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Teaser for "Le Monsieur, Le Vampire et Renee Marcelle"


Oscar Alvarado (of Gothique Studios) has released a teaser trailer of his new animated short, "Le Monsieur, Le Vampire et Renee Marcelle", animated by Oscar Alvarado and Martha Vaquera.  The video looks quite promising!

Oscar writes:

Info about my new animated short!
I hope you like it ;)

Oscar Alvarado

The short will premiere at the Blender Conference 2009.

Make sure to see the blog and find out more about the animated short!

About the Author

Benjamin Bailey

I am a young creative artist with a dream to conquer the world with my ideas. I love singing, writing, drawing, and modeling in 3D - and I'm ready to put these skills to use.


  1. The background itself deserve some praises... It's really beautiful and realistic.

    :D I wouldn't mind a "behind the scene" interview just for the buildings and environment.

    The characters are sytlistic and cartoony as a contrast. The animation is a bit stiff though. I would have imagined something that "flows" more. But It's already more than what I can do myself :p

    @ 01:43 it seems on the right there is some reflection of buildings on a granite wall. Is that a glitch or is it a glass door? (in b/w it's hard to make the difference)

  2. @adam: From the Gothique Studios blog:

    THE MUSIC- The music by Franz Schubert and others classics is interpreted by Patricia García Torres. A very important mexican pianist. Her piano interpretations they give to the short, a romantic and classic atmosphere.

    In the musical theme part, the collaboration of Theatres Des Vampires, the most important italian goth band, it grants to the project, the strong and gothic style.

  3. @aws357: Yes, the animation leaves something to be desired (as well as the specular clothing of the characters,) but the city's design, the boats, the water, the music, and the good gray texturing lend to a neat blend. ;)

  4. (Besides, it's a ton farther than I've ever gotten! The textures could have been better as well, etc., but I am still glad to see the gray atmosphere in the city - neat!)

  5. Wey, Felicidades, eres muy bueno, me da gusto que un mexicano este ya muy cabron con blender. y esté haciendo cosas buenas.

    buddy Congratulations, you're so good, its good that a mexican guy its doing this amazing things with blender.

  6. This looks to be a promising animation.

    Well done.

    I look forward to the finished animation.

    Please make sure to annouce it on Blender Nation.

    I see a mention of Theatres De Vampires.

    "la Danse MACABRIA du Vampire" and " Angel of Lust" are two songs I love. The thinking behind the idea of Theatres De Vampires for the music in an animation is something i would love to see and hear.

    I look forward to this animation:)

  7. After selling pre-orders of his previous short film, Murnau the Vampire, Oscar Alvarado never released it and never offered back the money that people had paid for it. This was well over a year ago and Oscar never got in touch with any of the people who had pre-ordered his movie, including myself. Six months or so ago, he appeared on Blendernation with another project and this topic came up. He apologized profusely in Blendernation and promised to get in touch with people and make the movie available as you can see here:

    Everybody was very supportive and very patient, but nothing was ever made available and nobody was ever contacted, and the subject was dropped.

    I find it really sad that a guy as talented as Oscar wants to deal with people in this way.

  8. Tony, Oscar also has Murnau uploaded to vimeo, the file is set as download enabled, so anyone can download and put onto a DVD to keep, which I have done. It is good to finally see it on a big TV screen. This is good, but not ideal, as none of the promised blend files are available, just the movie. Anyway, after soo long I am tired of chasing for the DVD, it is sad, but another new year is upon us and for me it is time to move on.

    I admire Oscar's talent and his style of animation. His works are inspiring, and the themes he tends to choose are close to my heart. I love the gothic style, and the music of Theatres des Vampires is a big part of my life.

    Murnau did not have ground breaking special effects, it was just a quaint piece of simplest design that told a known story well. The Llorona Project mentioned here a few months ago looked to add a little to Oscar's Murnau style by increasing the complexity of the drawn characters somewhat, and greatly increasing the use of more detailed textures on other objects and buildings, creating a little more real / natural look.

    From this small clip Le Monsieur looks to take all of the above and add in extra effects to create an even more picturesque piece. I look forward to the finished movie and the telling of the whole story.

  9. I think for pre-order dvd, trust in blender institute, they always response, and are a big team, for individual artist, is better to buy the dvd when they finish the work, if they have problem to work and need money, well, the best way is finding some Sponsor, that is the work of producers.

    The teaser, i like the atmosphere, but the backgrounds are to beautifull, for that simply characters, I see more work one aspect thant the other.

  10. The character animation looks kind of robotic and not believable, but the scenery is absolutely beautiful!
    I'll be looking forward to this one for sure!

  11. Hi!!!!

    Oscar again!

    Well... As I speak some months ago, the problem was that some of my partners in Murnau make me a bad game and I finish very bad. I know that this is no fault of the people that support me with the DVD purchase. But is the true!!! Now MURNAU is on Vimeo and is free, and as I say that time, ALL MY PERSONAL FUTURE WORKS WILL BE FOR FREE!!!
    Again.... I´m very sorry!!!!!
    (The comment about my "vampire wallets affair".... mmmmmm.... that hurts!!!)

