ Alex Delderfield thanks for the info on the keys. I couldn't work out how to rotate.

  12. Incredible! For real-time that is simply stunning. Too bad only my Linux PC has a GLSL-capable video card, so I can't view it.

  13. innocent deviant on

    Ihave been working on a larger level for a game (dont know how blender will handle it,havn't used the game engine much).This has inspired me though,would like to see more.And when I'm finished I'l post it on blender artists.Have never seen any kind of game content for a fps like a full largeish level on blender but it has real potential with a lot of work and I'm planning to undertake that.Any insight would be invaluabe.happy blending all!

  14. innocent deviant on

    Blend your hearts blending.Amlooking for details on methods used for retopology,after reading the manual and doing various tutorials stll dont fully understand the tools(the manual didn't cover sculpt retopo and curves very well).I am itching to use retopology effectivly in content creation for characters and do you use retopo to create a mesh over a surface (ie. a sculpted object)?

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