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Animated Blender Models in Papervision3D


Exporting rigged and animated models from Blender to Papervision3D is now possible thanks to an update of Cast3D, a 3D animation framework library for Adobe Flash in ActionScript3. (Check out this example).

From the Rustpunk blog:

Blender users finally have a way of bringing animated models into PV3D thanks to the newest revision of Cast3D which now also features a dae2X3c converter (see previous post if you're not familiar with cast3d). Dmitri Sviridov has been hard at work on fixing bugs and ironing out the kinks in both the blender collada exporter and the cast3d library.

Check out the Rustpunk blog for more useful information on PV3D.

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. It will be very wonderfull thing if we can transform a Blender animation to Flash file ;)

    But I have a problem: when check examples CPU usage up to 98% and the firefox down :( . I used Firefox 3 in Winows XP (SP2). Are there others with the same problem?

    Please, If anybody transforms a Blender animation to Flash file, please coment us, thanks

    I'm sorry for my poor english.

  2. Hi. I've been working with papervision and Blender for some time now, using the exporter script that generates Actionscript classes. This is great for simple single objects. I animate these in Actionscript (very basic animations though) Beeing able to use animated objects might make me take another look into that blender animation book I ordered some time ago :)

    CPU usage can get very intensive when dealing with 3D in Flash. Papervision always tries to get the best FPS possible. I can easily max out an intel core2 2.4Ghz with Papervision. There is some noticable perfomance improvement with every build -- but the new (nice) features they add cut that boost to nothing. Just like beeing able to render way faster until you turn on all the bells and jingles -- and wait forever again :)

    Gonna have a look at that cast3d stuff now.

    Regards, Christian.

  3. That's nice, though their viewer is quite ugly. What we still need is a little tiny viewer that can just load in something like an obj file that you can place next to it on the server, and then some simple controls so people can pan around and zoom. Just to show a model on a webpage. It's definitely possible, we just need to find an actionscript dev who wants to write it. I know a few that could do it, but they seem disinterested :(

  4. Like Christian, I've been working with pv3D for some time and like the promise of 3D in Flash/Actionscript. Because of the nature of AS and its adherence to using the Flash Player, speed freaks like myself will have to be content with simpler 3D model animation until processor speeds and capabilities increase.

    It's due to two reasons: 1- AS, in order to employ FP across all environments, must operate with about 10-500 times as much computational overhead (personal benchmark tests have demonstrated this) as platform-specific-compiled languages (such as something written in C++). 2- FP must compute and render (again, with much computational overhead in order to be 'universal') each frame before displaying, unlike a pre-rendered 3D animated sequence.

    For these reasons, like Christian states, you'll have better results for now with simpler single objects.

  5. @macouno

    Yes, it is definitely possible and I intend to write such a viewer as I see interest in such a thing. It will be in the spirit of fspp - Flash Spherical Panorama Player (56Kb standalone SWF controlled by parameters, no recompilation needed).

    Official site (but there seem to be DNS problems now):

    So this is the current working alternate URL:

    A lot of code of fspp can be reused, simplifying the task.

  6. Hi, Blenderheads.

    Do you know "native" Collada Bone animation feature support in next stable release of Away3D?
    You can try Collada Bone animation in Flash, if using Away3D SVN trunk.

    I could "bone animation" with Cast3D test model(figureCompleteExportReady).
    (Of course, it's using Away3D only.)

    But, Away3D SVN trunk is buggy and, I tweak below notes at Collda export in Blender then.

    0.Apply a Cast3D fix patch, to Blender Collada Exporter.
    1.Delete Lots(LotX,LotY,LotZ) keys except lowerBack(root bone)
    2.Rotation. Object top change to global Y axis top.
    3.Object front direction adjustment in rotation of Z axis.
    4.Exporter options. Press only "Use Relative Path(checking output path and texture path!)" and "Use UV Image Mats" buttons.
    5.File(DAE) rewrite Z_UP to Y_UP with text editor.
    6.You have to check texture path(upper-case and lower-case) in DAE. (If you upload a DAE onto the Web )

    Away3D Collada Bone Animation remain a matter of research.

  7. Hi, All Blender-maniacs

    I'm impressed with this example. I started to play with it, and I must say I'm much satisfied with it. But I'm unfamiliar with posing in blender, with using Outliner, Actions Editor, Timeline and all this stuff. The only thing I know about skin-animation is how to make an example like the good ol' Gingerbread Man from the Blender 2.3 manual. Could anyone post a link to a tutorial how to make a walking lady example like the one above?

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