    About LLORONA, well.... the project is not cancelled. We decide give time for some technical and musical problems. But the project will be produced in 2010 ;)

    And about LE MONSIEUR, LE VAMPIRE AND RENNE MARCELLE project, the 3D animation is full of smooth and slow movements. I want with this project make some like the old school "2D TAKE ANIMATION". If you see, the animation of the characters is more like the CARTOON NETWORK style. I dont like the "realistic" animation. I like the "belive" animation. I try very hard to do this ;)

    Thanks and I hope your support, comments and again.... SORRY ABOUT MURNAU!!!!
    (I have to do some about...)

    Oscar Alvarado

  12. @Oscar Alvarado: Thanks for joining us! Glad to hear that MURNAU is on Vimeo, I'll have to check that one out. Sorry about the harsh "wallet" comment, and I really hope all your future projects stay on the top! I know it's hard when something lands on your head like that, and I wish you the best in all your endeavors!

    God bless,

  13. Well, perhaps you're on the level about this issue, but many people were left out in the cold with no communication from you. If the problem wasn't your fault, there would've no reason for you to properly communicate about the situation, which apparently you did not.

    I remember reading about this here for some time now. Well over a year. Several people complaining about feeling abandoned and, well, robbed.

    If everyone involved monetarily is willing to accept your reply now, fine. Personally I think the situation was very unprofessionally handled. The CG universe is very small, professionally speaking. This type of situation could very well come back to suck some professional blood out of you!

  14. As vidrazor said, the problem was mainly the lack of contact. A single email a year ago to contributors to explain would have made a lot of difference.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to hold some kind of grudge. The movie's online, I'm just going to forget about the production files, and I'll consider the response here to be enough of a response. So it's water under the bridge with me, and I won't bring it up again.

    The new work, both this one and Llorona, look stunning as always. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on how these develop, and hope that they go well.

  15. Yes, I know - probably too late to comment on here. But all the same...

    My overall impression: Very very promising!! Good work!! =]

    A few crits:
    1. The flock of birds that fly past are rather conspicuous the second time as they are too similar to the first flock (maybe even the same as?). In life, one does not generally expect to see the same flock of birds fly past in one direction, and then back again in the opposite. If they are meant to be homing pigeons (which DO fly round and round in circles), then you wouldn't expect them to be black, and the general direction would be more circular I think. I'm no expert, I just thought something looked wrong about it! ??
    2. I think there could be more male-female separation. I could not tell whether the character in the stripy jumper was meant to be male or female. I guessed female at first. But after viewing again, I decided that he/she is male? I liked the design of the tall character near the end a LOT. (Except when I read your blog and found out she was actually a he I was very surprised!)
    3. The choice of 'stripy jumper' for the other character does not go too well with the whole gothic theming. Well I am guessing since you are based in France are you not, that perhaps it works better over there. But here in the UK, black and white stripy jumpers make me think of two things - 1) Smugglers (the traditional sort - which probably has something todo with the French as it is lol), and 2) Emos. ...I dunno whether there are Emos in France, but over here, Emos and goths get annoyed because people muddle them up. Both of them sometimes wear stripy clothing, but there is a way to do gothic, and a way to do emo, and yours looks emo to me. (Disclaimer: I am a goth) Some very very slight changes to the textures could make all the difference...
    4. The sky in the intro shot with the title looks very flat, this may be the style you are attempting, however, it also appears to be very low quality. A higher resolution sky image would be very welcome.
    5. I too thought that the animation was a bit tight and robotic. A lot could be done to improve this mainly in the way of time and TLC. I would suggest adding a few more subtle movements that do not have anything todo with the action the characters are performing. Nobody moves like a robot in real life, but then again, nobody moves perfectly smoothly either. The four things I would say are important are: 1) No sudden jumps or mismatches in animation speed. (i.e. if somebody is moving slowly one minute and suddenly moves quickly, it looks very wrong, or if somebody is moving slowly in one way and quickly in another, that doesn't look right either - [think: somebody moving their limbs very quickly but walking along the ground very slowly - in real life, when you walk slower, you don't just slow down your walk cycle, you also don't move your feet as far each step, which results in slower speed of limb movement]) 2) Some personality to the animation of each individual character. (i.e. somebody might blink a lot, or maybe put their hand in a certain rest position, or perhaps they rotate their hips in a different way, or make some movement more often than normal) 3) Some almost unnoticeable random movements that help the animation flow better. 4) An absolute must of musts: absolutely no moments when a character is perfectly still unless in exceptional situations to achieve a desired effect! Even then I would advise some movement elsewhere on screen.

    I can't believe I just wrote all that. Lol. I'm not an experienced animator or anything, in fact I hardly ever touch the stuff! :P It's just what I've noticed from films and shorts and things I've watched, and games I've played!

    Nice to hear mention of Theatres Des Vampires, though I'm not quite sure what you mean by collaboration? If they are doing some of the background music, that would be awesomely awesome! One question... Has the album cover from 'Nightbreed of Macabria' got anything to do with this by any chance? Just a minor point I noted in that the character in your short is very very similar to the sketchy drawing on the front of that album... :P

    Anyhow, very nice work, and lovely style!
    Take care!

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