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  1. kawu-star ahhhh i love blender on

    Jahuuuuuuuuuu Second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    True volumetrics in Blender:????? Cool!

    i love you all blenderheads!!!.........
    Thank you farsthary!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you and thanks cuba!
    cuba rocks!!!!!!

  2. Hmmm... time to try out some really-awesome-I-always-wanted-to-do-this-but-until-now-I-utterly-failed-faking-it-with-multiple-planes smoke... or clouds... or some random combination of textures!

    The possibilities are endless!

    Farsthary's da bomb! ^_^

    In al seriousness, this is really a great addition to those neat builtin features that Blender already packs.

  3. yeah i just did one!
    There is only one thing that is missing in the tutorial and that is you have to set the power in the volshade tab if you don't set it it won't work.
    In the tutorial it is show to be set to 10 but it is not highlighted or mentioned.

  4. Fantastic!! I hope that this incredible feature will be integrated in Blender in the next versions..
    Good work!

  5. Well, I have opened the built and set up the material parameters, but I cant find out where is the Volumetrics panel !

    An idea ? Thanks in advance !

  6. I'm glad blender keeps up with development like this! While blender has the greatest features for modelling, I've always been missing some features (like this one) that other raytracers have had for many years.

  7. They are preparing smoke and fire...

    They already have the explosives.

    It smells like WMDs...

    This is the proof that the next Blender Open Movie's goal is to blast everything. EVERYTHING !

    Blender developers are madmen they must be stopped :D

    help !

  8. Just threw a sequence on the test-farm here couple of frames refuse to render regardless of what machine get's it. (Blender crashes) but hey, that's not a big problem. Just need to tweak and test some more. Nice work though, looks most well written.

  9. Where do you put the patch?
    I think I've placed a copy of it in every sub folder,
    but I still get an 'unknown render engine' error.
    It looks pretty cool, probably in a couple of years that'll be the way
    displacements are figured out. :D You animate the high poly,
    and just move around some measly cube for animation,
    like Taron's displacement tests .

  10. unknown render engine is because your render engine is not yet set.
    The plugin is in the build you don't place it anywhere.

  11. Hi andy circus, I don't know what you are precisely speaking about and your knowledge so..
    - if you already know patching and that you are speaking about the missing files, the folders are given
    by unpacking it: --> "blender-2.46-folder"/source/blender/render/intern
    the rest is trivial : put volumetric.h in the include folder and volumetric.c in the source one.
    About the patch, their are syntax errors, so download the clean one on farsthary blog.
    - if you don't know patching and that you are under linux, install the patch utility (should he already here),
    and copy it to blender-2.46 folder and type: patch -p0 < Volumetric_diff_246_clean.patch

  12. Thanks, I've never worked with a patched version before,
    Sorry I thought maybe the patch went into the script window,
    but I said text editor. :D
    "notepad is useless with this patch!"
    On the graphical page there's a patch and I downloaded that,
    but I saved it as a text file.
    I'll go download the one from the blog after I see if I need it.
    Thanks again!

  13. Thanks to all!

    I really preciate all of your comments, I will do soon more tutorials but keep in mind that this is only a tecnology preview ;) , so the UI will probably be overhauled since there still amny features missings and some things need to be integrated better in blender. But anyway you can still do beautifful things with it.

    Blender has proven to be an exelent framework for all kind of graphic experiment :)

    Thanks one more time, the development must go on.... ;)

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