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Animation: Ketzalkoatl


This animation by Oscar Paz made me smile. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Oscar wrote:

hi, i've allready finish a comercial fo my enterprise, i made it with blender, and i send it to, to participate in "publicitary animation" category, i'm from mexico, i recorded this video then i composed it in blender, just a few things i did it with After Fx, but the 90% of the video was made it with blender, its not the best i can, but i tryied to do my best because i didnt have a much time to finish it. now i want to share with the comunity, this video.

the video show us a subway station in mexico, this station called "copilco" means the place of eternal return, its representative of the ancient mexican Culture, and there is a dragon in the ancient mexican culture, that looks like a Chinesse dragon, but its a mexican dragon called Ketzalkoatl, this comercial its for a T-shirts called "ANDO MEXICANIZANDO", i was trying to do with this video, that the people who wear this Tshirts, they are not wearing just a simple T-shirt, they wear all the ancient Mexihka Culture, thats why the subway its not the subway, its Ketzalkoatl the ancient mexihka GOD, for goodness, Beauty, and knowlegde.

p.d. sorry for my bad english.

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Up 'til now, I didn't know the Aztec culture was still so vivid in Mexicans' heart.

    This Quetzaltrain is gold and sure enough my first reaction when looking at the incoming "train" was "OMG-LOL-BBQ !?!" (which is also the look on the face of the actors at the end of the clip) :D

    How did you rig/animate the Quetzal? (snake rigs are renown for being a pain to animate)

  2. hi everyone, Thanks, for the comments, well, the Aztecs was the ancients of the mexihkas and mexihkas was the ancientsof the actual Mexicans, well, it was easy to rig, i did it like a Spine its about 10 bones, one after each other, each bone has a IK bone, to control it, ofcours it has to have a HIp or something like that so. i started to build it from the "neke" of the dragon to the tail in IK, and another 2 bones from hip to head, in FK, that i have enough control with IK in the body of the Dragon and with FX i can pose it he neck and head, there is also a rig for head expressions, just basic expressions, after all its a subway anyway, the color of the dragon its because this color is the color of the subway in mexico. i dont have any tutorial but i cant share with you the model and textures. if you want it.

  3. I have always wondered how to do this.
    how did you make it go behind (infront) of the person, and have it aligned perfectly? I can't find any tutorials. please make a tutorial, or release your .blend :)

  4. esta my bien la vidéo, parece estar hecha con poco de medio, pero quedo bien sympatica igual.
    Ya algunas pequenas cositas para areglar pero ya se puede mirar :lol:.

    Me gusto mucho el muvimiento del Ketzalkoatl couado sacude la cabesa.

    buena continuation a ti , y disculpe por mis faltas de orthografe .


  5. Hey muy bueno Oscar!

    Felicitaciones se ve de verdad muy bien, me sorprendió bastante la idea esta exelente.

    Un saludo a ti y a tu equipo, toda la suerte para ustedes en el concurso.

  6. OMG!
    Quite amazing!
    Actually, I almost jumped in my seat when the dragon appeared! Pretty frightening when you don't expect it :)
    Great animation/rigging and composition!
    The only thing I would improve is the reactions of the spectators. They only seem mildly surprised or just curious, whereas normally they would be shocked and flabbergasted by this kind of phenomenon, I think.

  7. hola MADMAN, bueno en realidad no es quetzalcoatl es Ketzalkoatl porque esta escrito en nahuatl, en nahuatl el idioma de los antiguos Mexihkas no existia la Q, ni la G, ni la C, pero bueno entiendo el porque lo dices, hay muchas mentiras y malos entendidos con respecto a las culturas prehispánicas, pero de cualquier modo muchas gracias por el comentario :D

    hi TIDBIT, well, to do this its easy, there are 3 leyers in composition, 1.- de video as a background, 2.- ketzalkoatl, 3.- the video rotoscopied masking just the guy, to match the dragon with the video, what i did was:

    1.- i figured out more or less what was the size of the real subway station and the real subway train, (i use googleearth) then y model it with that proportions, this is important because if you have a video with diferent proportions of your model it will never match ocrreclty (it doesnt have to be perfect proportions).ç

    2.- i used Voodoo and icarus, depending of the scen to match the move of the camera, with the blend camera. this is the hard part, because sometimes the move match but the Focal lenght of the real camera doesnt match with the blend camera, so your models look with different perspective of your video perspective. but you can fix it parenting the camera to an empty and move scale or rotate and animate the empty to match just the begin, end and middle animation. up until your hapy with the results.

    3.- the feathers was made with and object and particles that way i can give it flex animation, as fur or hair.

    4.- i use Blend nodes to compose the output, but just a few scens was composed with After FX.

    Gracias por su apoyo y si hechenme mas vibra porque quiero y necesito ganar, jajaja. luego postearé el archivo y unos screenshots, de como lo realicé para compertilo con ustedes.

  8. Excelente trabajo Oscar, es bueno ver a un paisano hacer cosas de este estilo! Felicidades y buena suerte en el concurso!
    Excellent work Oscar, it's nice to see fellow mexicans doing stuff like this! Congratulations and good luck with the competition!

  9. hola gracias por los comentarios. también me gustaría decir que ANDO MEXICANIZANDO es un proyecto para retomar las raices mexicanas y darlas a conocer, por medio de playeras con diseños que tengan que ver con méxico, ya sea mexicanizar a los turistas extrangeros que se lleven una parte de méxico y conocimiento, o a los mismos mexicanos que no conocemos nuestro pais, entren la página es:

    hi, thanks for all the comments. alswo i want to say that ANDO MEXICANIZANDo its a proyect to rescue ancient mexican culture, and to show it to all world, by wearig T-shirts with mexican designs, and mexicanize all the tourist and some mexicans that they doesnt know their own culture, enter to, all comments are well recibe

    Agradecimientos a todos

  10. Good work, fellow!
    Really strong impression with the serpent. Dynamic motion and surprising appearance in the scene! If you have more time to work on it it will be good to accent on the clothes as the focus of the action, because the animated train/serpent grabs all the attention of the public and is overwhelming the other attributes. May be more details of cloth for example, something that will focus the watcher to the advertising of the product... Once again good work!

  11. Oscar, I loved it! I have visited Mexico D.F. 25 times and I always enjoy the Metro. I have been reading everything I can about ancient Mexican Mythology in hopes of finding a story to animate. You have managed to combine 3 of my favorite things. Blender, Mexican mythology, and the Mexican Metro system. Muchas gracias!

  12. "All i can say to that is CATBUS!! :)

    Totoro, oh totoro, totoro … one of my favorite films.


    Dang it! I wanted to be the first to make that comparison...

  13. Hi!

    I'm a Mexican living in Spain, and was completly thrilled with this video. I jumped off my seat when that feathered serpent (that is what Quetzalcoatl means) came out from the tunnel. The movement of the metro was amazing too, snaking its way into and out the station. Kudos!

    I have only three comments:

    1) The feathers seemed to be a little shiny and rubber-like once seen close-up. Had they been more like feathers or rock/wood carved versions of them the result would have been more impresive still.

    2) I noticed it had an "Indios Verdes" sign on its front side, so it was going north. However, for some reason, I was expecting it to be heading south. Strange how one keeps impressions of places and times inside the head.

    3) The model is based not on the Aztec (Mexhica) version of Quetzalcoatl, but on the Teotihuacan version of it, which was a culture long time gone by the time the Aztecs appeared as an ethnic group.


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